JW Apologists please tell me where your God was when .....

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  • Mary

    Well Perry, you've got more faith than what I do at present. I'd really like to believe there's someone up there.....I really would. Unfortunately at the present moment, I do not see anything that resembles a "loving God".

  • PSacramento
    I find it amusing that Christians are willing to

    You mean SOME Christians, right Jeff?

  • acolytes

    Hi Mary

    If you look at the bleeding hearts of those you have helped through this board.

    There is your "Loving God".....And that resembles a "loving God"...Its simply a heart that has been broken. That touches other broken hearts.

    From me of the agnostic thinking-


  • nicolaou

    Sylvia, you have a PM . .

  • diamondiiz


    He restored my ability to love and to trust.

    You are just imagining that it was God giving you peace of mind but more likely you accepted an idea that you liked and created this peaceful image which makes you think that you haveovercome bitterness and are able to love and trust. Many athiest who divorce and find love again can say the exact same thing that they found love and trust but don't atribute it to God since it's obvious that it had nothing to do with God but with their personal experience that allowed them to overcome the painful events of their lives.

    He gave me a new family

    Really? You believe that God gave you a new family? He looked down on you and said, this guy needs a new wife so there you go. Honestly, you can't believe that! Same example as above, an athiest finds a new wife and he's excited and in "love" but it has nothing to do with God. People that join cults also feel like they found "a family" and close "friends" whom they can trust and many attribute this to God. I'm sure many of us here who joined wts cult also felt like we found God and found a group of people that were better than the rest of the world only to come to realization later on that we were lied to from the very start and the happiness in based on false hope and an illusion that made us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    He made himself known to me. I no longer have to worry about whether or not he exists.

    You assume that he made himself known to you which ties in with your perception of what you stated prior to this comment. Ask God for something very specific (not something vague like I want to be happy), make a date and hour and see if your prayer will come true - it won't!

    Millions of others will tell you similar testimonies

    This can apply to anyone who finds something they put their trust in be it real or not. If I taught my children there is a bogus god who will protect them all their lives and they will never die even though all others will die around them and all other crap, these kids would also have this good feeling inside for possibly long time until they come to realization that I conned them and that they actually will die and that they don't have any more protection than the rest of mankind. Delusion sometimes is so strong that we ignore the reality and don't want to believe the fact that God is absent in our lives other than only in our head.

  • Perry


    I respect your right to try and make sense of my comments from a naturalistic world-view. But, all I can tell you was that it was all the Lord, and all supernatural. Without the slightest of doubt.

  • watson
  • shamus100

    $100.00 for the person who can go through seven pages of jibberish and figure out just what the hell everyone is talking about.

    Or you don't have to do it and get a kick in the nuts.

    I'll take the kick in the nuts.

  • watson
    So what's the problem? Would you rather God just have annilated Adam and Eve and started over? What about the next pair that exercised their god-given free will.....what then?

    Yes, I would rather it had done that. Or, it had several other options.

    1) Quit experimenting with creating life forms. Stick with planets and things like that. (No excruciating pain and death)

    2) Hang out with it's creation so that they all knew for sure it existed.

    3) Made us all robots and programmed us to know for sure what was right and wrong. Still give us the ability to love, laugh, enjoy life without making mistakes that would bring on horrible death by fire, flood, volcano, disease, starvation, wild animal (bears on children, and stuff like that).

    there's probably some more things it could have done.

  • dissed

    Using Wobbles same line of reasoning......

    If any of US saw someone molesting, then murdering a defensless child. Then did nothing to stop it, how would we be viewed?

    Or what if we refused to call someone else, like the authorites to report it. How would people view your lack of actions?

    You would be considerd scum of scum.

    And yet..........

    The WTS describes JG in the same light. He has the power to stop any of this. "I'd like to help you little girl from being tortured and killed, but I can't, my hands are tied"

    And the reason he doesn't?

    Because according to the WTS he wants to prove a point. That Adam was wrong and he was right. And somehow feels he needs 1,000's of years and billions of people and children's suffering to say, "See, I was right all along"

    Honestly, just as the hellfire doctrine slanders God, this WT teaching does the same to their God.

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