If God Truly Cared About People Wouldn't He DO SOMETHING By Now?

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  • snowbird

    OK, for argument's sake, let's say you're right.

    If God said or did those things, then who did the good?


  • Walkin

    You assume that there is a God for you to ask that question of those who believe a God exists. If God does exist then the answer to your question is yes if he cared about his creation you would think that he would of done something by now even 2,000 years after his son died to correct all matters.

    However, sidebar discussion your honor, the responses are mixed, some answer from what the Bible tells them, others from what they beleve as to his existence or not.

    My first paragraph answers your question. And we could stop there. because the second paragraph is really moot. Each has his / her own belief and answers to the great question of ....Why God? Why God? WHY!


  • minimus

    Who did the good? Huh?

  • snowbird

    All the good that has been done for and toward us, who's responsible for that?


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog



    After reading this, you would think God owes humans something. Can God's love be demanded? He's given me much more than I deserve.

  • Robdar
    I know what the Witness response is to this but what do you say now?

    I say you are God's presence in the 3rd dimension. Better get busy because there is a lot to do.

    All kidding aside, do you do your part?

  • VIII

    Look what he did for Noah. Made him build that Ark and all. For all those animals. Which no one has ever found. (Which is besides the point because someone wrote about it in the bible, so it must be true, right?)

    And, how about that guy who toasted his daughter to prove his loyalty? Jepht-Something-or-Other? What about him?

    And Lot? What about Lot.

    Jonah? Who else gets to ride in the belly of a beast and tell about it?

    I could go on. Again.

    Disease? Pestilence? Clean water? Slavery? Peace on earth (where have I heard that lately?) Pain and suffering?

    We deserve all of this because of Adam and that damn apple.


  • minimus

    It's interesting that few are dealing with the question about God and what he's doing or not doing. My part has nothing to do with the thread question.

    If God has done wonderful things for us and I'll accept that, why isn't he showing how much he cares for all those suffering now?

  • snowbird

    It's humans who have done bad things to other humans.

    God does care.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    God cares to the extent that we care, I'm beginning to think. He only exists in our reality to the extent that we believe in Him. If you're certain there is no God, then for you there is no god. There seems to be something inside us that can be brought out and made manifest with faith.

    This sounds loony because I don't have my head wrapped around it yet, and maybe I never will.

    But I'm believing less and less in an actual "person" of GOD who exists somewhere else and has been ignoring us all for millennia. If he exists, if he's real, then he's here in some way and we just don't know how to call on him properly. Of course, believing he's omnipresent but doing nothing implies something less than omnipotence and omniscience on his part.

    Ah, well. I don't know. Talking out loud like this kind of helps, though. If I figure anything out I'll let you know.

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