Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • wobble

    Oh ,I LOVE testosterone,

    that is that triangular shaped Swiss chococlate isn't it ?



  • Podobear

    It is what comes when you have the balls to stand up for what you believe in.. which I thought was the object of the subject of this thread?.. It is my first one.. Have I missed the point.

    Good stuff Testosterone... ought to be licensed. The Apostle Peter had plenty of it. Spunky man.. lopped off the ear of a soldier.. worked hard at fishing to feed his wife and kids.. denied his Lord no less than 3 days. AND STILL HAD THE COURAGE TO BOUNCE BACK AND ADMIT HE WAS WRONG.

    Got up there and was thumping out his testimony for Christ after his tears were done.

    How to be a winner when you are defeated!..

  • Quillsky

    This one wobble??

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Hi Chalam, thanks for those lines of thought. I disagree entirely with observations on the Governing Body though. The Governing Body elevate themselves above the rest of the ' Anointed', and it is they that produce and maintain the pogrom mentality that has existed certainly since the 1975 debacle, and even more since the appalling behaviour shown in removing Ray Franz. Both terms are indeed not scriptural and an invention of the controllers at the top.

    The Governing Body almost entirely disagree with the doctrine they follow, but they are earning a darn good living out of it regardless of the pious stance they take. The latest shift in the understanding of ' the Generation' is hilarious, however, the people inside the outfit are programmed to accept it without question.

    I do understand the reservations certain people have with regard to my approach to this discredited Cult, however, I'm blowed if I will sit in the corner drowning in a pool of shame because I couldn't reach the ' standards' of ' Gods' organisation, I walked out unhindered on my own terms due to the disgraceful behaviour of these 'loving' Brothers toward each other, in excellent Standing.The WT thrive because for one reason or other people can't or won't expose them for what they really are. I will if for no other reason than to wake people up to the reality of the thing.

    I am an upfront type of person, what you see is what you get, people can agree with me or not, that's Free will, I don't criticise the approach of others, if people don't agree with me thats fine, just ignore me, like I do them.

  • acolytes

    I have a similar attitude to Dave Brown towards the G.B.

    I left the Witnesses because I witnessed the moral collapse of once decent people because they put their trust in the G.B- Turning such people into condescending and patronizing morons

    .The governing body also corrupts the meak in the congregation with its narrowing and desensitizing definition of appropriate behaviour.


  • Podobear

    Can anybody please clarify what we are talking about here. It is my first time, trying to share my own experiences and I thought each thread had a theme.

    Am I to take it that the Mill Hill disfellowshippings referred to were of members of that congregation (which I believe just happens to rent part of the Bethel complex from the WTS). The British publishers also refer to Mill Hill as if it is Bethel itself. So, we are not referring to any members of the existing branch committee, some of whom are members of that particular congregation.

    And is the purpose of this thread to discuss the reason for their departure (sensibly) or just to slam individuals and not reason things out.

    I was hoping for some comaraderie and understanding here.. instead I am brushed aside in all embracing condemnation. Really the thing I missed most as a JW was being treated as an individual, with individual needs and individual gifts

    Is there really any merit is disrupting intelligent discussion with equally nauseating hate from other religious sources? Some of us are done with religion.. but not God. Please treat us gently. Many thanks.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Who's condemning you Podobear?, you don't like me or my methods, but thats ok I expect differing views and things like that. You and I are still Brothers, and in Christ.

    The Mill Hill thing does relate to the Bethel complex in that Brothers that work there are allocated to local congregations, the interesting thing is that paulapollos has come on and clarified the circumstances surrounding His and the other Brothers and Sisters removal. This situation is similar in many respects to the Ray Franz and Ed Dunlap scandal of the early eighties. You are right no GB members have gone this time, however, this situation again highlights the unrest at the Heart of the organisation, and right under the noses of the people that run the UK and France and some other areas I think.

    Many ask why didn't the organisation collapse following 1975, thinking that nobody took any notice. It appears however that rather than collapsing with a massive crash, the measures the GB are taking are causing the thing to implode slowly. The tighter they grip the more they lose.

    You are right to point out that the mess people are left in having experienced this outfit first hand is appalling, I know, I am picking up the peices all over the Country with people that are either too frightened to leave, have been kicked out, or have simply burned out and can't take any more.

    I am very fortunate in that in my darkest hour I found support through Doug Harris, and the people at Reachout, and was able to bounce back to spiritual, mental and physical strength quickly.

    The Watchtower lie to the Brothers and Sisters telling them that they will become useless shell's with no hope of any spirituality, I with the attributes I am blessed with stand and demand they take note that the lies they spout are exactly that. Not your cup of tea I know, but you have to understand we are individuals, and we will differ in the way we do things.

    I am blessed in that I take nothing personally,


  • Chalam

    Hi Dave,

    How did the TV program go?



  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Fantastic thanks, we had another massive response and it is going to take some time for us to get all the replies done, and support in place for those that need it.

    We really feel that if we can show that there is a solid Brotherhood out here, then we could see many that want to leave come out quickly. The problem is providing support swiftly, providing people that actually understand the circumstances that these people have suffered under.

    The Watchtower would be shocked to see what is happening, but in this age of easy communication they cant stop people in the same way they used to.

    We could be approaching a tipping point, especially if a spiteful clampdown is enforced,



  • agonus

    I believe we're at the tipping point. I think the "Generation" new light may well be the catalyst.

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