Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • freetosee

    Is there somwhere I can read the full story on what went on? What are "confidential departments"?

  • donuthole

    Among other things Jesus said, "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father". (John 14:9) In Christ we have the clearest picture of the Eternal Father. If Hebrew Scriptures were a complete revelation of Almighty God there would be no need to send the Son to show him to us. The only way to come to know the Father is through the Son - period - that should be the starting point for anyone who is interested in such things. The JW's fail because they marginalize the Son and do not look to him to reveal the Father. They start with the Father (well not really their Father because they deny that he is a father to them - so they begin with Jehovah God) and work their way "down" from there.

    Off topic - I know - sorry folks

  • minimus

    You're such a donuthole.

  • Gayle

    Wow, Paul, I can see why you got disfellowshipped!!! You make people "think." Made me think and I think I need another cup of coffee! I believe in God, a kind of "candy" god/God. I am a simpleton Christian (and grandmother), yes, that just picks what I like. So I don't fit into a religion or sect nor denomination. I guess the Jehovah God, most Christians don't care about anyway and they gravitate to Jesus God because they believe in trinity god/God and some believe in "grace" but the grace part has its restriction that you have to believe another set of qualifications. It is too complex for the likes of me. So I really like the "fruitage of the spirit" god/God. How things fit into that is my selection.

  • GromitSK

    Miles off topic donut.Was there a particular reason you posted it?

  • jookbeard

    PP; what is the feed back about sites such as this and the general feeling on all things apostate from your time as a Bethel Boy? IIRC when Simon shut down the original JWD rumours started about huge rejoicing at the UK Branch,did you ever get the chance to chat secretly about web forums like this? My fading and speaking about apostasy to the R&F is that they honestly believe that all apostates are partially possessed by Demons, want to solely lead an immoral lifestyle and are plotting the downfall of the WTS , all completely untrue. Is there a siege mentality up there and is it the kind of subject that is swept under the carpet?

  • donuthole

    @GromitSK - Paulapollos made comments about the perception of God within the organization which minimus commented on and I followed with my two cents.

    @minimus - lol, random anonymous username fail. (At least it was anonymous until JWD added Gravatar support.)

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  • Paulapollos


    The average JW at Bethel is aware that sites exist, but in reality, it is important to realise that all internet activity at Bethel is monitored and reviewed. Strict filters exist on the software, and "innappropriate" material is flagged up. The IT department has recorded logs of all persons using the bethel broadband connections in their rooms, and the logs are subject to scrutiny. Unless you work in the IT department, or have friends there, it is unlikely you will use the Bethel internet access to ever go to site such as this. I say that, but maybe someone has, and has been found out.

    I'm not sure what IIRC means, but when did Simon shut down JWD? I certainly never saw any "rejoicing" - but then, that kind of information would never be discussed at Morning Worship, and the average Bethelite would never, ever, discuss it with other Bethelites, if they were even aware of it. If there is is a Bethelite on this site, I am surprised, and would tell him to be very careful - obviously though, he must be if he hasn't been caught yet.

    The mentality at Bethel is a machine, an army that is absolutely loyal to Jehovah, represented by the faithful and discreet slave, represented by the Branch Commitee, represented by the elders, represented by your overseer. Absolute loyalty and obedience is required - but of course, more flexible overseers try to lighten the atmosphere, allow some goofing around. Bethel can be a fantastic experience if you treat it like a social club. Apostates are without doubt, and especially now at Britain Branch, utterly reviled, hated and feared. They are absolutely considered to be satanic in some way, and there is an unspoken belief that they are in league with each other. It seems that many Witnesses believe that their only goal in life is to bring down Jehovah's organisation, to poison everyone against Jehovah and Jesus, by poisoning them against the GB etc. It is a level of paranoia unheard of. In truth, no-one talks or mentions apostates publicly, unless someone in authority does, either at morning worship or in a talk to the family. Obviously, there was a large fallout once we were all disfellowshipped, so I'm sure there was a higher level of discussion at the dinner table. Oh, of course, people were probably discussing it privately.


  • jookbeard

    PP IIRC; if I recall correctly, do they still serve chips on a Sunday night?

    I guess the local internet cafes were busy!

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