Did You Personally Know Any JWs That Were Sexually Molested By Other JWs?

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  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    dear tsia, I hope you will get back to some kind of healthy routine, the monster concerned deserves public humiliation, but sadly we cant do it on here

    take care always, wishing you a speedy recovery all round

  • truthseekeriam

    Thank you NLHC. The molester is in prison for a very long time. Thankfully.

  • lise2468

    I'm not new here signed up a while back then never came back to the site until today.

    I guess this is a good place to start posting. I was horribly molested for several years I like to call it rape if that is ok.

    That is the word I use as I was forced to have sex at the age of 7 to 9. My siblings 3 of them were molested too and the one sibling that did tell my mother shut her ears and sent him away.

    I never told out of fear my molester said my parents would think I was a bad person and send me away like my brother. I believed them so out of fear I was sillent . My molester blew his head off I was relieved to find that out because I was just getting ready to make their sin public after many years.

    A few years ago I finally told my mother only because my other sibling finally came out but because they were DF"D she was not believed mom called me and started telling me how horrible my sibling was for lying At that time I had no idea any of my siblings had been molested I thought that I was the only one. I was angry she did not believe my sibling at first my mother did not believe me and then she brushed it off as just simple touching. I finallymade it clear to her that a man trying to have anal sex with a little girl was not touching she asked me to keep it quite how would it look....need I say more a typical response. They felt sorry for the molester I was now glad I did not tell as a child.

    I was also touched by my friends dad who was a Elder he invited me to go on vacation with my friend he had just stepped down the week before no one knew why they gave a talk on sex people assumed it was because his wife left him for another man. No it was because he had been having full blown sex with his two young teen daughters.

    While on vacation which included the summer assembly this creep touched my vaginia in the pool I moved right away and turned around he said it was a accident he thought I was his kid I assumed he had his eyes closed underwater gave him the benifit of doubt.

    had I known he was a molester I would have not ever in a million years gone on a vacation with my friend the pool was full of JW kids! I had given him a filthy look because of being molested in my younger years I had a very protective additude and got out of the pool and stayed away from him. Funny my friend gave her dad a dirty look too I just thought it was her being embarrassed over her dad doing something really stupid.

    I asked to go home a week later he stared at me all the time no mater what we were doing I just though he did not like me, now I know why he stared. He took us to amusment parks and would disapear for hours now I feel sick thinking about it he used us as his way into kiddy amusment parks.It was supose to be the summer I spent with them. My friends dad was glad to see me go he molested his daughter after I left.......I am most angry at the elder who had sat in on his committee meeting who had asked me what I was doing this summer one sunday after meetings.

    When I told him and he gave me a worried look I thought he was wierd I was just 14 but hey how was I supose to know what he knew...why did this elder not tell my mom that this guy was a molester..I have zero respect for Elders and I believe those articles they write about protecting children are only done to protect them legally.... that's Just my two cents. After I found out many years later in my mid 20s that he was a molester I thought about that Elder and thought would he have let his child go with a known molester. How could he have not told my motherand he was a dear friend or so I thought. Today 27 years later I am happily married and have wonderful kids. Sadly this man is still a JW and he has been DF'D multiple times and let back in..it is horrible in my oppinion he is a repeat offender with no police record! so for those that are in or thinking of going back and you have small children I would say ignore all those feel good talks and articles they give on how they help you protect your children. My molester would even stick his hand down my pants if he was even alone with me for 15 seconds even when adults where around the second they could just be with me they were all over me. I live with a life sentence not to mention the guilt of not telling sooner I am sick to know my molester probably killed himself because he was going to be turned in by a worldly person for molesting their girl, I could have prevented her from that had I had the courage to step forward sooner.

    Sadly my religon kept me thinking God would take care of it. Well it was not soon enough! I wonder how many others out there like me. I am doing well but my siblings who were molested all have drug problems that is how they delt with it I believe that is not uncommon. I at the age of around 14 I had a tranformation thanks to self reflection I kept reminding myself that I was the victim and that I was worth saving. Well that's my story thanks for listening. Today I am happily married and have wonderful almost grown kids.. We just walked away one day no fading we left cold turkey could not take going to a place that was supose to upbuild one when we felt it was just the oposite...

