JW Apologists please tell me where your God was when .....

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  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass

    Wobble says "go back to my example of the old lady being robbed, yes , the would-be thief has responsibility if he is allowed to carry out the crime, but if I have it in the power of my hand to stop him, and I watch and do nothing, what kind of person does that make me, moral ?"

    This isn't a good comparison since God is not a human and isn't physically on earth hence he doesn't interact with humans the way fellows humans do. Also the whole idea of stopping a bank robber being equal to taking someone's free will is flawed. That would be like me saying I tried to be a professional basketball player in the NBA but wasn't good enough to make the team so the coach took away my free will. I had the free will to try out for the team but just wasn't able to accomplish my goal, the same could be side for the bank robber if someone overpowered him.

    Ak-Jeff says "Wow. Endless circles... I have not seen one salient argument from believers here."

    Can you please point out the "circles" in my argument?

  • diamondiiz

    I can't prove there is a God or there isn't. If there is a God he left his creation to fend for themselves and if any of the bible is tue then one can argue that will be until Christ arrives and cleans house. If and likely possibility is that there is no God and humans do evil things just as animals do evil things to their kinds with the exception that humans developed a thing called conscience/morality.

  • watson

    Every 3 weeks, about 6,000,000 people die. Each one is just important as each one of us. They have family, wives, children, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents, grandchildren. Their family members suffer just as much as we do when we lose someone we love.

    Every 3 weeks. 6,000,000 people die. Some go peacefully, but most go horribly.

    If there is a god, I don't think it's resurecting them all will make up for it.

    There are a couple of reasons we have gods.



  • wobble

    Thanks Bluegrass,

    So if overpowering the robber is not removing his freewill, what kind of person stands by and does nothing, a good person ?

    So God's over-powering of the SS at the hanging would not have been taking away their freewill, so we cannot play that card, so what kind of God looked on and did nothing ?

    Dear Watson,

    How can a God that has no power impose order ? How can he give us hope ?



  • DaCheech

    you guys have still not addressed my point about disasters (people can't change them) and (the earth have gone through ice ages)

  • snowbird

    I know that He is not far off from us if we seek Him
    Snowbird, do you truly believe this or are you simply repeating a familiar and comfortable statement? I ask because the premise of this thread is where was God when people needed him. Mankind has been seeking God for thousands of years and yet this entity has proven to be very far from us.

    I truly believe and know this, Shop.

    Peace to you.

    Over and out.


  • Perry

    It is illogical to fault God for young death only and then give God a pass when someone dies in their 80's. AFTER a person deals with the question, "why (any) death? ", they can then begin to deal with "where" is God"?

  • PSacramento

    There is no answer to this question that will satisfy everyone.


  • Mary

    I certainly have no answer to your question Wobble. In fact, the scenario of the little boy hanging just makes me want to bawl my eyes out. Where the hell was God during the Holocaust? Yes, it can be argued that it was "man dominating man to his injury", but like others have brought out here: If I had the power to prevent all the horrors that have gone on in our history, I certainly would have done something. I sure as hell would not have just sat back and done nothing and if God is "love", then He sure has a strange way of showing it.

    I'm not even sure I believe in God anymore. All the premature deaths my family has had to face over the years, culminating in my b-i-l dying a few months ago has basically destroyed whatever faith I had. Right now, I'm so angry that I feel like God can kiss my ass. Why should I worship someone who lets all these crappy things keep happening to my family?

    I'd like to believe that someone's up there who cares, but it sure as hell doesn't feel that way.

  • PSacramento


    You certainly have the right to feel that way, no doubt about it.

    No one can blame you for feeling these things you feel, I know I sure can't and while no one here has the answer to your questions or the answer to WHY these things happen, never forget that you are loved and that you will always have someone to talk to and to be there for you.

    Perhaps that is what "God is" deep down, perhaps God's "only" true power is giving as the strength to cope and to be there for each other.

    But you are not alone with your pain, fears, angers and doubts.

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