Are we following men?

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    By your attacks, shows who has holy spirit and who does not.

    By the Watchtower's doing, the holy spirit has become nothing but a tool dispensed only to the so called 'faithful and discreet slave'. The average Witness, at best gets to admire it from afar. You are unable to gain true understanding of God's word the bible without the aid of an Organization and its literature, and in the process the opportunity to have a true relationship with Christ is snatched away.

    How do you gain entry into the Kingdom? Not by being submerged in water, to make you a member of a man made organization but instead by Holy Spirit. The flesh, cannot inherit it. Read the Bible without your tinted glasses, you may learn something.

  • independent_tre

    PJ wrote:

    First Rabbit, So sorry you lost your mom. She died with her faith in tact. She will be resurrected. And let us hope you will be there to greet her.

    That comment was so disingenious and patronizing, it actually stinks to read it. Typical JW behavior.

  • AllTimeJeff
    That comment was so disingenious and patronizing, it actually stinks to read it. Typical JW behavior.

    She's allowed to say this of course, but I don't think for a second that it isn't lost on her that this will also tick off most former JW's here.

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  • jookbeard

    PJ Shipper, that was a very poor comment, any way how do you know she will be resurrected? you dont even know her, you got access to some special God line?

  • diamondiiz

    Pjs - If you don't want to really piss off people here or anywhere outisde of WTS realm don't EVER make comments like

    She died with her faith in tact. She will be resurrected.

    When people sacrifice their lives or lives of their kids for a cult it's NOT a good thing to imply to ousiders, especially those who know the truth about the truth that it's not a big deal because they will be resurrected. That just infuriates people!

    As to

    who has holy spirit and who does not

    comment also think before writing. Think in the bible how holy spirit acted and how wts and most religions potray it today. Just because "I dont swear and I go to church" does not mean "I" have holy spirit. In fact there has not been any indication that there is holy spirit active anytime today as no miracles or great signs have been seen. Just because someone teaches others their version of the "truth" that doesn't mean they have holy spirit. For example where is there a proof that God had people on earth throughout the centuries? That is WTS myth that they can't be proven. Just trying to help you as witnesses don't usually realize when they offend others which may lead to others being totally pissed at you and you'll imagine it's everyone else but you - not that it doesn't happen the other way around either.

    First Rabbit, So sorry you lost your mom. She died with her faith in tact. She will be resurrected.....pjschipper

    You could care less about a JW`s Death..

    Unless it`s used as for publicity for the WBT$..

    A Dead Jehovah`s Witness..

    Is worth 1,000 live JW`s,for WBT$ Advertising..

    A Dead Jehovah`s Witness has the same chance of being Resurrected.

    As all the other Jehovah`s Witness`s that have been Resurrected..



  • parakeet

    JW's have a strong faith, and many of us don't have the time to do research or understand so many details.

    You'll sacrifice your life and your children's lives to doctrines you can't even be bothered to research?

    Braindead thinking at its finest.

    The past is the past, you can pick apart their understanding in the past. It was wrong for them in the past to force interpertation of scripture they were not given understanding by holy spirit.

    If they were wrong in the past, how do you know they're not wrong now?

  • AGuest

    Dearest pjschipper... May you have peace!

    I previously addressed your initial question(s) as well as openly and honestly identified myself as an slave of Christ, truly anointed with holy spirit and, as a result, a servant to the Household of GOd, Israel, and all those who go with them. I did not do that to blow my own horn but because you asked. As a result of your honest and truthful request I was compelled by such holy spirit to give you an honest and truthful response. That same spirit is now “disturbed” within me and so compels me to respond further, honestly and truthfully, to some of your next comments. Please note, I am disturbed by your comments as the absence of holy spirit is not only manifest, but the presence of false teachings is overwhelming. I will clarify - you wrote:

    The anointed are being fed by the faithful and discreet slave. This faithful class is not of the anointed, it is of the other sheep. They are all part of one flock under one shepherd.

    My dear, dear, dear one… this is not only an error, it is a MAJOR error. You see, (1) both the little flock AND the other sheep… are anointed. There is NO difference. There is only ONE law… between Israel and the alien resident among them. The “little flock” were fleshly Jews who accepted my Lord, the Holy One of Israel, as their king. The “other sheep” were people of the nations who accepted him also. Together, these become ONE flock. With ONE hope. ONE Lord. ONE God. ONE baptism. Ephesians 4:4

    Thus, other than nationality, there was no difference between the two. Indeed, the “fence” that previously separated the two… the Law Covenant… was fulfilled… by the Holy One of Israel, Christ… who, in completing such fulfillment… “removed the fence that separated the two” so that they became ONE. Because of this… ALL true Christians… are anointed. Because THAT is what the word “Christian” means: “anointed/chosen” person. Christ-ian. Ephesians 2:13-16; Acts 11:26 (see footnote, NWT Ref. Bible)

