My life ... and how JWD came to be - Part 5

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  • Etude


    I cannot express sufficiently how appreciative I am for the existence of this forum. Not even FaceBook can give me the kind of reward accompanied by a good range of emotions that I receive here. It’s not only unique due to the reason why we’re here (the JWs). It’s also unique because I can’t imagine finding a more diverse set of subjects and a vastly diverse conglomeration of people in one place. There is a good number of very interesting and intelligent people here from whom I’ve learned so much. There are others that challenge the rest with their unique perspective. I don’t know where else I would address those challenges with the ease and freedom this forum provides.

    Years ago, I thought about what a shame it would be if the forum were to disappear. I was thinking that, even though you’re ultimately 100% responsible for its existence, it has become something greater than any one person. It collectively presents slices of history and events and unique stories that I doubt you find gathered anywhere else. If Armageddon does not come by the year 2525 (I’m counting decades from 1975), that generation may be looking at a great historical perspective while examining the content here. Even if observers know nothing about the JWs because the organization has disappeared, I think they will view the stories here as having a unique and significant perspective in history.

    I beg that you don’t ever think again about abandoning the site and that you trust somebody to keep it going when you’re no longer able. Thank you for your investment in time, effort and dedication.


  • pronomono

    I echo the sentiments of smiddy, etude, and others. Thank you for your sacrifices of time, money, and all the effort that you have put into this site. Without saying a word, the resources you have provided here have saved me from the JW cult. And for that, I will always be grateful to you. If you ever find yourself on the US Gulf Coast (Alabama/Mississippi/Florida panhandle), I'd love to share a pint with you.

  • Comatose

    I can't imagine what my leaving would have been like without this site. I think I'd still be in there. A depressed, cutting, alcoholic of a man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Lancashirelass

    It looks like it may have been a few years since this was last active. I thought I would bring the thread back to life for other recent newbies. I enjoyed the read. I'm glad you got to re connect with your dad. I hope a little of the sadness/bitterness of missing years with him has now faded a little, and it has been filled with much happier times of memories since spent with him.

  • Simon

    Wow, it's 7 years since the last "wow, it's 5 years since the last post ..." post! LOL

    Life seems kind of boring in a way which is probably good. Kids are grown up, one at uni, one last year of high school. They are doing grown up things like learning to drive, working etc... which makes me happy. They are both spectacularly nice guys and anything we went through leaving is worthwhile for them to have a future *not* in the religion. I'm happy I could be the link in the chain that broke.

    I saw my dad just yesterday (up from Lethbridge so he called in) and we definitely got to make up some lost time overall. I'm not as close to the rest of my extended family over here, it's hard to slot in after so long apart and I think the distance doesn't help but we keep in touch on facebook.

    The forum keeps pulling me back in "Godfather style" but it's easier to manage now and we seem to have turned a corner in terms of expectations re: moderation / arguing which at times made me feel like shutting it down. I've controlled costs with the latest updates so it's no longer a financial burden too which makes it a little nicer to also invest some time in. There's lots of technical improvements I still want to make but have to balance time with the day-job (and technology keeps changing so I have to learn new things).

    Highlights for me, now, is hanging out with our close friends. Some have a couple of little kids and, well, for some reason kids seem to like me. Seriously, to the point that random kids come up to me at the supermarket and put their arms out to be picked up or are doing toddler-tantrums at the checkout and suddenly stop, look at me and start smiling (it fucking freaks me out!). So, I have a 1 year old and 3 year old that want me to play building bricks or hide-and-seek (yeah, I don't hide in small spaces too well anymore) but it's lots of fun.

    I've given up trying to predict where we'll be in x years time anymore. There's lots of things happening in the world that make me view the future with a little unease now. Hopefully, the forum and the community of people will still be around.

    It always reminds me a little of "Lost" ... how we all live our lives going in our own directions and sometimes, bump into each other along the way and share something with each other. There are lots of people that I feel lucky to have met or wished I could have met or hope I might get to meet one day but even if I don't, I'm happy that so many have been able to get what they have from this place.

  • steve2

    Thanks Simon. This remains perhaps the most helpful site for those impacted by jw organization. Healthy discussions, debates and exchanges are the norm, and often posters are asked in one form or another, "What makes you say that?" - a question we could never ask as JWs.

    I also love the way religious peddlers get short shrift. Out of the fry pan and into the fire looms large. Sorry, guys, but our brains are active and we have assumed adult responsibilities which means we boot out stories about invisible friends who "watch" over us.

    Oh, and my number one most hated topic? When an OP includes some form of, "Your lack of faith is due to what the organization did to you. God still loves you...etc" That kind of OP deserves the roastings its gets. I'm the way I am because I have a damn good brain that can work out things for itself and doesn't need to be spoon-fed different religious garbage.

  • wannaexit

    Thanks Simon for keeping this wonderful place going.

    All the best to you and family.

  • Ding

    Thanks, Simon.

    I've met some great people here.

  • HappyGal

    Thanks Simon for all your hard work and time spent over the years.

    There is no other forum out there like this site.

    It has truly helped me see I'm not alone as an ex-JW.

    Many thanks to you and best wishes to your family.

  • Phizzy

    Exactly what HappyGal said above, but to add that this Site was literally a life saver for me.

    I was suicidal when I discovered this wonderful place, and the love and advice I received here led me to seek Therapy, which was wonderful, I was able to move on from my JW experience, and become for the first time in my life happy, and content in my own skin.

    I can never thank you all enough.

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