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  • arwen
    Happy Birthday, JWN.. thanks to Simon and his lovely wife. and also to all the great posters. I'm free thanks to this site and people on this site who helped me through the baby steps into total freedome!!!
  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso
    Congrats! This forum was too much important for me in the process of deprogramming from the Watchtower.
  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Three years ago, today, I was still a true blue believer. The next day at 5PM, I started reading C of C. Reading through the night, by 5AM March 25, 2012, LoisLane was out!

    I had never looked at an XJW forum until the following August. After looking over what was available, I found this one was more to my liking.

    Like most of you I was lost for a while. My whole world had fallen apart. I had been lied to my entire life. This Forum, helped me to pick up the pieces and move forward.

    I am forever grateful Simon and to everyone else who held out a light and a helping hand to lead me to life where there is happiness and freedom and joy. The last number of months have been the happiest of my life. I go to bed happy and wake up happy. I have purpose in my life and that purpose has nothing to do with JW.org. They are a disgusting man made up business disguised as a fear mongering, Christian religion. I want nothing to do with them. Caleb and Sophia? Singing rolly carts? Spanz and bright socks and the laughable masturbating talks for the hearing impaired. I read it all here first. lol


  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    Just wanted to express my thanks for this site. It has helped me more than you could possibly imagine. I lurked for months before joining and those discussions really gave me the courage to reflect on what I was doing and what I believed my whole life. While I"m still not physically free, I am mentally free and that will NEVER change.
  • FayeDunaway
    Thank you Simon for starting such a loving community forum for people who need help. Those who are caught in a trap either still physically or within their own minds...you help loosen those bonds so they can be free, and you help friends or family stay sane and cope when their loved ones aren't ready to loosen the bonds. It's huge, Simon. Thank you!
  • NewYork44M

    Happy birthday JWN! I have been around for 12 plus years and have genuinely appreciated the efforts of one and all.

    Thank you for your hard work Simon.

  • flipper
    SIMON- Thank you very much for this board from the deepest recesses of my mind. Having been a born and raised in JW from birth who exited 11 years ago at age 44 - when I came on board here 8 years ago - I never imagined all the things I would learn about the unethical practices of the WT Society. Not only by reading Ray Franz, Steve Hassan's and others books about mind control cults- but by reading others journeys and experiences this board continues to not only educate me- but many other newly exiting JW's who need a soft place to land in starting life again. Thanks so much my friend for supplying this format. It's helped thousands of more people than even you are aware of. Keep up the great work. Freedom of mind for people is worth it
  • Fernando

    Happy birthday, and a big thank you to Simon and family for this enduring labour of love, that generously serves thousands without a Watchtower agenda (glory, power, control, authority, money, property, worship).

    Thank you for a safe space where we can journey with others whilst restoring our sanity.

    Long live JWC.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Happy Happy Birthday, JW-C

    I love you MUCH!


  • neverendingjourney

    I found this site in January of '07 and there's been no looking back.

    My awakening began in the summer of '03, but my fade was extremely long and gradual. I had stopped going to meetings entirely by the summer of '05, but I hadn't foreclosed the possibility of going back one day. Once I found this place and read thread after thread there was no going back.

    Congratulations and thank you for continuing to keep this place in operation. It's been a valuable tool to countless others.

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