Is Atheism a Form of Blind Faith?

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  • besty

    we are fine thanks Mike - been thinking of you recently when i saw the Worlds Biggest Grill on tour with the AVP :-)

    Makes me wonder just how long it would've taken you or I to reach Atheism if we'd been born in Afghanistan!!

    Yes I had wondered that same thing - my conclusion was that I would have been a Muslim as an accident of birth, much as Perry etc are Christians as an accident of birth.

    The difference is that given new information (aka progress) I have made a choice to be weak agnostic.

    It got me to wondering how many people move to a completely foreign culture and change religion to fit in with their new environment.

    How many Western ex-pats move for work to the Middle East and think to themselves - "ye you know what - these Muslims have it really figured out much better than us Christians . ... I think I'll convert to Islam...."

    It's sad really.

  • Caedes


    Let's be honest about your recent topics, you start topics stating that atheism means life is a cold empty existance, devoid of meaning and that atheism requires blind faith and then whine when you get called a self-righteous arse. Are you twelve? Calling you an arse is merely stooping to the level of your thread topics.

    Both yourself and Perry are stuck with a worldview that is based on faith (all faith is bind faith) whereas disbelief requires no faith whatsoever. I'm sorry that disturbs your worldview but those are the facts, you know them, I know them, we all know them. Desperately trying to tar atheism with the same brush is childish and petty, a playground 'no you are' taunt from someone who really ought to know better. (Perry may be too deluded to have that defence though)

    Ignoring the well reasoned arguments and rationale given to you by atheists seems to be par for the course for theists of your persuasion, but you take the strawman fallacy to new heights of idiocy and hypocrisy.

    The fact that I don't have to have faith to disbelieve (in much the same way I wouldn't call it faith if you don't believe in santa claus) may grate but it is a fact, much like the fact that my worldview pushes me to enjoy and make the most of life contrary to the strawman nonsense that my life is devoid of meaning due to atheism.

    I can quite happily accept that some people find a great deal of comfort and direction in their faith, I might not agree with them on the question of the existence of god/s but I don't believe that theistic belief means you are any less of a human being. However when you spout utter nonsense don't act all outraged when people don't treat you with kid gloves, it's the internet what did you expect. Start a respectful debate and you will get respectful answers.

    Do I name call you and Perry, yes, because your topics deserve no more than scorn and derision, when you choose to actually engage and listen and bring some substance to your argument I will do the same.

  • wobble

    Caedes ! I love your acerbic style ! (You pulled me up sharp in my early days on here when I spouted nonsense, it did me good!)

    With the danger of sending this thread off topic, I find it quite arrogant that believers feel their belief gives their life meaning, (how ?),

    and act as if non-believers are worthless. We all as humans have the same "value" , depending on our ability and inclination we may contribute to society in different ways, but nobody is valueless.



    p.s I have not read the whole thread so may be repeating what has been said, sorry.

  • MissingLink

    Belief in something without evidence does not require "FAITH", it requires "IMAGINATION". Or maybe those two words mean the same thing.

  • Caedes


    Thanks, I'm afraid I can't remember which thread that was. Glad I didn't put you off posting.

    (No apology for off-topic posting!)

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    I can prove that God exists using a simple equation


    Now try proving that wrong suckaz!

  • drwtsn32

    Typical circular reasoning, Psychotic Parrot. ;)

  • Farkel

    :Typical circular reasoning,

    This whole thread has been circular!

    After nearly a billion words showing the fallacy in such demands, Commander Perry is STILL insisting that atheists need to show PROOF why God doesn't exist, while at the same time doesn't think he has to show a shred of genuine proof that God DOES exist, except that since he believes God exists, then God MUST exist!

    If that isn't circular, then I don't know what is.


  • nicolaou
  • Satanus

    Maybe, they have no testimony cuz they're NONPRACTICING atheists. Any PRACTICING atheists, here?!


    Ps, how do you practice @ nothing? Maybe, THAT'S why...

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