15 Years of Jehovahs-Witness.com

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  • smiddy

    How did I miss this birthday ?. I`m on here just about every day , Happy belated birthday Jehovahs-Witness.com

    and thank you Simon, Ang , and company for starting this board . It is priceless with its information about Jehovah Witnesses and religion in general , from fundamental to traditional established religions , thanks to the many learned contributors to this board over the past 15 years. Well done.


  • happy@last
    [email protected]
    Thank you for a great resource, and belated happy birthday
  • OzGirl
    15 years is quite an achievement. I have been reading for 5 years. Thank you for the time and effort spent on maintaining the site.
  • Louise

    If it wasn't for this site.....well I wouldn't have met some fabulous people, shared wonderful and sad tales or be sane.

    It is a wonderful place where we all get it.

    To infinity and beyond.

  • cantleave
    It was my daughter's 15th birthday on Sunday - happy birthday to both JWN and Heather.
  • chester
    I first posted here 14 years ago. Happy birthday! And thank you Simon.
  • violias

    I have been here in one form or another ( two incarnations ) since 02, about the time Silent Lambs went on 20/20. It was an exciting time. The forum has helped me a lot. I was suffering a lot of sorrow and intense bitterness when I first found the forum. B/C of so many amazing posters ( some wrote books and now have sites of their own) I was able to see I was not alone. There is no way to pay for this kind of therapy, it would cost a fortune.

    Thanks so much to you and your wife and all the amazing posters who have passed through here. Some are no longer with us. I wish we had a Remembrance forum or page.

    I have only met a few in person at the old ApostaFests. I was so paranoid about being outed .

    Finally, This forum has been on my Favorites Bar since 02. Happy Birthday!! 15 years.

  • Joyzabel

    Thank you so much Simon and Angharad for all that you have done and continue to do for the ex-JW community! This board truly helped me deprogram and move on with my life.

    . Many wonderful people have passed through here giving wonder experiences and especially hope of living without the mind control we didn't know we were under.

    May your discussion board be here for many, many more years helping those yet to wake up.

    love you guys and your family,

    Joy Grant (fka joy2bfree) boy am I ever :-)

  • Aunt Fancy
    Aunt Fancy
    Happy Birthday Simon and Angharad and thank you for this wonderful site. I have been out for three years and the first two years I was glued to this site. It helped me in so many ways and it taught me to think outside the WT box. I had my doubts and started reading different books and then COC which lead me to this forum. I have read so much but this site really educated me about the WT. I came out two months before I found out I had breast cancer so I was left with almost no friends, just a few family memebers and my therapist to help me through and thank goodness my husband came out with me. We truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you made available and the other wonderful posters on this site. Life is truly wonderful if you educate yourself and break free from the chains of the WTBTS.

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