My life ... and how JWD came to be - Part 5

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    Good thread Simon..Read it last night and once this morning..

    The reason they let you into Canada so easily..


    I called ahead and let them know you were coming..

    I had to promise to send them a 24pak of Molson..(For those of you who don`t know..All problems in Canada,are solved with Beer..LOL!!)..

    Now that we have you,we are keeping you..(That cost me another 24 pak of Molson..LOL!!)..

    You have done an incredible job with the board..

    Simply frigg`n amazing..

    Dub World would not be the same,without you and your efforts..


  • PSacramento


    Thank you for this website, mere words are not enough so I just say, Thank You.

    As for Canada, I love this iceberg of a country !

    I was born and raised in Portugal, my family goes back generations and generations, when we came over in 86 it was a big change for us.

    I am now a Canadian Citizen, served in its military and love it dearly.

    Even if winter is the most horrid thing I have ever experienced !!!


  • happpyexjw

    Simon, thank you for sharing your story with us. I only joined this board a few months ago, but have learned so much from reading others' stories. Sometimes I feel a little bit like an outsider because other members have known you and each other for such a long time, but the input from people who are at various stages of making their own choices in life is invaluable. I know what you mean about always being somewhat affected by our WTS experiences - I have been out since 1990-91 and I am still finding traces of JW thinking that need to be cleared out.

    Bottom line Simon - Thank you for this forum. You have no doubt helped thousands of people make peace with themselves and get free from a dangerous, mind controlling organization. We are all grateful.

  • WTWizard

    I appreciate all the effort that you put into this site--with all the bills, the server headaches, and having to put up with a few idiots and (yes, I will use the R-word) retards that seem to live solely to make trouble for forum administrators and continually refuse to abide by the most basic of rules. (Including the proverbial one that always seeks to spoil it with death threats to family and threatening to ruin lives, all simply because they get banned for refusing to abide by the most basic of rules). Hopefully, those issues will not be too much of an issue (though spambots are everywhere).

    And yes, there is no way to completely escape the effects of Jehovah's Witlesses once you are baptized. The mindset is ingrained, especially for born-ins but even recruited people get it to a degree (they make sure of it before one can be baptized). Even if you have no family in, there is always the possibility of having a sudden barrage of hounding calls (even at work), or even being physically dragged back (which is one major reason I like this site--I can find material that is of high risk here long before they even hear about it at the Kingdumb Hell). And, while they cannot force me to believe that there is any Jehovah that is going to wipe out this whole system of things and usher me into a paradise, they can control everything I say and do (once they drag me back to their homes and Kingdumb Hells), and deprive me of sleep by keeping me out in field circus something like 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, to beat me into submission.

    Thanks to sites like this, I can get advance warnings of such high risk events (like hounder-hounder talks and Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger letters telling the hounders to start rounding people up). I can also get advance warning if there is a special article in the Kingdumb Misery or a Washtowel that is a special risk for me even if it's neutral for most inactive witlesses. And, I appreciate this site for that.

  • minimus

    This is my favorite site.

  • besty

    Thanks for the update Simon - great to hear a fellow Brit family making a go of it over here in North America - a great tradition continues :-)

    I too have a Mum who isn't capable of objectively listening to breaking news from the far side of the curtain. My Dad passed away a few years ago so he doesn't know about any of this (and never will - wink wink)

    Great to hear your software is still in development - love to hear news about that as well.


    The problem free thread..


    Beer for everyone!!..

    Except the cute little baby..


  • mouthy

    Dearest Simon & Anghard.You KNOW how I feel about you both

    I know your not a believer of my thoughts. But I believe the HOLY SPIRIT
    used you..(No!!!! dont look at Angie & shake your head & say the old woman is at it again))
    You see I view this site as a Maternity Ward. Because a lot of "MY KIDS"
    ( adopted) are on here....Your were the Doctor ,Angie the Nurse..

    I believe you did wonders....Thank you,thank you !thank you ! ( see 3 times for emphesis) as we were taught

  • undercover

    Thanks again, Simon, for keeping the site going. This is my support group...people who know and understand what it's like being a JW and leaving it behind and dealing with the after effects.

    I did what a lot of people weren't able to do...a slow fade, out completely without too much confrontation after the initial sheparding calls. I have family still in and as long as they're in, it will affect me to some degree, so I'm glad all you guys are here.

  • palmtree67

    I'm sure I speak for all the newbies, when I add my


    Seriously, THANK-YOU.

    (OUTLAW, is one of those beers for me???? Please????)

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