Mill Hill Disfellowshippings

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  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Just to make people aware of reliable rescources; Reachout Trust website has all sorts of help and information for all cult survivors and those struggling under the ' only true religion' lie. Testimonies from people from all the cults are really quite enlightening.

    Blue letter Bible Website has Audio information including Walter Martins Kingdom of the Cults teachings, plus numerous Bible study programmes.

    Rev/Gen TV also produces a mass of information .

    It really is a desert out here,

  • Podobear

    Fair enough, Dave. Who is criticizing your technique.. please allow others the flexibility to deal with their personal circumstance in the way they see fit. That is all.

    I am the director (and clinician) of a medical practice in your home city.. not 1/2 hour ride in a car from you. I treat and counsel at least a dozen Active, Inactive and disfellowshipped JW's amongst my 4,000 patients.

    Tact and persuasion through hard fact, one on one, is SOMETIMES better than full ballistics and devestation. (IMH0).

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    No problem, I know exactly what you are dealing with as I've been there, in fact you will be aware of how difficult it can be to eradicate the negative programming we as Cultists have been subjected to.

    All I would say is that my personality is one of not allowing these people the room to either maintain some form of control over me, nor prevent my exposing them for what they are.

    Horses for courses, now we understand each other we can both move forward in the same direction,

    best regards,

    Dave. (that is my real name)

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Thinking about your last post further podobear, do you know that in general JW's are counselled against seeking yours and others help?. It goes further than that because the Watchtower organisation will bare faced lie about the problems they cause their followers. In the last congregation I was involved with 20% were suffering from varying degrees of illness, and it was seen as a badge of honour and part of the 'persecution' they are told they are under.

    That's frightening!, I think the Freeminds website has some Clinical essays on the worldwide experience of healing all Cultists the JW stuff though provides interest to me.

    There are about 800 JW's in your area, about half will be experiencing some degree of difficulty, made worse by the demand that they not seek 'worldly' help.

    This outfit locks people in Dungeons of fear, they are isolated and terrified of being an outcast from this poisonous controlling group,

    again best regards,


  • Podobear

    Putting it in your own Bristolian bluntness, Dave...

    Be careful that you don't treat others like they are a pile of shit and you are a tin of Ajax.

    Many were hurt by other PEOPLE, spiritual thugs, who feel they have the upper hand. I believe in triage and salvaging the wounded from the dead.. when has a bomb in a High Street ever solved anything (if you get my Northern Ireland metaphor). Therapy given, depends on the wounds and the psyke of the patient. May your care be palliative as you attempt to cuartarize.. be careful you don't stitch up the vulnerable.

    Best wishes too.

  • Dave Brown
    Dave Brown

    Me a tin of Ajax? no way I'm rotten to the core like everyone else!. I'm not going after the injured people, I'm going after the cause of the problems, the Watchtower organisation, in particular the Governing Body, but, those that sneak around turning peoples lives into total misery, that smash Families, and put ordinary decent people into a situation where they need help from Clinicians, that prevent life saving medical treatment, that introduce and protect sexual molesters within unsuspecting congregations, that turn people into quivering wrecks, and are out knocking doors right now trying to introduce unsuspecting decent people to this living nightmare under the threat of extermination without notice if they are not part of it, does that sound like something that is acceptable?

    By the way, all the above are from personal experience, so don't come after me when I stand up and try to do something about it. They thrive on secrecy, and frighten those that would expose them, they dont frighten me.


  • wobble

    May the Holy Spirit give you power and bless you Dave.



  • still wondering
    still wondering

    Podobear, Aligot

    Hi, you must remember the blundering Arthritis Rastell the only person I know of who was prosecuted for dangerous driving when he wasn’t actually in his car when he committed the offence.

    There was also the year that a "sister" turned up at the memorial dressed as a bride all in white, and the "brother" who used to daub WT slogans across advertising bill boards on the South Circular. Then there was Jude who broke into the KH , cut himself and wrote obscenities on the wall in his blood. And Cathy who used to be attacked by the "demons" during almost every meeting and would leap up screaming usually "Jehovah" but sometimes obscenities whereupon Harry and other "mature" men would grab her and wrestle her to the floor in an attempt to get her outside. When door knocking with her one day she confided that she was frequently groped by certain ones and one in particular during these episodes.

    Do you remember the fashion parades every meeting when one teenager after another would strut from the back of the KH up the aisle across in front of the platform into the toilets behind the platform, then ten minutes return so the whole congregation could get a front view of whatever was the latest fashion?

    Yes, happy days.


  • BorgHater

    Hi there Dave, it's Bibi here. Glad you have joined this thread.

    I just want to say that my mum, dad and i have been helped greatly by Dave and the genuine people on Gen and Rev t.v. Dave has spent hours on the phone to my parents, giving them much needed support and a listening ear (we can call him day or night). What you are doing in counselling ex cult members is great PodoBear, but do bear in mind that sometimes it is only other ex-witnesses who can really understand the depths of the feelings involved as they have been through it themselves. Dave is a wonderful guy and what's more, his support is free of charge!!

    BorgHater xx

  • Podobear

    I do understand Borg, and for the record, I found Dave's comments a bit presumptuous.

    I too experienced much emotional pain. My Father has been an Elder since 1972, my mother has opposed bitterly since the mid-60's and my sister almost succeeded at her 3rd attempt at suicide 2 1/2 years ago.. because (although not baptized) she cannot measure up to the exacting standards of the WT.

    It has taken me some time to pluck up the courage and share my own experiences and within two days I have met a few decent human beings and felt despair at the comments of Mr Brown... who presumes a lot about the people on this site.

    What individuals do with the authority and power they have is indeed a cause of much concern. Believe me I was on the brunt end of it, stunned by it and left disillusioned. It wasn't doctrine at the time that influenced my decision. Matters have moved on since and I chunder at some of the extremist attitudes and views that come in.

    I am an ex-Pentecostal.. have seen enough of conflict in religion. The JW's don't have the lion's share of many of the problems Mr Brown lists. The WT Society needs cleaning out... I agree. From the corrupt and power/control freaks.

    Please excuse my analogy but I prefer to turn my lemon into lemonade... much nicer to suck on, and better for long term healing. IMHO

    All the best

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