Official visit from two local elders one fine Sunday morning

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  • Newborn

    Gee, them elders are worse than gestapo!!!

    They don't call or ask if they can come...coz they want to catch you off gard

  • teel

    Marking the soap opera for the next episode

  • AllTimeJeff

    Standard Elder procedure 101: Sneak Calls.

    It's all so stupid to look back on all of this. What a waste of time for a human being on a Sunday morning to have to visit a person to confirm whether or not you are breaking cult rules so that they can institute judicial proceedings.

    I am with Blondie, elders are taught that since they are in the employ of YHWH and the "faithful slave" that they can barge in on anybody at anytime. It's a stupid mentality, but it comes with the territory.

  • cognac

    awwww, I want to know the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonder if they would even do a JC on you since you've been out for so long...

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    On the edge of my seat....

    "Meanwhile, I have stepped outside" - This is what I always do when I am subjected to these supposedly impromptu drive-bys. "We were just out making some calls; in the service in the area..." yeah right. That way, they already know they aren't welcome inside, at least not today!! Makes the visits that much more brief. Good for you!

  • babygirl75

    Living us hanging Rich is just wrong! lol

    I'm so happy for you and Toni and the little boy! (((((hugs)))))

    Now, where's my wedding invitiation???

  • cantleave

    Hey Snakes - don't keep us waiting too long for part II.

  • Dagney

    Pins and needles!

  • undercover
    ...they send the two old goats that they know I won't rip a new one.
    Standard Elder procedure 101: Sneak Calls.
    "Meanwhile, I have stepped outside" - This is what I always do when I am subjected to these supposedly impromptu drive-bys.

    An even more diabolical method is for an elder, who you were friendly with, to stop by "while in the area" during service, with his wife in tow. Now, you might think that this isn't as serious a call as having two elders...but if you think about it, it's sinister genius.

    First of all, it plays on your common decency to not allow a woman to stand outside in the weather but to invite her in where it's warm/dry/etc. Oh, the crafty bastards. And who better to see some cult rule being broken or just general apathy expressed than an elder's wife? Who will be quicker on the phone once service is over to tell all their friends about seeing Brother Doesn't-Give-A-Shit with a Jack-O-Lantern on the stoop or some girl in a nightie prancing about in the background? If an elder's wife comes along, you can be assured that most of the congregation will know what transpired during that call by the end of the meeting on Sunday.

  • purplesofa

    with my fade, 10:30 on a Sunday morning I would have felt some peace that my elders were at the meeting!!!!



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