If God Truly Cared About People Wouldn't He DO SOMETHING By Now?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well, this has gotten interesting again, hasn't it?

    Let's take another tack shall we?

    Let's discuss another subject that might cause flames, but from a different perspective.

    Somewhere in Africa there is lurking, in a swamp, or perhaps a forest, a virus that causes the a deadly disease known as Ebola Zaire. The host human looses his/her full imune response as the endothelial cells become the birthing suite for replication of the virus. The result is that the patient cannot coagulate blood and hemoragic rupture occurs. In other words, the person dissolves from the inside out, beginning with his vascular system. The damage quickly becomes irreversible and the person dies.

    This highly contagious infection kills at a rate of around 87% since it's modern era discovery. Should it ever rear it's ugliness in urban society, it will make the bubonic plague look like a kindergarten sniffle in comparison.

    Now, this nasty killer has no understandable 'purpose' on this planet. It is a ravaging killer, out of control when it strikes. Religious missionaries cannot have any positive effect on this murderous rampage. There is nothing any human can do, but watch and cry.

    In vein of Min's original Question here: Why does God not just wipe out this virus? Man is completely helpless against it. No good comes from the 'service' that God-servers can do once it strikes. It's ruthless attack will kill anyone who contracts it. No one knows where it lurks, or when it will strike next.

    Before the accusations/attacks begin - let's not defend God, his people, or his 'principles' here. Let's just answer the Q! Why does God not DO SOMETHING about this virus NOW?

    I chose this one because the death rate is nearly 100%, there is no medication to fight it effectively, and nothing Godly at all can be accomplished with it's existence on the planet. River blindness is one thing. This disease is merciless, and a merciful God could simply put it out of existence forever. Why not?


  • minimus

    Good example, Jeff!

    Getting Ebola is a horrible death sentence. No doubt about it!

    Once again, Almighty God COULD stop this if he wanted to. My deduction is he doesn't want to.

  • startingover

    IMO, one the the greatest things about threads like this, and this has really been a great one, is not that one poster will be able to convince someone with an opposing view of their errors or vice versa, but it is the benefit to those anonymous readers who may never have been privy to discussions like this. Although I heard of river blindness before, HG's expose of it really lays bare the issue at hand. It is one of the best arguments I have seen as to why believing there is a god out there who cares makes no reasonable sense, at least in the definition of reasonable that I subscribe to.

    My thanks Minimus for starting it and for all who played roles in making this a great discussion.

  • littlebird

    Hi Jeff, I wont defend God, his people or his principles. I will just say I don't know. To say anything else would just be my speculation on my part.

  • PSacramento

    Hey Jeff, its funny you mentioned Ebola, because I wrote this earlier:

    I recall a conversation I ad with a Rabbi a while back, I asked him why God created Viruses, they serve no "useful" purpose, why would God creat Ebola, hemoragic fever, Influenza and such?

    He said that everything that God creates has a purpose, even if it is one that causes as pain, suffering and death, the only way to reconcile that with a God that is loving is to realize that our view of the world is not God's view of thr world.

    I didn't buy it and I called him on it.

    He said that nature is NOT evil, that there is a circle of life that was created by God and that all nature's animals must respect and evetually "bow down to" and that man is part of the circle and as such, and it is only man's ability to question and rationalize that makes him view these things as "unnatural".

  • undercover

    Aw, c'mon Jeff...you know that every death, every animal attack, every bug bite, every splinter is painful to our heavenly father. But he has to allow this system of things to go its course to prove that man cannot save himself or cure diseases or feed the poor or stop war.

    And then when enough time has gone by, he will step in and save mankind. What about those who suffered before he acted, you ask? Well, they can be reassured that our heavenly father will remember them in the resurrection where they will come back and live forever in a paradise earth. You can substitute 'resurrection' with 'afterlife' and 'paradise earth' with 'heaven' depending on your religious affliation.

    Isn't blind faith wonderful?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx LB. My clumsy attempt in that sentence is to say 'let's answer the question as to why God doesn't act' without trying to speculate on reasons for that. I don't think there could be any real 'reasons' not to act in this case. Of course, as with all discussion, mostly opinion is under consideration. But from that may spring determination to think deeply.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Isn't blind faith wonderful?

    Yes, I suppose it is. But curious minds want to know....


  • minimus

    Startingover, I too have very much enjoyed this discussion. And I agree that any who might be observing and reading this thread might just learn something about how wonderful it is to have open dialogue without fear of being disfellowshipped!

  • frankiespeakin


    WOW!... Min, I answered your question from my own view point, and now I am being taught 'how to make a rebuttle' by frankiespeakin! (pages 10-11)

    If your avatar that you have now was in place I swear I would have tried to hit on you instead of correct you or teach you even though I'm guessing that I'm 30 years your senor.

    Thankyou for the advice... but I am a big girl now- I can handle myself during a debate.... my first post on this thread wasn't to start a debate

    My bad honey! But if I may say this in my defence "I just thought it funny that you were using someone who beleives something almost 99% opposite what you appear to be debating and anyway I got my Lills mixed up do you forgive me

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