Are we following men?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey, I think pjschipper is just here to upset some raw and easily upsettable former JW's. Could be a teen in his boxers for all we know....

    Don't let her upset you.


    yknot, Thank you, however I have bro. Russell's books. I think being born in the truth for 63 years.....It took 63 years for your mom to give birth to you?..

    Did it kill her?..

    I have a little information on these subjects......Very little..

    I don't buy into speculation. .....You can always Rent..

    I have been raised with the anointed, felt the holy spirit with them and studying the Watchtower......Pick Your Nose 5

    What we have been taught by holy spirit, is not debatable......

    Moses was leading the Is. to the promised land moses was not allowed to enter because of bringing attention to himself as the one who would bring forth water.

    He made a big mistake and paided for it......"paided"

    Ouch Imperfect men will make mistakes, Ouch

    does not mean Jesus is not leading them through this desert of a spiritual waste land..

    Thanksgiving Leaves psjchipper .................................

  • yknot


    I am a bit confused, was it a question to be discerned or merely a rhetorical exercise?

    Mind you I personally didn't mention holy spirit but rather a full examination if you were having doubts of the WTS proclamations of appointment.

    I fully believe in holy spirit's ability to guide but I also acknowledge that men can block such direction when pursing their own understanding.

    The question that often floats around in my head is if imperfect men can make mistakes and be forgiven for 'going beyond scripture' then why can't other denominations......surely after so long we too as an Organization faltered in many areas that other denominations have faltered why are we forgiven and Jehovah's tent remains with us when we rarely and directly admit errs..... instead we make things a 'matter of conscience' or simply bury them in WTS history and later voice an opposite opinion.

    Be careful PJ while I deeply respect you for your dedication it is not wise to always rely on our understandings. Here you are on this type of forum engaging in a very 'delicate' question and yet you post response that is automatic to most of us instead of asking why, why has holy spirit led you to starting this thread, to this forum.

    A sincere opportunity to examine the formation to present should not be so quickly dismissed. The truth doesn't budge under full inspection, it only becomes more valid and makes us more solid in our conviction.

    You asked 'Are we following me?' and the answer is yes but to what extent is personal.

  • mrsjones5

    "those who are not JW's on a JW site

    Surely you cannot be that stupid after all this time, man!"

    Apparently he can be and is painstakingly so.


  • Satanus

    Yes pj, you are. But, i'm not. It's your choice.


  • Satanus

    Yes pj, you are. But, i'm not. It's your choice.


  • Satanus

    Paided. Cool word. But, plaid would work better, ie moses wore plaid after he screwed up.

    This only a spiritual wasteland, if you see it that way. You can see the spirit in a simple tree, if you care to look.


  • AllTimeJeff
    Homer the channel you showed me has been changed.

    Yes we know.

    The past is the past, you can pick apart their understanding in the past. It was wrong for them in the past to force interpertation of scripture they were not given understanding by holy spirit.

    Yes, it is.

    Show me any of Jehovah's prophets, servants, people as a nation that did not work out of harmony with Jehovah's spirit. Yet they were his chosen people.


    If Jehovah uses men as he did in the past to dispense spiritual insight, would he change that now? Do you have scripture proof for this?

    What about the part that he would use holy spirit? (oh wait, Jesus said that, not YHWH... never mind)

    Why do you demand scriptural proof for this, yet dodge other requests asking YOU for scriptural proof?

  • KW13

    If Jesus takes his lampstand from this Org. all will know with out a doubt, and he will lead us into one that of his choosing.


    No, i'm afraid that won't happen at all. You see, there is one mediator according to the Bible and that is Christ himself. The Bible does not so much as hint that God will use any Organization, thankfully. Men love familiarity and structure, we crave it but God does not promise it in such a way.

  • Lillith26
    I put unimportant things in a file.

    So have you filed all the cases of child abuse, murder, doctrine flip flops etc... into that file of yours too????

    By your attacks, shows who has holy spirit and who does not.

    I guess that stuff isn't all that important.... as long as you have the spirit then I guess that makes it OK to put in a file and pretend it never happened!

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