wife took it pretty well i guess...it's over...

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  • oompa

    i guess it only took three years, but they were hell in so many ways for both of us...she was not happy and lived in denial as much as possible...i was not happy and lived in a bottle as much as possible and glad that is over for me....but it was one of the saddest things i have ever experienced in my life....as was the visit to my parents before i told her....but yes...she said she kind of expected it...was thinking something was going to happen soon as she noticed i had more and more trouble saying i love you back to her when she said it on the phone at the end of goodbyes...and when i was leaving the house...i had noticed it for over a year and it was killing me....

    i told her how sorry i was for changing so much again....and that she still walks on water...and is a great person and so pretty....and that she will be ok because she was happy single before me for many years and had all she needs for that again...her closeness to jehovah and her freinds in the congregation...she is very close to both and will be ok i hope...it was very surreal....very calm...very sad

    my bitterness and disdain for WT rules came through when talking to my parents and i was VERY open about how i feel as to their upcoming shunning of me, and how it feels to my son since he was just 17....and how the fear of losing them had kept me trying in my marriage for the past few years...dad was firm in his position of future action....mom said they will still always love me...and will still talk to me until i get dfd.....oh how this hurts.....dad said there is a name for people who only live for themselves and deny god but could not think of what it was....i told him i was not living just for myself...that i am a good person and there are values from him and the bible i hope i always have....i cry so hard as i type this and tell you just so you can know how painful this is....i told him i so loved the rule of treating others how you want to be treated and have ALWAYS done that...even allowing myself to be wronged on so many occasions to keep peace......

    he said that was a good rule....i agreed and said it was a big one too....and that while i could do it...treat him the way i would like to be treated...HE WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO!.......left as i became emotional...big hug from mom, but i just barely put an arm on dad............oompa

  • highdose

    awww ompa

  • oompa

    kinda sick that a jehovahs witness single add is the top pop up here....i really dont like that

  • lisavegas420

    I have a feeling, that although this is extremely painful, it's as if a burden has been lifted.

    Stay strong, start a exercise routine and write your thoughts down. Do not start drinking to numb the pain. You will get to the other side and have happiness soon.


  • insearchoftruth

    So sorry to hear that oompa......wish there was more I could do for you...it is not an easy postion to be in at all.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I wish you all the best for your new life, Oompa.


  • chickpea


    crying right along with you, mate

  • Newborn


  • Chalam

    Hello oompa,

    I pray you find life. From my experience you find it in Jesus, whatever the situation

    John 10:10 (Contemporary English Version)

    10 A thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy. I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.

    Blessings, Stephen

  • LouBelle

    Dearest oompa, this chapter of your life my be sad and coming to a close. It opens a new one though, a new page, clean and ready to be written on. May your life be a much happier and fulfilling one.

    All the best.

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