When bad spelling trolls leave, new bad spellers (studies, JW's, JW lovers) arrive

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  • bohm

    It might also be the case that these people have never lived in a country where english is the first language [like me]. I know bad spelling is annoying, but i wonder how great most here would fare in their second language.

    There is no such thing as bad spelling, there is creative spelling and weak readers.

  • LouBelle

    my spelling aint so good like

    Now I'm gonna be shunned.

  • wobble

    Offical American spelling is often bad spelling because by "tidying up " the spelling, you lose the origin of the word, and therefore are not aware of the full meaning, hence quite often on here people will use the wrong word, not just miss-spell.


    Wobble, of the English Pedant Class (and English Peasant)

  • FlyingHighNow

    English has many, many words that are not spelled phonetically. There are many rules that are inconsistent. Where I have the most trouble is this: inconsistent has a suffix that is spelled tent. But in some words the suffix is spelled tant. I have problems remembering whether or not to use the a or the e when spelling that suffix. There are many words like that in the English language. Is elementery correct? Or is elementary correct? I before E except after C? There are exceptions to this rule.

    I have a son who has neurological problems and many learning disabilities and glitches in processing the words he hears into the written word. He spells phonetically. It's the only way he can spell. He is very intelligent, so writing anything is very embarrassing for him. He reads prolifically. When he writes you can understand what he is trying to say because he spells words the way they sound.

    And in English the F sound can be spelled with the letter F or it can be spelled with the letters PH. Is the word prolific or proliphic? The list of commonly misspelled words is long. Misspelling is disgraceful? Not in my eyes. Misspellings are very common and to be expected. My only slight irritation is when people interchange the use of the words you're and your.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Many are focusing on the bad spelling excuses. I am not picking on people who don't spell English words well for whatever reason. Very intelligent people are sometimes bad spellers. Many "English as a second language" people come here for the discussion. That's all fine. I am not picking on the fact that some make spelling mistakes. You all spell whatever way you want to. I make a few spelling mistakes and even more grammar mistakes. Heck, even the Governing Body is only spirit-directed and not inspired. Nobody is perfect.

    The point is that some trolls that were bad spellers (in my opinion- it was deliberate) left and some newbies that present impossible situations or some kind of defense of the WTS have come aboard and their bad spelling is very similar (in my opinion- it is deliberate).

  • mouthy

    I cant help it that I cant spell. I tried to get the spell check installed & I couldnt

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    lol Im not actually as bad as spelling as i come across...i just type so fast that i hit wrong keys and often miss words out..lol

    I think the word in my head but havent typed it out.....when i pm people i never ever have made a spelling error,thats because im not rushing as much then because im answering a question or basically more at ease just chilling.

    Sorry for future mistakes too guys.....and thanks for putting up with me :)

  • undercover

    It ain't the spellin'...it's the illogical arrangement of thoughts.

    It seems that most (but not all) JW apologists, trolls or not, cannot formulate cohesive paragraphs that conveys their thought process in why they accept the WT Society as God's Earthly Organization. They resort to cut and paste of Bible verses or paraphrasing WT dogma that they've read in the literature a few thousand times. When taken to task to prove a point, they can't do it. They don't know how to think beyond what they've been told to think. All they can do is parrot. Parrots can talk...they just don't know what it is they're saying.

  • trueblue

    I think about everyone can read this, but it's interesting...besides it the way I type!

    Read this like you would a book! Have fun! Eonverye taht can raed this pelase rsaie yuor hnad. To my 'selected' strange-minded friends:

    If you can read the following paragraph, forward it on to your friends and the person that sent it to you with 'yes' in the subject line.

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    Forward it & put 'YES' in the Subject Line

    Oh, and one last thing…disregard the Spell Check!

  • minimus

    Watch out for bad spellers.

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