Is Atheism a Form of Blind Faith?

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  • MissingLink
    Like JW's, atheists believe what they say is true at the time that they speak it, albeit for different reasons. For the JW it is because the Watchtower currently says something. For the atheist, he imagines himself as autonomous and therefore the originator of truth.

    And you "believe" things because you read it in an old book that is full of self contradictions and has not one single accurate prophecy in it. And why not the Koran? Because you're in freakin dumbass Texas and that's what all the other rednecks believe that's why.

    ...but we have all suffered from "stinkin thinking", many of us were lobotomized from birth with this kind of relative truth. I personally am done with it...

    Finally a bit of honesty. You'd rather "believe" than think. It doesn't hurt as much to stay inside your cuddly little jesus place.

  • drwtsn32
    1. Something from Nothing
    2. They know all things and are hence qualified to justify the creed "there is no God"
    3. People that God has revealed himself to are liars.

    You are wrong on all three assumptions. This has been pointed out numerous times before on this thread, yet you fail to comprehend. Continue putting atheists in a little box so it's easier for you to dismiss our stance. If that's what makes you feel better about yourself.

  • drwtsn32

    And of course Perry uses the weakest debate tactic known to JWD/JWN: accuse the opposition of "being just like the JW's". Lame Perry. Very lame.

  • daniel-p

    A lot about this debate can be summed up with one question: Who has the courage to exist in an uncertain reality?

  • HintOfLime
    A lot about this debate can be summed up with one question: Who has the courage to exist in an uncertain reality?

    Funny, I summed it up a completely different way. Somebody is having a hissy fit out of frustration that they have nothing on an opposing viewpoint. They throw out accusations and insults, and when the fallacy of their logic is pointed out, they completely ignore it.

    This 'debate' (atheism is blind faith) isn't even about the actual issues, it's about trying to win in a semantics war so that someone with an unsupportable position can feel a little better about their world view.

    Evolution is very well supported by the evidence. This doesn't exclude the possibility of a creator, just makes it less likely. It means that creationists have less ignorance to stand on. A person can become atheist with just an honest look at the odds. The more things can be explained by natural forces, the less likely it involved a god. If the universe did not require a creator to exist, and there is no evidence for one... why worry about it?

    Put up some evidence for your position, and when you're called out on it, admit it. This "you're just as blind as we are" poo-flinging is transparent and tedious - everyone can see what you are doing.

    Evolution has factual evidence - that is not blind. Creationism is a story you just have to 'believe' - that is blind. Deal with it by finding some evidence to support your view.

    - Lime

  • parakeet

    daniel-p: A lot about this debate can be summed up with one question: Who has the courage to exist in an uncertain reality?

    I agree.

    Buddhists have recognized this difference for centuries. Those who need to be reassured, to hold on to something "beyond themselves" in order to be comfortable are said to be following "the way of the kitten."

    Those who can live with uncertainty, who recognize that everyone must walk the "trackless" path, are said to be following "the way of the monkey."

    Maybe the whole belief-vs.-nonbelief debate is nothing more than different personality quirks.

  • Caedes
    I leave for two days and still no testimony from our atheist friends? We'll here...I found one:

    The belief that there was nothing and a magical sky pixie who got bored and magically created everything out of nothing for no reason. He than magically animated a bunch of everything for no reason whatsoever but he never turned anything into dinosaurs because they aren't mentioned in a book of bronze age fairytales. Makes perfect sense.

    Perry I fixed it for you!

  • drwtsn32
  • drwtsn32
  • MissingLink

    Pure gold Dr.

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