Do You Really Trust The Police?

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  • minimus

    In the local paper there are 2 different towns that are dealing with possible police misconduct. One situation involves thousands of dollars worth of pot stolen from the police locker where the drugs were supposed to be safe. Now the Feds and state are involved in finding out who was responsible for the theft. Of course, the police say they have no idea who stole this.

    The other case revolves around a domestic call where the accused ran from the home where the cops were called, hid in some bushes near the center of town, and allegedly said she would kill the officers trying to reach her. A cop shot 3 shots. One hit her in the knee and she got arrested. The cop said he was in "fear for his life" although she really had no weapon. Investigations are occuring.

    So my question is, do you REALLY trust authorities such as the police and even government? Personally, I don't trust everyone who says they're never wrong. (Maybe it's my Witness background).

  • PSacramento

    I trust the police as much as I trust anyone else.

  • JWoods

    One bad apple. With today's instant news obsession, even if it were 1 bad act out of a million difficult calls, it is going to get played for a week complete with the videotape.

  • bluecanary

    I trust the police as far as I can throw them . . . uphill . . . against the wind.

    Which is not to say that all of them or even a majority of them are bad. But since, as we are so fond of point out on this board, it is impossible to read anothers heart, I'm not going to place myself in a vulnerable position with them.

  • yknot

    Depends on the department or individual officer.

    For the most part what I do not trust is the blue line.......

    I like our Sheriff's Department but think the certain local townships cops are utterly worthless except to provide jobs via cronyism.....

    (Really ticketing an Old woman for leaving her trunk open.... she is almost 90 and forgot to shut it..... why the hell didn't he just knock to see if she was ALIVE and then offer to close it on his way off her property....but NO NO NO all he did was hand her a warning and mention that the fine runs $75 if she 'offends' again!.... In the wise words of Red Forman "What a Dumbass!)

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Nah..!! Sting always looked like a dodgy bastard to me….

  • Goshawk

    lol -- Mr Majestic

  • daniel-p

    Police forces are filled with blockheads who barely scraped through high school, have not the intelligence and mental discipline for college, are addicted to adrenaline rushes, and who are attracted to a position of power. Why in the world would I trust such a person?

  • Satanus

    In those 2 cases: i wish i was friends w the cop that stole the weed. The woman who threatened, she has noone to blame but herself.

    I don't trust the cops, that much. Their primary job is to keep order. Some people get screwed in the process. That's just how it is, an evil that we the people must do what we can to limit.


  • daniel-p

    Their primary job is to keep order.

    That's only one type of cop: there are all sorts of different units for different purposes, and I'd hardly call their jobs to keep order. Quite the contrary. If they wanted to keep order, all narc units would be eliminated.

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