My life ... and how JWD came to be - Part 5

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  • jookbeard

    never quite read your family background Simon and just reading here that you joined him in Canada, did he leave the WTS well before you? do you still have family in the UK? who was the first to wake up?

  • berrygerry

    Was there a part 6?

    (It would be great to read a post of your Dad's story)

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Hello Simon and Angharad!

    I'm so glad this thread was resurrected. It's been so long it felt like I reading it for the first time. You're a very good story teller, Simon, and that's good because you have very interesting story to tell.

    Did you ever find the tapes of your JC and post them? If so, I'd appreciate your telling me how to find them. If not, I completely understand that you have much more important things on your mind and may have just decided to let dead dogs lie.

    I haven't been to Calgary recently, but the next time I do it would be my pleasure to meet you and your family for a nice dinner. My treat, of course. And don't worry. I have no agenda. No requests, no favors to ask. I'd just like to meet and visit with the couple who have done so much to help others escape and recover from being victimized by the mind-control cult the Watchtower has become.

    Or if you're ever in the Boston area, let me know and I'll make every effort to meet up with y'all there.

    Thanks again for all you and Miss Angharad do.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Great reading! Thanks for sharing your exit story.

    Thanks too for all you have done and continue to do with this website. It is truly a "life saver" for many. . . . Doc

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