Official visit from two local elders one fine Sunday morning

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  • SnakesInTheTower

    Well, it finally happened. A week ago Sunday my fiancee and I were sitting in the living room drinking coffee and watching the morning talking heads when we heard the crunch of tires on the gravel in the driveaway, about 10:30 or so. We looked at each other with that "are you expecting anyone?" look. Of course, neither of us was. Really, I had a feeling I knew. I peeked out the window and I did not recognize the car. As the men in suits got out, I recognized both of them immediately. One was the long time PO of the congregation I left back in 1991 and whose territory I still live in. The other was an elder who had been in that congregation but moved away for decades but came back to the area a few years ago....

    ...I get it...they send the two old goats that they know I won't rip a new one. My fiancee is scrambling because she is in nothing but a night gown and an open robe. I have only my tshirt and flannel jammies with my robe. I quickly tie my robe closed and answer the door. My fiancee is scrambling behind me to tie her robe closed and is looking to me for direction...does she want me to go into the bedroom or stay?

    Meanwhile, I have stepped outside to meet the PO and his sidekick..both of these guys are around 80 but look like late 60s/early no elders with dementia visting...these are long time, they know what the hell they are doing, elders. I greet both with a handshake. During the pleasantries with the PO, I notice the other elder looking at my jack-o-lantern (my bad attempt at a crow sitting on a branch, but I messed up the template). They have parked behind my fiancees car with the bumper sticker that says "MY CHILD WAS STUDENT OF THE WEEK AT **** ELEMENTARY", and they know I don't have kids. You can see the wheels turning.

    So finally, the PO gets to the point. "Well Rich, we were just out making some calls on some we haven't seen in awhile. We already stopped by J**** C***** (a early 20s kid that I dont even know if he got baptized or not) and had a nice talk with him. We just wanted to see how you were." I give him my stock answer...mostly work. At this point, my 8 year old soon to be stepson comes tearing through the house in his spiderman jammies. If I intended to even attempt to hide the fact that I had them here, and I certainly was not going to hide my family, well, the 8-year old took care of any possible

    I introduced the 8-year-old as my soon to be step son and then leaned back inside and motioned my fiancee to come to the door and let me introduce her. She shook their hands and was pleasant (but afterwards she told me she wanted to bite their heads off and tell them where to go...I am soooo proud of her for biting her tongue). She and her son went back inside. The PO says: "someone told us they seen in the local paper that you had applied for a marriage license." What? Uh...hello.... the paper only publishes notice of marriage license when it is issued....

    ...will finish the story later... leave ya hanging...

    snakes (Rich )

  • chickpea

    only here to cheer you on, snakes!

    i know what it feels like to actually live
    a real life without any real care about
    what the b0rg and its minions might
    decide to do about it. according to their
    rules and precepts....

    my attitude has boiled down to
    "they can blow it out their collective
    a$$es and light a campfire with it"

    funny to see the careful staging they
    arranged to get to the heart of the matter....
    the oh-so-subtle remark about the marriage license
    is soooooo like something i know would be directed
    to me should there ever be a "call" at my door....

    i sure hope you are enjoying yourself...
    hugs all around to you and the family!!!

  • snowbird

    Hi, Sankes!

    Isn't it something how the elders think they own you?

    I came from shopping one Saturday to find one sitting in my driveway as if he had a right to be there!

    I had to bite my tongue to keep from ordering his hubristic derriere off my property forthwith!

    I get steamed all over again just thinking about it!


  • Newborn

    Hehe, well done Snakes! Never play by their rules...that'll give them head ache for some time

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    JC meeting is being scheduled now. You will hear soon.


  • mrsjones5

    Aw man, a cliffhanger!

  • RubaDub
    JC meeting is being scheduled now. You will hear soon.

    Yes, I detect the smell of burning flesh.

    Rub a Dub

  • blondie

    What bothers me is not that they came, but they came without calling first to see if it was a convenient time for me. No call, no time. Of course, I screen my calls.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    Thanks for the update Snakes.

    Great to hear that you are moving on and enjoying life. It is pretty sweet when you have broken free physically and mentally and they no longer hold any power over you. Good for you!!

    Looking forward to the conclusion of the story.

    The Oracle

  • undercover
    I detect the smell of burning flesh.

    I think snake stew is the preferred meal at most witch hunts...

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