My Wife is demanding that I stop coming to this board.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Ziddina, I can't wait for your analysis and critique of someone YOU DON"T KNOW and HAVE NEVER MET. It ought to provide some fascinating insights into YOUR personality.

    Too bad you can't see beyond JudgeRutherFRAUD's blunt and direct delivery to appreciate the depth of his knowledge and his willingness to SHOCK people awake; something a "gentleperson" like yourself would never do. The fact is, the WTB&TS, like any totalitarian bully, depends on meek persons like yourself who are unwilling to draw attention to themseelves and confront dangerous issues head-on. As another of my FRIENDS, Danny Haszard, is often said, "All that is necesary for the triumph of EVIL is for GOOD PEOPLE to do NOTHING."

    I wonder what Jesus might have to say about your luke-warm and gentle approach? How would you have chased the money changers out of the temple?

  • mrsjones5

    "judge rutherFRAUD is johnny cip."

    Omgosh, I did not know that.

    Hi Johnny! *waves* Long time no hear! How you doing Hon?

    Mrs Jones

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  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    gary neal: I'm not always loud and rude as I come across showing you a different angle. I talk to 1000's of jw's every year and I always start off polite. And I take special care to inform young jw's about the wts and give them a bit of a wt history lesson, and direct them were to find out more about the wt. for any jw that is willing to listen to what I have to say, I'm very nice. I can see a weak jw 2 blocks away and I focus on them. It's not until the elder in field serv with them comes up and rudely tries to cut me off that I open up. then I shut him down. I try to teach jw's more in 5 minutes about the wts than they have learned at the hall in 30 years. sometimes it works sometimes not at least I try. But I'm far from a screaming nut job. I pick my spots as the time arises. I just talked to this middle aged jw 3 times in the last week for over an hour at a time. he found me interesting and what made him call me back was that what I told him he looked up and found was true. so we have a common ground FACTS. Will he leave the wts and lose his family ? I don't think so. you talked about your daughter going to dance school great . the jw's hate the idea your girl could be knocking on doors during dance class, at the hall cleaning the bathroom, studing the latest mag. I kid you not try taking your girl out on sunday to the movies or zoo during meeting time and see how they act . Invite the jw's to your house to sing christmas carols under your tree, or invite them to a birthday party . and see how fast they will not want to be around you. if your wife has to work during meeting time they will tell her to take off from work or even leave her job as the meeting are more important than her employment. you say your baby girl is 3 years old , you want her to be around these people? might as well let here hang around with pimps and drug dealers. because the jw's are nothing more than DOPE PUSHERS, trying to turn you 3 year old into a watchtower ZOMBIE BY THE TIME SHES 18. think about what I say here , as I'm sure no poster here would say I'm a wild and crazy loud mouth, with what the jw's want to do to your wife and kids. john

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    On the other hand, some of the comments JudgeRutherFRAUD made are more revealing of his interior conflicts than his effectiveness with JWs... "I know I'm rude and nasty and many posters hate me..." This could be viewed as a means of bringing 'persecution' upon RutherFRAUD, which would be a repetition of the underlying behavior 'pattern' of JW beliefs, even if the actual BELIEF SYSTEM is no longer in place.


    If you go through his threads you will find many who disagree with his tactics and this is what he is referring to.

    It's all very well being 'nice' to JWs, and it does have its place, but it shouldn't be the only tactic in your arsenal.

    No one tactic works for all cult members. Anything that gets them thinking is good and it is good to expose them to different ways of getting them thinking.

    The shelf they stack away their cognitive dissonance on will never break if we don't use all of the tools at our disposal to keep topping it up.

    Don't expect to be the one to see the result of the straw that you placed on it. At best, you might see a 'stunned mullet' look before they excuse themselves and head for the gate.



  • ziddina

    Though JudgeRutherFRAUD's goals are different from the WTBTS, his underlying behaviors are still strongly influenced by his association with them, as he himself pointed out in several of his comments. If I have the time and inclination, I'll go back and read most of his past posts - a good way to get an overview of a person's personality - though, as he's also pointed out, he's loud and rude [at times]. I drew my information from his self-descriptions; can you think of a better way to discern someone's personality with whom you have not yet met face-to-face???

    As to 'saving' people, I realized some time ago that the whole 'need' to 'save' someone has its roots in the Christian/JW mentality. Being on a crusade to 'save' people - well, that's characteristic of Literalist Christianity as a whole. As is the emotionalism and self-righteousness that seems to inevitably accompany such mentality...

    Oh, and I'm not 'meek and gentle'. Get that idea right outta your head. I almost killed my 'little' brother with my bare hands when I was a kid - and he outweighed me by 60 pounds... I'm PERFECTLY capable of physical violence - and verbal violence. But I find it much more fun to use wit instead of verbal brutality - and more intelligent, too!! As to 'saving' people - usually a person leaves the WTBTS due to a CUMULATIVE series of events, not some guy who 'OUT-ARGUES' JWs so that he 'WINS' every time. That's ego, not concern for the other person...

    Zid jk

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    MRS. JONES; HI BABY ; Ive been reading your posts with INTEREST and what your family did to you last holiday was ROTTEN... moving all the way to calfi to be teated like a rabid dog??? guess your high standards are to much for your jw family!!!!!!! I truely miss our yahoo days always action there. hows skally? hope she well. wishing you the best this holiday season. love johnny

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    Ziddina: my point in posting that I can out argue 99% of jw's is not for my EGO. mY point is to help other posters stand up to tyrant jw's that think they know it all. and it's easy to do with a little ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE OF WT DOCTRINE. I stopped telling my stories talking with jw's here about 3 years ago. I have nothing to prove to you or the posters here, In fact the reason I've been posting a bit the last few days is my t.v. broke. But I will tell you something all those 100's of jw's that laughed at me for the last 40 years. Are not laughing at me now. they are all scared shit to even talk to me because they know I will turn their spritual paradise (wt doctrine ) into a big pile of shit in 5 minutes. you want to call that bragging maybe. but these jw scumbags told me to test anything the wts taught as they had nothing to hide. well they didn't like what i found , and they told my dad to throw me into the street. and for 6 months I lived in the back seat of a little car, till i saved up for and studio apt. It's not about me, been there did that. maybe guys like Garyneal and others will learn what the wts will do to them before the wts takes control of thier whole family. and my story is nothing ask lawrence hughes, whose daughter was killed by wts lawyers and broke up his family because of blood, or barbara anderson who was thrown out of bethel and df'ed because she told about jw's protecting child molesters. it's a long list of wts destroying lives. john

  • ziddina

    Would like to continue this discussion in another thread - something like, "After Leaving the JWs, How Many People Have You Been Able to Convince to Also Exit?" Where would be the best 'heading' for that - Personal Experiences???

    I feel as tho I've hijacked this thread... Zid

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    Ziddina: I'll start my first topic in 3 years just for you. and we can talk about personal experenes with jw's

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    I commend your wife on her ability to independently think beyond the "women are mindless pieces of property" mentality of the OT/JW world. She argues with you and gets bossy? Well, she isn't following the FDS when she does that!

    But that's not all, if she is willing to go to the library with you and research the Babylon/Jerusalem history, good for her! I assure you that the GB would much rather she NOT go with you to the library for that research project! It may not cause a sudden conversion, she may be stubborn, but it plants a seed that is not easily uprooted... particularly if she is coaxed to ask the local elders for further information to clarify the matter! She may quickly be branded "apostate"!

    Sorry about all the exclamation marks! I'm just trying to keep you upbeat on this opportunity!

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