Do You Really Trust The Police?

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  • LouBelle

    HELL NO. Our police commissioner has been under investigation for corruption this past year and a half. Our actual police are so easy to bribe, they are stealing left right and centre. It's easy to pose as police. They aren't properly trained to do their job and are as thick as 25 bricks, are so overweight and unfit there is no way they could possibly persue a criminal. They do know how to park off or just hang.

  • tenyearsafter

    Hi Ada,

    All very good suggestions...some already in effect in CA and others probably not workable. I currently have to do 24 continuing education hours every 2 years to maintain state requirements. Most cops hired at our department hold Bachelor degrees, with several having Masters. To make a degree with a psychology minor as a requirement would not be practical as it is so difficult to get qualified applicants with present requirements. We currently have to interview and test 100 candidates to end up with one new hire. The current academy is 7 months long and field training is another 3 months. After that, the individual is on probation for 12-18 months, depending on the department, during which they can be terminated at will. I have been to numerous training on handling mentally ill subjects, abused children, elder abuse, etc. I can't speak for what other states do, but CA is pretty stringent on the hiring parameters and training it requires of departments when hiring officers.

    Mentally ill subjects are a huge problem for law enforcement. How about our treating and helping these people rather than turning them out on the street for law enforcement to have to deal with? I can't tell you how difficult it is to get help for these people! No one wants to pay to have these people helped with is much easier to let them be arrested or committed for a 72 hour evaluation than to provide long term treatment and assistance back into society. It is a travesty, and EVERYONE should be ashamed at how these folks are treated. Rather than clucking their tongues and criticizing the police, maybe they should be looking at the cause for much of this problem. Many homeless are mentally ill...they are released to the streets with no treatment, help or hope. It is disgusting, but it is invisible to the majority of people living comfortable "normal" lives. Sorry for the soapbox, but I am always amazed at how the biggest critics of the police have no answers...just complaints and anecdotal stories.


  • JWoods

    I personally don't know what in the world a Bachelor's Degree (mentioned several times here) is going to actually do to improve police ethics.

    This is something that needs to be handled better by the police training academy itself. I think there is a shortage of qualified applicants and this causes a tendency to rush through people who should not have been allowed in. Plus dropouts can easily show up in Podunk City as a junior sheriff's deputy.

  • Farkel

    I you want to really scare a cop who's out-of-line tell him you are familiar with Title 18 of the United States Code, and if he has half-a-brain, he'll back off. Title 18 says it is a crime for ANY official acting under the color of authority to deprive a Citizen of his/her Constitutional Rights.

    If a policeman deprives you of any of those rights, it's not just the police department who can be sued, but the officer himself can be sued personally. Theoretically, you could take his home and his bank account away.

    Judge Andrew Neopolitano served on a Superior Court for 14 years and has written several best-selling books, including "Constitutional Chaos." He is/was the legal advisor for Fox News (I can almost hear the groans now!). That being said, he's a brilliant man. In the book I just mentioned he tells us why he quit serving as a judge. He said he quit simply because he was disgusted that cops routinely lie in Court under oath! He said even friends of his who were cops lied in Court as a matter of regular practice.

    If they routinely lie in Court under oath and under judicial scrutiny with a stenographer taking down their every word, what do you think they do when no one is around to witness their conduct except the poor Citizen they beat the shit out of because he looked cross-eyed at them?

    I've never been arrested (except for when I refused alternative military service as a dub), but if a cop ever stops me, I will tell them absolutely nothing about anything, except give them my name. Everything else they ask about will get a terse, "I respectfully stand on my 5th amendment right." I will do this even if I am pulled over for a broken taillight. Just like as with the WTS, cops can twist around ANYTHING you say to them and used it against you. The 5th Amendment is not just for the benefit of guilty people, folks.

    No. I do not trust cops. I don't even trust the good cops, simply because I don't know if they are good cops or bad cops. Since they rarely give citizens the benefit of the doubt, why should I give it to them?


  • undercover

    ...but if a cop ever stops me, I will tell them absolutely nothing about anything, except give them my name.

    I don't know if cops have gotten better about respecting citizens or if it's because I'm older and don't look so naive anymore. When I was a kid and got pulled, I got all kinds of questions and intimidation. Now when I get pulled (not as much as the old days; smarter and slower, I am) they don't mess around or try to intimidate. They write the ticket/give a warning and move on.

    Here's another debate I've had with some friends: Would you allow a search of your vechicle...without a warrant? I'm of the opinion - no warrant, no search. I will never give consent to search my vehicle without a warrant. Some of my friends will say, "why resist it if you don't have anything to hide". My response is that it's the principle of the thing. I have the right to not allow it. If they can get a judge to issue a warrant then knock yourself out but until then I respectfully decline.

  • dissed

    Rats! I wrote a very involved reply to Farkel and Undercover. The site destroyed it when I submitted it. Trust me it was good. arg!! Double arg!!

  • undercover

    That's why I try to remember to copy my post befor I hit the 'submit' button...

    Hopefully the new and improved site, when released, will be more reliable when submitting posts.



    With all due respect, but the that story seems odd. First, local cops cannot deport. That is a Federal matter and it is handled by ICE. If the cops suspected a phony ID, then they can do report it to ICE. If your story is correct, then you, your daughter and her boyfriend have a beef with ICE.

  • dissed


    The story is true. And ICE was involved. This is Arizona, the local Police on a regular basis raid and set up road blocks to catch undocumented. Then trasnfer to ICE.

    Have you heard of our Sherriff Arpaio? He's famous nationally for doing this.

  • Farkel

    :Have you heard of our Sherriff Arpaio? He's famous nationally for doing this.

    An equal amount of people hate him and love him. I'm sure the illegals are in the former group.


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