ex wants to be free to remarry - ugh

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  • scotsman

    Tricky one. Depends how long you've been out... and your family still sees you but think you're celibate... doesn't sound like you're close to them. But like other's have said, it's her problem, not yours and there's no guarantee she'll marry this guy so there may be no monetary saving anyway.

  • chickpea

    let HER take one for the team...

    she can fornicate, get counseled and/or DF'd
    and then get reinstated if she is all fired up to
    get married

    there was a couple in the KH i attended that
    did exactly that.... the ex-hub wouldnt give
    grounds, so the ex-wife did it another way...

    and to my knowledge is still an active JW

  • Finally-Free

    Of course, you could always write a letter saying you committed fornication with one or more of the elders wives.


  • A Mother
    A Mother

    It all comes down to what positions of oversight family members hold. Who trumps who---Remember you are dealing with a COMPANY started by a snake oil salesman, succeeded by a drunk living in a mansion paid for by slave labor sales persons. This publishing company demands you both read and study its endless repetitive drivel,and as if that were not torture enough---they demand you sell it. And get real, YOU pay for it -right ? So connecting the dots, or following the flying monkeies down the yellow brick road THEY CREATE A RELIGION of this mind bogeling b.s.

    Now for your problem---Keep your family-----Never second guess what the employees of the company will do. Its a promotion or an axe to grind, you never know what filth and bribes are passed behind the curtain. Nothing in writing as this is NOT a judicial commitee it is and always will be a kangaroo court. Smile and tell her she should continue with that wonderful man, you want her to be happy. Believe me, she will be Happy soon enough. Do not buy into the W.T. mumbo jumbo. WE all know these "rules" have nothing to do with real scripture or God.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I know a couple of cases where the Ms. was anxious to get a confession so she could remarry... only to find that nobrudder was interested in her.

    As already stated, it might we worth asking how much a confe$$ion would be worth. Get a contract in writing.

    Of course, if she is dating, I think it is "loose conduct" to date when not 'scripturally free to remarry'.

  • Scully

    If it were me (bear in mind that I can be extremely catty when someone pisses me off... LOL) I'd write her a letter that expresses your righteous indignation, outrage and extreme umbrage.

    "There has been no one in my bed since you left me. Why on earth would you expect that I should lie for you, why should I risk losing my already fragile relationships with my family, when you're the one who wants to commit adultery in Jehovah's eyes? Do you not think that Jehovah can see through your hypocritical ruse? Quit playing these offensive and insulting mindgames and accept the consequences of the choice you made when you divorced me without scriptural grounds. If you want to get married again, there is nothing stopping you legally, however you are the one bound by the standards of the WTS, not me, so whatever choice you make, be prepared to accept the full weight of the consequences of your choice. Do not expect me to relieve you of your obligation before Jehovah. I do enough for you already."

  • nelly136

    you could run it by your family first......

    not content with the very generous and crippling alimony and divorce payments your ex is squeezing your nuts for, she now wants you to 'falsely?' confess to adultery in order to be free to carry on as she pleases, and as shes costing you an arm leg and toe clippings, youre considering it just to be rid of her , youre just worried you'll lose them as a consequence...

  • out4good3

    Spousal support???

    F#$% that!!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    While I tend to love A Mother's answer, Nelly makes a good point.

  • jeanniebeanz

    *stands up and cheers for Scully*

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