    The problem is that, in the WTBTS, the “other sheep” are not considered “anointed.” (I will tell you a truth: those who are considered of the “little flock” – i.e., those who partake of the emblems… are not anointed, either, unfortunately. True, they are among those who are INVITED... but they are not yet “chosen”… because they are still IN that Organization. In order to be chosen… they must RESPOND to the invitation... which comes from the very voice of the Fine Shepherd… and then FOLLOW that Shepherd… who leads them… OUT. So long as they continue “touching” the “unclean thing” (which uncleanliness is part of what you are purporting), however, they cannot be “taken in as sons and daughters” of the Most Holy One of Israel. Matthew 22:14; John 10:1-7, 27; 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18

    Besides their many falsehoods… the unchristian-like conduct, the lack of holy spirit, and the unrealized prophesies that must keep changing to accommodate their teachings, however, one of the MAJOR reasons for their “uncleanliness” is what you have stated here: that anointed people are being fed… by other sheep. Dear one… do you understand what you are saying? HOW CAN THAT BE???

    The WTBTS identify certain ones of the “other sheep” as “Nethinim,” and indicate that these are qualified to teach, to lead, to assist, etc., the chosen (anointed) ones of God. Dear, dear, pjschipper… NOTHING could be further from the truth! I would exhort you… no, IMPLORE you… to look up the Nethinim… and get to know who they TRULY were… and how God viewed them. Dear one… these were people captured by Israel, who later came to be “given” to the priests… as wood-carriers and water-bearers! Indeed, Israel came under DEEP criticism for even suggesting that such ones be used in any other capacity, let alone using them! You have acknowledged… and the WTBTS has… allowed mere water bearers and wood carriers… to teach Israel! Yet, they were considered… UNCLEAN.

    That the WTBTS has “installed” such ones to “feed,”… indeed, even lead… the chosen ones of the Most Holy One of Israel is not only ANATHEMA to Christ, but was one of the very FIRST things that began to disturb my spirit when I resided among and associated with them. You see, I had studied about the Nethinim long before the WTBTS gave them an identity in their ranks. And when they made their announcement, I… and many, many others… were shocked. Utterly shocked. Just as shocked as when I learned that “Bethel,” was not only simply the name of the church that occupied the space before the WTBTS took it over (i.e., ProvidentBethelChurch) BUT that, in the Bible… it was a CENTER… of false worship!! I wondered, do they not even read the Bible?? Apparently, they do not. And, apparently, you do not, either.

    The chart is showing an organazationall structure how information is passed down. We who receive it have already had our hearts prepared by holy spirit to receive it.

    I am sorry, but I have to say here that you are in total error. For IF the Holy Spirit had prepared your heart to receive ANYTHING… it would have first been holy spirit… the “oil of exultation”… the “living water” that flows from the innermost parts of Christ, the Holy Spirit. And, as a result of “receiving” such oil/water… you would have been, as a result… ANOINTED. That you claim to have received something from the Holy Spirit… but NOT an anointing… totally belies what you are purporting. In addition, had you received ANY portion of holy spirit... THAT would be teaching you... so that you would not need ANY man to be teaching you ANYTHING else. 1 John 2:26, 27

    The past is the past, you can pick apart their understanding in the past. It was wrong for them in the past to force interpertation of scripture they were not given understanding by holy spirit.

    And so what does that make them? Does that NOT make them… FALSE prophets?? Indeed, it does! C’mon, dear one… THINK! And if you can’t think, then at least call upon the Most Holy One of Israel to SEND you His Holy Spirit… to teach you!

    Show me any of Jehovah's prophets, servants, people as a nation that did not work out of harmony with Jehovah's spirit. Yet they were his chosen people.

    You’re kidding, right? Okay… Abel… Enoch… Noah… Abraham… Lot… Jacob… Joseph… Moses… Joshua... Samuel... Nathan... Isaiah… Jeremiah… Hosea… Amos… Micah… Daniel… Shadrach, Meschach, Abednego… Joel… Hosea… Zecharaiah… John the Baptist… the Apostle John! And these are just a few!

    If Jehovah uses men as he did in the past to dispense spiritual insight, would he change that now?

    Yes, He would… and He DID!

    Do you have scripture proof for this?

    ABSOLUTELY! Hebrews 1:1, 2, which states that although God USED to speak to our forefathers through the Prophets, He NOW speaks to us… through a SON!

    All of the reasoning that is picking at Jehovah's people has the empty deception that the god of this system would use.

