Are we following men?

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  • PSacramento

    Wow, I had never read that steaming pile of crap before, thanks, I think...

  • isaacaustin

    Yeah, a few isolated texts, a bit of dogma, a few suppostions...a couple of strong words and what do you get?

  • PSacramento

    You get a big steamig pile of crap !

    Of course its ok to celebrate anniversaries though, also a pagan tradition and wedding bands and lets not even go there with "cleansing rutuals".

    Jesus's birth wasn't celebrated? wow I wonder what all those angels were doing when singing and proclaiming his birth?

    Only some contolling a-hole would come up with the idea that celebrating the day God blesses us with Children is WRONG !

    yesh !


    Frigg`in Amazing..

    JW`s celebrate the Birth of a Child..The actual Birthday.



    JW`s refuse to Celebrate the Anniversary,of that Birthday.

    .Birthday Candles


    The WBT$ says so..


    Jehovah`s Witness`s have no problem Celebrating any other Anniversary.

    .Bride & Groom

    It` obvious JW`s don`t have a problem,with an Actual Birthday..

    JW`s have a problem using the Brain,God gave them.

    Crazy 1


  • yknot

    Okay .... I don't wanna hijack PJ's thread.....

    Starting new thread soon....

    Sorry PJ...

  • Spook

    For all seriousness to believers, those in the bible who actually were "following God" rather than "following men" are portrayed consistantly as those who:

    Disobey, call out and challenge the religious authority figures. Let me ask you this: In WT theology EVERY SINGLE LEADER CLASS HAS FAILED, and at that point "true Christians" had to disobey these men. The judges, kings, priests and lineage of disciplies/early church all FAILED. What makes you think that isn't the way it always works?

    These individuals could be identified as failues because...

    1. They had an inflated sense of their own importance.

    2. They extended their authority too far into individual lives.

    3. They created new "rules" and acted as if they came from God. Beards anybody?

    There is no "faithful and discreet class" in the bible. The point of this illustration is to identify qualities which distinguish individuals based on their actions - namely spreading the gospel - not a METAPHYSICAL CLASS.

    Spiritual leaders in the bible were always identified by OTHERS for their unique deeds. Only the wicked had to advertise for themselves.

  • AGuest

    The greatest of love and peace to you... and my sincere apologies for my "style". Unfortunately, it can't be helped: first, it really is the way I hear the Spirit (I don't think my Lord cares that we use slang, vernacular, profanity, abbreviations, etc., to shorten/water down what we think/have to say. He is very expressive... and very thorough) - John 21:25.

    Second, I've actually tried to write in more active voice when responding to matters like this... but it just doesn't work for me. Anything less than what I do feels fake and "sounds" false to me... like I'm not telling the whole truth, as it was given to me.

    I ask your patience and tolerance, therefore; however, if you personally find any of my response(s) to be too long, too verbose, too passive, boring, uninteresting, irrelevant, off topic... or whathaveyou... please... feel free to ignore them. I will not be offended. Truly

    Again, I bid you peace!

    YOUR servant, and a slave of Christ,




    Don`t apologise for your style of writing!..

    It`s part of who you are..

    Go back and read the comments from people who have enjoyed your posts..

    If some don`t get it..Fine..

    I`ll translate..I`ve done it before..LOL!!

    You can`t please everyone.

    If you try,you will loose yourself..

    The people who enjoy your writing,like you just the way you are!..


  • AllTimeJeff

    Hi AGuest

    I have the greatest respect for AKJeff's posts and observations. He is entitled to his opinions.

    However, I agree with what Outlaw said. The saddest thing about the cult we left is that we ultimately do so to keep what little of ourselves is left at the time, to cultivate and grow.

    I don't subscribe to your views, but I can tell that you care for others. I also remember a time in a PM when you reached out to me, which touched me very much.

    I also feel we have something in common: You and I are both very wordy.... lol...

    Lotsa love to you AGuest.

    And lotsa love and respect for AKJEff, who tells it like he sees it always. That is a rare quality these days....



    I agree..

    This board is blessed with a lot of really good people..

    AK-Jeff is one of them..

    I`d mention you too,but you might get all Giddy..


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