  • flipper

    LISE2468- Welcome to the board friend . I'm so sorry you went through all that pain and suffering. I am happy though you ended up getting married and have a husband and children who really care for you and that you have found real happiness. Unfortunately you are not alone. There are literally thousands of stories like your's where the WT society and Jehovah's Witness organization has betrayed victims of child abuse. Many here on the board have shared their stories as well. Thanks for sharing yours. I do hope you are healing well and were able to get some counseling through therapy to assist you. You take good care of yourself now and that wonderful husband and children. Look forward to more posts from you. Please be assured of our unconditional caring and concern for you and yours. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Hi Lisa24, welcome to the forum!

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    LOSE2468-I agree totally with what Flipper says. You are not alone by far. I went though abuse in the "truth" too. It is still going on in the kingdom halls. I quit cold turkey like you did because we had three child molesters in the hall and no parents were to be told. Not even all the elders could know You are right to walk away. It will not change and you need to be in a place where you feel safe. Flipper is right to get some counseling and therapy to assist you. I have and it truly helps. When you get stronger is when you can fight. I feel telling everyone we know that this is happening in the JW's is a good way to start. Tell you friends, the people you work with everyone that pedophiles go door to door. We do not need to protect Jehovah's name that is just a sick game the good old boys at Bethel want us to believe to keep shut us up. We need to scream that it is happening.

    But first take care of yourself. That is the most important thing. May you have peace. LITS

  • JAFO

    Yes, I recently became aware of an MS in a congregation I was in many years ago -I think he may have become an elder later- who molested his own early-teens daughter, I gather it had been going on for some time, and he subsequently made an attempt on a friend of hers, which is the person who informed me. Said informant has also told me of unspecified suspect behaviour on the part of another MS/elder (different congo) towards her. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have permission to be more specific than that.. I personally knew both of these men, but had never suspected.

  • lise2468

    Thank you for all the welcome comments I too believe in therapy and did it for a bit but felt it did not really tell me much except that I was doing everything right so far:)

  • Mountainsnowrider

    Yes...My sister was molested by a young brother (15 at the time, this happened when she was 3 untill she was 6). He was our "babysitter" often. When things finally came to light, (early 1980's) the elders swept it under the rug and made sure my parents didn't report anything to the authorities. This was the direction the society gave them. Being good lil witness's, my parents went along with it. Needless to say, even tho this occured at an early age, my sister began to have major psyche problems starting around age 13. (Never got any counseling of professional help, of course, because all you really need is to just rely on Jehovah to fix you, if not now, then in new system.) What a load of bull.

    Anyways, this fucker attended our hall until he was about 25 and got married. He was of a higher sort of rank and file. You know the kind....always close with the CO, became a servant and eventually an elder. Whenever the direction from the society came out a few years ago that said you couldn't serve if you had this sort of history, my parents talked to the congregation he was serving in and let them know about the situation. It was basically swept away again for a while, my parents had to get in contact with the original brothers who handled this and between all of them it eventually was taken seriously and he was deleted as an elder. Why my parents suddenly cared about it then is beyond me. I don't know how they lived with themselves to let something like that happen and not do anything about it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I firmly believe that as children we know if our parents will believe and protect us or not. That is why I didn't tell. In my case I didn't tell. My mother had already sent her sister away leaving the abuser in the home. I knew if I told she would send me away too. And of course when she walked in on him abusing me that is exactly what she did - sent me into foster care in a city 300 miles away. We know what they will do so we remain silent to protect ourselves - better the demon we know than the one we don't.

    Please don't blame yourself for not speaking out. You were a child. Doing the best in a terrible situation. We can all worry about how many other victims there were. But we were children. When your brother talked about it you supported him to your mother. That took courage after so many years.

    And yes, I agree his suicide was probably because he knew the abuse was coming out and he didn't want to go to jail.

    The only time the WTS/JWs will go immediately to the authorities is if the abuser is not connected to the JWs - a worldly person. Then they use that example to say that is how they deal with ALL cases of abuse. If a JW is doing the abusing they will do everything in their power to hide it.

    It's just disgusting

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