ex wants to be free to remarry - ugh

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    I can relate to your pain. My situation is a bit different, because I never joined the Society nor even "studied". To me, paying spousal support means subsidizing her working only part time, which means subsidizing her religion: a religion I don't believe in.

    What I have is integrity. I won't lie about myself or commit the act she's so often (falsely) accused me of just to get her off my back. I am morally as well as legally bound to support her and the kids, and I do so even though it strains me financially.

    That integrity, that self respect, is something she can't take away. And I won't give it away just so she can remarry in the Kingdom Hall. She knew the score before she said "yes". Then she got tired of being married to me, filed for divorce, and now she must live with that choice. She has the option to leave the WT: she did so once before (years before she dated me and became my wife), and she can do so again if she chooses. Yes, that choice has consequences, but it's hers to make and hers to live with. Not mine.

    Stand strong, friend. Don't do something you'll regret. "The best response to divorce is living well."

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    I'm paying spousal maintenance because she put on a good sob story, and because my lawyer was amazingly imcompetent. Thanks to her, I now have a foreclosure on my credit history. But I digress...

    startingover, I think different members of my JW family will react differently, my parents will probably keep up some kind of contact, they have both been DF'd and I never completely stopped having contact with them. I have one sister who for some reason is very strict when it comes to DFd family members. I am already on thin ice as it is.

    Big tex, you are hard-core, lol. hey if I was guaranteed to get out of spousal maintenance, I would have hard time wanting anything else.

    No Apologies

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