Marijuana---Is It That Bad?

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  • Goshawk

    In reality the best solution would be if it never existed , but we have to deal with reality as it presents itself.

    The explorers brought it to the new world for rope and canvas. (Hemp)

  • minimus

    See....we all need rope and canvass!

  • bigwilly
  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    The actual fact is the producers and distributors of the product do not want pot to be legal because that would devalue it and

    most likely put most of them out of business by the already established large Corporate Tobacco industries.

    Its just the common users that want it to be legal, because they know the price of it would drop like a rock.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I think the widow that was possibly open for it to be legal has long been closed .

    It unfortunately got placed along with harder drugs back decades ago and because of this it became stronger and stronger

    in an effort to increase its value, now its much stronger that it ever was an therefore has potential of causing more damage in its use.

  • bigwilly

    There are reasons why hard drugs are placed on the illegal distribution list.

    Almighty, do the research and tell me if you really believe that MJ is illegal for our own protection, not just government control. The same parties that "enforce" the drug policy are also linked to it's distribution. A good majority of drug related crimes (I won't say all) are due to the legal status, not the nature of the drugs themselves. I'm not saying that all drugs should be illegal, just that some are solely listed this way for reasons other than our well being as citizens. The war on drugs doesn't work, so how about focusing on the social and societal issues that create the addict?

  • trueblue

    The Almighty Homer,

    The strength of drugs have not ten fold sense the 60's, in fact it is the other way around,

    I would hate to see one of these so called drug addicts stumble accross some of the stuff from the 60's

    It would kick them in the hiny

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    so how about focusing on the social and societal issues that create the addict?

    Putting it out to the public in a much more easer capability would essential create more abusers.

    Maybe the laws that are in place aren't effective enough to deter its production and use.

    This what happened here in BC, the cultivation and distribution laws weakened down so much

    that it essentially now has created a billion dollar black market industry with all sorts of crime involvement including murderous gangs

    dealing in its sale and handling , grow-ops in homes that burn down and destroy properties.

    So now we have an extremely profitable illegal product that everyone wants to get in on the action with dire consequences.

    So all this shit happened because someone thought it would be cool and good idea to lower the penalties for pot growing and trafficking.

  • Elsewhere

    Almighty Homer,

    Before you even start talking about Marijuana, you need to first go on a crusade to eliminate Alcohol and Tobacco. Each one alone causes more harm than Marijuana.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Of course there were stronger versions of pot back in the 60's when it was mainstreamed to the population other than home grown.

    But the fact is the pot that is getting produced today and is getting distributed is much higher in THC content, this has been laboratory tested

    by outside pharmaceutical companies. I'm aware of this not just be the media but by one of the biggest seed distribution individuals

    on the west coast of Canada until he got in trouble with the US law enforcement agencies for selling seed on line to US citizens.

    He was renting a home that I own.

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