Do You Really Trust The Police?

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    Living in the metro Chicago area and reading the Chicago Tribune daily one becomes numb to the stories of police misconduct.

    That said, we have Drew Peterson, the officer who is under arrest for being a suspect in the killing of wives #3 and #4. (He was an officer of the Bolingbrook police, a south suburb).

    We were recently hit from the rear at a red light. Seemed pretty simple. I took photos and we waited for the police. They came and did an "Exchange of Information" and did not issue a ticket to the 18 year-old kid who hit us. (I was not driving).

    The officer told the kid, "Yes, you hit them. I see the marks. the light was red, you took your foot off the gas and went into them. However, there are not injuries since you were only going a few miles per hour."

    I had no idea what could happen next.

    We got all the insurance info on the kid and filed a claim. They said the kid is claiming we were in reverse at a red light and backed up into him.


    So, they won't agree to pay until they get ahold of the officer and he says "Yes, the kid drove forward into them, they did not back up and were not in reverse".

    Problem, this happened on the weekend and the cop works weekends and nights. We have tried for weeks to reach him.

    Bottom line? Always get a ticket on the other person and never just do an exchange of information.

    So, I found out that the cops (at least in this town) don't write tickets because they might have to go to court or might testify.

    Do I trust them? Not totally.

    They are human and bound to f^ck up.

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    "Stuff it, knob gobbler"....That was funny!

  • undercover

    and apparently he did...he's been quiet since...

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    and apparently he did...he's been quiet since...

    That's what 's for.

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    Social constructivism and the medicalization and criminalization of social deviance that does not harm others

    None of which is under the control of the police. As a long haired college student in the sixties and early seventies I had plenty of run ins with the police. Some of them were professional, some weren't. I can say the same for the professors where I was going to school.

  • minimus

    Daniel was just trying to be cute.

  • daniel-p

    Social constructivism and the medicalization and criminalization of social deviance that does not harm others

    None of which is under the control of the police.

    I acknowledge that. It's the system that's at fault, not any specific individual.

  • AdaMakawee

    Wow, Blondie, where are you? I've never heard of a Bachelor's Degree requirement. My ex was a cop. I know that here the requirement is for an Associate's Degree and you can get by with a HS Diploma or GED if you have MP experience. Keep in mind that MPs (a great deal of them) set at the gate to the base and check your id, or they act like security cops and patrol inside the base.

    Most departments require an AA, there is normally no requirement to have any Psych credits at all. Now, here in Portland as elsewhere, that becomes a real problem when dealing with the homeless, many of which have severe mental health issues.

    This man is not alone in dying at the hands of untrained police. They seem to be afraid of their shadows.


  • dissed

    No, I do not trust cops, been abused and pushed around way too many times for no reason.

    But, I do respect the ones in my family. They seem very decent in the performance of their duty.

    I have a BIL who was career CHP. (retired)

    Another BIL who is a homicide detective.

    A sister who was a dispatcher for the CHP

    A brother who is a Sherriff

    And a SIl who has the most difficult job of all. She works for the Sherriff dept. in PR and as the one who notifies families that their loved one has been murdered. I saw her recently when visiting Calif. and she said her job has gotten worse because of cut backs. She's expected to cover for 4 people and is about to have a breakdown.

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