Are we following men?

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  • musky

    Tigeress, Only chase them around the table 6 times. After that , let them come to you. Lol

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    All the 'valuable instruction' provided by Jehovah's Witnesses is also provided by most other religious institutions. They have no corner on that. Moral values are standard teaching in most churches -i.e.; avoid fornication, lies, stealing, murder, etc. It is the 'unique teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses' that are dangerous. They taught us to put life's serious issues on hold - while we wait for the New System. They taught us that 'real life' came later. They interpreted 'shades of morality' outside anything the Bible ever taught. [For instance did Jesus ever teach anything about oral copulation, or masturbation, or avoiding military service, selling cigarrettes was a sin, on and on?]

    Yes - Jehovah's Witnesses follow men. To them God = Watchtower. Watchtower = Governing Body. There is no mistake about that.

    So, please do not use the old 'don't throw the baby out with the bathwater' argument. It doesn't wash. I know of many fine people, who live exemplary lives [even by Watchtower standards] who have never read a single bit of Watchtower drivel, sat thru a single Watchtower meeting, or read a NWT Bible. In fact, in areas they are far better people. They never shun family due to a family member electing to leave one religion and join another [or none at all]. They never wake up fine people who want to rest on Saturday morning by knocking on their doors uninvited trying to sell a religious journal. They don't force their children to be ostracized in school by sitting in the hallway while the rest of the class exchange a few valentines or eat a simple birthday treat.

    The 'valuable instruction' provided by the Watchtower does provide a great benefit to the Watchtower however. It separates people, it keeps people in subjection to an organization, and it keeps even 'fringe dwellers' in horrible expectation of God killing them at anytime at Armageddon. Fear keeps subjects under control - but it is not valuable in truth is it?


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    Stop wasting our time.


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  • AllTimeJeff

    If worshipping Jehovah as JW's say is the only approed way, then they should limit their exegesis to that. But they don't. They still setup a very "human dependent" heiarchy, demand total obedience to it, and try to hide their mistakes, false prophecies, and contradictory beliefs.

    Your rant sounds to me like a red herring: A red herring is an idiom referring to a device which intends to divert the audience from the truth or an item of significance

    JW's are full of red herrings. Prophecy matters, until they are wrong. Then its just "new light". Until they get that wrong again. The simple answer is, they are false prophets who speak in gods name, but are nothing more then misguided men.

    They claim that when they get things wrong, this is because they are not "spirit directed". Yet, they insist that most of their exegesis is correct and that they have authority granted them by Jesus because they are "spirit annointed." A distinction without a difference.

    Your conscience matters, so long as it is "bible trained" (i.e. Watchtower trained) unless the elders tell you to do something, at which case, you must be obedient, your conscience be damned. The simple answer is, your conscience is only useful to JW's when you don't use it, and are just obedient.

    Former JW's are not ones who discovered that the Governing Body lies and are hypocritical. Amazingly, 100% of all "apostates" from the GB point of view are nothing more then disgruntled, evil, Satan possessed people who are hell bent on destroying their former brothers. The simple answer is, math makes that an impossibility. Most leave because they discover over time that the dogma of the Governing Body is erroneous, and that they have covered up significant events in their history, both in doctrine and in the private lives of their leaders, in an attempt to trick people into coverting or staying. The simple answer is, the GB is "the great and mighty Oz", and when the curtain is drawn back, their really is nothing there at all.

    You are entitiled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to re-write history, or to falsely characterize the reasons why hundreds of thousands leave JW's.

  • jookbeard

    Schipper; why do you continually fail to respond to the statements posters here respectively do, in response to your own topics?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Jookbeard, I have had coversations with some faders who have (happily) informed me that the trolls here make zero difference in the decisions that they face in their JW exit.

    Thats good news. Real good news... lol

  • isaacaustin


    None of those bullet points, i.e. blood, shunning, etc as done by JWs are Biblical. It takes a Watchtower interpretation and convoluted explanation to arrive at those conclusions. But even if they were correct on those issues, on what basis do you claim them to be the one true religion?

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    BTT I would love to see an answer to Isaacaustin's question.

  • isaacaustin

    Wobble, I am afraid we will be waiting a long time. Neither Angel Eyes nor PJSCHIPPER want to answer. It is a very valid question, that any of JWs should wnat to answer. I am yet to ever get a valid answer to my question.

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