So long and thanks for all the fish.

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  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Good-bye Reniaa,

    I hope you're able to fully buy into JW Theology this time. You'll be happiest that way. I have a hard time believing that you'll really be able to do that though.

    Wherever you end up, I wish you all the best.


  • zarco

    All the best to you, Reniaa

  • palmtree67

    Black Sheep!

    Please tell me that is a joke????

  • poppers

    When you find the straightjacket of the WT getting tighter and you feel a need for a bit of free expression you know where you can come back to. I'll be surprised if you don't make a public showing here, and I'd wager you'll still view this site from behind the scenes. I wish you well.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I wouldn't know palmtree. I just happened to spot it there. I don't know who Chikikie is either. I seldom view Topix and never post there.

  • passwordprotected

    I was listening to Jay Hess's testimony and what I found interesting was that he said his spirit had left the WTS but his mind was still in. He was used as a 'trouble shooter' whereby he'd visit pastors, ministers or other people who were in some sort of ministry to JWs. He would go with a purpose of wearing them out and he'd do this by;

    • never using the NWT or getting into discussions about the accuracy of the NWT
    • never using Watch Tower publications or articles
    • always trying to get the discussion off topic and back to the areas he could work best in
    • he would admit all knowing all of the negative stuff about the WTS that's usually banded about by apostates, but his reply was always, "yeah, so what?"

    Anyway, listening to his tactics and methods of confounding apostate discussion reminded me of Reniaa's methods on JWN. I realise that Simon and others believe that Reniaa was genuinely a single-mum raising 3 kids, one of whom is disabled, another of whom is just a baby, and was truthfully searching for the truth about the WTS. However, I don't. I'm sure Reniaa was several people and their sole purpose was to get threads off topic, obfuscate discussions and continually deflect arguments and objections regarding legitimate WTS issues onto areas such as the Trinity and the divinity of Christ.

    Out of interest, what did Spike do to get thrown off?

  • caliber
    Chikkie: Update on Reniaa- She flew to Calgary to meet Spike Tassel. After a period of time Spike snapped and attacked Reniaa. She is in the hospital, although the extent of her injuries is unknown. Spike was arrested and apparently has a history of this.
    chikikie ~ a year ago2131976renaii's sister, been out 8 years, tormented with thoughts about going back, resisting (more...) renaii's sister, been out 8 years, tormented with

    Don't know if the above is all a joke but this shows you who chikikie is or was

  • ninja

    black sheep ...check this post......all about chikikie.....reniaa's so called sister on here

    maybe you will consider it was a lot of pish

  • ninja

    but......look out for the next round of pish coming your trev?....fred?....reniaa?......or whatever you call yourself next

  • ninja

    on the thread linked above.......I believe nearly all conversing on it are the same person

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