Farewell to all

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  • lauralisa


    Oh, please, don't go. I know I'm being selfish here.



  • JT

    hate to see you go my man, but i know the feeling i'm about to wind down my time here as well

    i love this NET "THANG" but college is about to start for both my wife and i and time is limited - but i enjoyed your post

    i'll shoot you an email

  • JT


    is this a rite of passage that peeps here go through ?
    is it part of the healing process ?
    why can't people just post less often when they reach this point ?
    i dun understand ...


    sort of i've seen almost everyone do it esp folks who post alot

    i guess it's sorta like if you were living the "Hood" you would let the folks across the street know that you were heading out

    esp if you all shared some good exp together// or not so good exp you might want to bury the hatchet before you rode out of Dodge--

    i've been on jw bds for over 5ys ---seen sites come and go and seen dyed in the wool jw come online and leave with a fresh prespective of the org - seen it all

    BEEN THERE DONE THAT and bought the TEE Shirt


  • Julie

    Hi Amnesian,

    You said:

    the Herculean level of restraint I have demonstrated over the past 10 days should confirm “whipping” is not my style.

    LOL I'll say! Commendations on the restraint (Herculean may be a bit of an understatement though).

    So whipping's not your style? How about blind militant attacks or making someone and elder to burn in effigy? No blind-siding? Me thinks we would have been much mistaken about your character had we been foolish enough to buy into certain inflammatory remarks. Thankfully most were able to recognize such for what they were and many merely considered the motives of the source.

    We look forward to your input on the discussion. The last one you kicked off proved most effective at spurring on an interesting, thought provoking exhange.


  • hawkaw


    We talk very little on this board but I always take hte time to read what you post.

    You have added some really good stuff to this board, H2O's board and of course there was that awesome post of how you got your family out.

    As you move on with your life remember - you have found your freedom -so enjoy it and take care.


  • teejay

    refiners fire posted:

    Goodbye!! Goodbye!!....
    Amnesian posts....

    Oh shit, now hes getting off the train again...


    The first two rounds produced rousing discussion. The heavily favored, crowd-pleasing Champion was left staggering, utterly bewildered by the terrible onslaught provided by the challenger that came in Round Two. A buzz hummed throughout the convention hall as the voices of the assembled came alive with conversations carried on in lowered tones. No one could have *ever* predicted the stunning developments that had just played out before their eyes.

    His obviously weaker game plan exposed, cries of "Foul! Foul!" and "Blind-siding! Blind-siding!" emerged from The Champion's dressing room, casting the audience into a virtual uproar over his seeming cowardice.

    Following closely on the heels of these outcries was the sound of a commotion from The Champion's room. WHAT *IS* THIS!!? The Champion, clearly trailing on all scorecards, is bidding farewell to the expectant crowd, a crowd now enthused beyond words to witness a duel not previously anticipated.

    Would they be robbed of a world class clash of words?

    Stay tuned, fight fans!

    We shall see... we shall see...

  • GinnyTosken
    Btw, you started your post by saying that you felt this issue was "getting muddied by the battle mentality--Amazing vs. Amnesian, elders vs. rank and file, men vs. women." I think in saying that you totally miss a crucial point. The issue here is fairly simple and is not defined by terms that are usually thrown around in discussions here.

    This argument, for the lack of a better term, isn't about individuals -- whether posters on JW.com with opposing views or male/female -- but about a very real, ongoing situation in which people are being abused and, by varying degree abusers are accountable. Male/female, men/women, Amnesian/Amazing has nothing to do with it and only cloud an understanding of the real issue. It's about the relative power (and the responsibility/culpability that is connected with it) of various members of the wts.

    --Teejay, "AMAZING – Exposing Elders (re: Expose..."

    from http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=18024&site=3&page=2

  • Simon

    All the best Amazing, thanks for the great posts

  • Masterji

    King Solomon, with all his wisdom, said: "One tenth of one per cent of the men I interviewed could be said to be wise, but not one woman!" (Ecc.7:28)

    Well, he didn’t meet you.!!!

    Is it possible that certain ones can’t take the give and take?
    Is it possible that certain ones can’t take criticism?
    Is it possible that certain ones need constant approval?
    Is it possible that certain ones can't take it from a WOMAN?

    Is it possible that Solomon was right? He found just "one man out of a thousand."
    Is it possible that it is more like "one out of a million?"

    Most men simply can not take it when it is dished out by a woman, unless she is waiting on tables.


  • ISP

    Good bye, Amazing. Feel free to pop in now and then!


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