15 Years of Jehovahs-Witness.com

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  • Ignoranceisbliss

    I love the fact that the old posts have survived. It's a sort of spiritual heritage for faders and exdubs to see the progression. A heartfelt thank you from me!


  • Simon
    Simon, looking at your Welcome post you still seemed pro-JW at the time? If so how long was it till you woke up? Or had you already woken up?

    I was on the way out and still had the mindset and language (which was all I knew) but wanted to be able to discuss and question things.

    Ah, the Internet fifteen years ago. Dial Up modems, Alta Vista, Comic Sans, animated gifs, MSN Groups and . . . JWD

    Yeah, things have changed. I remember rushing home with a brand spanking new 14.4k modem to give my internet-ing a boost!

    When I was importing the forum posts into the new system you could identify certain points like animated smilies being in vogue or youTube appearing for the first time.

    A lot has changed technology-wise in 15 years. Software development is completely different and re-invented every 5 or 10 years, it's still a very immature industry.

  • Finkelstein

    Happy Birthday JWN

  • freemindfade

    happy birthday

  • eyeuse2badub

    Thanks for the past 5 years! Yep it took me a lot longer than most to finally acknowledge ttatt. This site has really helped me to successfully fade and help at least 2 of my boys to take a serious look at ttatt.

    So congrats and if the big "A" doesn't come sooooooon, I'm sure this site will help many, many others.

    just saying!


  • Hairtrigger

    The site has gone through several different incarnations over the last 15 years running on different platforms, different databases and different hosts..."

    Congrats. on the fifteenth anniversary. A very hop-hop-hoppy b'day!!

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters
    Simon, I congratulate you and A. This site is a wealth of information, research, discussion, helpful advice, compassion and understanding from people who "get it", who know and share our common experience and pains. Thank you.
  • _Morpheus
    A momentous occasion! Much thanks for all the site has meant to me!
  • iamlost_
    This is great, I've been a lurker for so long I just signed up and it's the site's bday! Jehovah works in misterious ways! Thank you so much for all your work.
  • GodZoo

    Congrats to the site and Simon for all his efforts in creating, maintaining, securing, updating and keeping this site running (that's an awful lot of work!!) and congrats to all the vast numbers of great and sometimes fabulous postings that have helped so many including myself. Thank you all!!

    I'd love to know what the total member number count has been in the 15 years.. (census allowed..)

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