    Although I disagree that the WTBTS are JAH’s (Psalm 68:4) “people” I have to agree with you that it might appear that the “love” of some (perhaps many) here has "cooled off.” But that is because when they “reason” with you it is more from a place of pain... and, as a result, anger... than from anywhere else. And so perhaps some do "allow place for the Devil." That does not mean, however, that the WTBTS is not a false prophet, false christ… imposter. It simply means that such ones have not heeded the call to “let anger alone” or to love even their enemies. Their “attacks” are from a place of pain and anger such that many debate with you… and while that should not be, it does not, in and of itself, justify the WTBTS. Indeed, those same admonitions are true for YOU… and the WTBTS. Yet, they preach of message of doom… for their members, for their enemies, for the world! I ask you, w here is the difference in that...and where is the Christ?

    Don't take it personally. You pick apart and insult the intelligence of JW's using this site.

    And don’t you be a hypocrite. You are taking what is presented to you personally… which is why you respond as you do. IF you were TRULY a member of the Body of Christ, or, at least, TRULY associating with the Congregation of the Firstborn… YOU would know… by means of holy spirit… that you don’t need to “fight” and/or argue with anyone. You only need state the truth, for the TRUTH… stands on its own. It needs no defense.

    Contrastly, you also attempt to insult the intelligence of those here. If you are “right,” then state the basis. If your basis is holy spirit… then SAY that. If it is not… then on what ground do you stand?

    We do not return slights to the person, to the teachings we even try not to use offensive language.

    I have to correct you here: the WTBTS... and its members... do so return slights… and sometimes uses offensive language. Maybe not you… but I assure you others (many) do. For example, to someone like me, being called an "apostate" is about as offensive as it gets. For me, it is tantamount to the false accusations made against Christ. And yet, there are those who call me such. But let's not make it personal; let's go "institutional". Let me ask you: what were the “hard-hitting" allegations made against, for example, the leadership of the Catholic Church? Were they not some of the very things that the leaders of the WTBTS engage in themselves? They are, and I refer you to the time when the leaders of the WTBTS called the leadersof the Catholic Church (and no, I am not attempting to defend that institution, either)... “a bigoted bunch of men who systematically endeavor to throttle all Bible teaching… unless it comes through them.” Proclaimers Book, pp. 69-70. Sound like anyone you know? If not, it is because your mind… and as a result, your heart… may still be “blinded”. And why is that? Because, those you are defending… STILL ADHERE TO MOSES (i.e., the Law Covenant)! In direct violation of the NEW Covenant! They believe that adhering to the OLD Covenant will bring them blessings! They do not understand… yet… however, and so neither do you… that is it spiritual ADULTERY to do so! 2 Corinthians 3:12-17.

    By your attacks, shows who has holy spirit and who does not.

    No, dear one, you are in error: it is true that the attacks may show who does not have holy spirit; however, it does not show who does. For example, a JW and a Pentecostal person can get into a heated discussion (yes, it happens, and you know it does). If the Pentecostal stays relatively calm, but the JW gets flustered, upset, then, based on your logic, it is the JW who lacks holy spirit. It is the OPERATION of that spirit, however, that shows who possesses it - not the ABSENCE of its operation. And the fact that (1) you are yet touching an “unclean” thing, (2) listen to and follow a golden calf, rather than the One whom the Most Holy One of Israel TOLD you to listen to and follow… His Christ, and (3) believe that a group of men who do NOT possess holy spirit can teach, lead, direct, or do anything other than serve those who supposedly do possess such spirit… although, this is not true, either… indicates that you have no more of that spirit than those you are opposing.

    By the spirit that is in me, therefore, holy spirit, which spirit I received from the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA (“Jah Saves; Salvation of JAH”) MischaJah (“Chosen/Anointed of JAH”), the Son and Christ of the MOST Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, whose name is JAH… or Armies… I say to YOU: take care that you are not judged for your hypocrisy. How so? In that you oppose those whom you say to do not possess such spirit… while you yourself do not possess it, either.

    Because the TRUTH is that because YOU do not possess such spirit… you are in NO position to pass judgment on, ridicule, oppose, or otherwise decry those who also do not possess it. Unfortunately, your mere association with the WTBTS will not override this truth.

    I exhort YOU, then, to pay attention… and HEAR the Spirit and the Bride, which KEEPS saying, “Come! Take life’s water… the holy spirit of God… His life force, breath, blood, and semen… and thus, the SOURCE of life… from the One who dispenses it… from HIS innermost parts… the Holy One of Israel, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH… FREE!”

    Your servant, and a slave of Christ,


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    AG - do you really believe that anyone reads your Freddy-like answers? A simple answer would probably make you seem less arrogant, if that's a quality you would like to model after your Bible God.


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