14 Minutes and you are not a Servant of Jehovah

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  • JT

    Last night we were discussing the "New Light" that was revealed to the GB recently from Jehovah. Many of us recall all the CO talks and Elder parts based on the bible text of how a True servant of Jah would not be "Inactive or Irregular" for years one was required to have at least One Hour to be considered a servant of Jah.

    As the Sec in my hall I recall so many times calling up friends to get thier time and hearing them break crying cause they didn't have 60min only about 45min- and they knew that it meant they were not servants of Jah

    now with the new light from jw a person with only 14 Minutes of time will now be disqualified as being a servant of Jah.

    It is amazing how many jw will view this arrangement as a "Loving Provision from Jah" instead of realizing that thier service to thier god has been reduced to whether they get 15min or 14 min

    I was telling my wife last night how the A$$ beating will commence shortly once this arrangement is fully in place.

    CO : "You mean to say friends you can't spend 30 sec a day selling books- ooops i meant to speaking about Jah"

    Poor Pub " Dear Bro SEC I only got 13 min this month."

    SEC "Well sister go over to your neighbor next door and tell them could you keep and eye on my house i will be attending a Circuit assembly this weekend, that should get you over the 15 min mark"

    For many JW this will be another nail in thier "Doubting Coffin" as they will see that their service to god has been reduced down to mere numbers on a spreadsheet, much like a sales quota smile

    The pressure that will be put on the older members in nursing homes or just too sickly to sell books is going to be unreal

    no jw will be allowed to have an excuse for not selling books now

    There are so many "Lurkers" out there who are truly afraid. I can understand it so well- just last week i was walking down the street here in WAsh DC over by 1600 Penn Ave over by the White House- there is a park call Layfette Park right across the street and sometime Homeless folks will stop in there since so many tourist come thru and they can ask for money- well this lady had a shopping cart and she walked away from the cart to ask a couple for some money and the cart rolled into the White house gate- well since everyone is on high alert the Secret Service almost went Ballistic on her and grabber her cart and she was crying-- as we walked away the two guys i were with just laughed at the old lady, but i thought about JW esp when we try to talk to them about the truth

    you see this cart contained all this little old lady had in the world- her entire life was in a shopping cart- most of us who travel if we lost a suitcase with some dirty drawers in it and some shirts and slacks would be upset ,but we got plenty clean drawers and tee shirts at home so it really is no lose to use- but for this lady it was her entire life and the same with JW when we try to tell them that wt is wrong, all jw -including all of us to some degree have put our entire life in our WT shopping cart and for someone to come along and try to take it- the pain is unreal

    so when you see a JW fighting against what you are trying to tell them just understand you are about to take away everything they have in thier life- that is why for many of us who have left we go thru periods of depression, anger , frustration and so forth

    i can't speak for you all, but I know what i gave up for wt and now my wife and i are playing catchup- because of our age we at least have some time to do so.

    I think about my mother-in=law who will be visiting my wife and i this weekend - we are not into the christmas thing even though we left wt, but for me now it's no big deal

    but i feel so sorry for her- we have tried to help her but due to her life she wants to hold on to her shopping cart

    she lost child in an accident some 30yrs ago and wt Promised her that she could see her son and dad and sisters again and all she has to do is sell our books and come to our sales meeting.

    over the years it has become very hard for her to keep up with the WT routine, recently she has started to miss meeting, complain more about the "APpointed men by Jah"

    she has now starting gambling , she plays the lottery and why- well like most jw she is tired and after all these years of rules and rules and more rules she like many otther jw are secretly breaking the rules now-

    just recently she had a married sister over to her house with a "Worldly" for drinks . My mother in law knows that this man and sister are sleeping together- he looks like a leftover Pip from the 70's in the days of the the OHIO PLAYERS, Earth Wind and Fire and Cun-Funk-Shun.

    she has a best friend who is the wife of and elder- they too are playing the lottery and dealing with shady money they are getting from their Street Thug Kids--

    I say all of this to make the point that today the JW of old who would not tolorate any Rivery toward Jah- you know that JEHU THANG

    today accept almost any thing as ok or they wink at it and give thier approval by thier actions.

    what is so sad is that while they are doing all of these things if you try to let them know that they can live a "Noraml" life they reject it on the spot.

    I feel sorry for my mother in law

    she is about 60yrs old never worked and the career that she had was selling books- my mother in law if she were allowed to live a Normal life instead of being told the end is near round the corner, very soon now- could have pursued some of her dreams

    I dont' know what her dreams are since most jw are not allowed to dream beyond what wt tells them is ok to dream about

    but she could have opened her own food chain like Silvia did in harlem with good old down home soul food cooking, or she could have went to college and become a dr- she loves people and get along with everyone she meets my mother in law could have been the next Orpha Winfrey with her own talk show and my mother in law would have been damn good to, but instead wt stripped her of all her dreams and goals- and the pain must be great as she and other jw like her look back on their lives and see they have spent the best years of their life selling worthless books and much of the info inside those books they don’t even believe or live by today- I have found that there are many jw who will never loook into why they feel so bad or why the congo has so many problem,, they will continue to attend their sales meeting thinking what they have been told, but they are getting TIRED and their life styles and actions show that they are tired

    this weekend they will be here in DC I have decided not to try and take away her Shopping Cart


    just my two

    A man who refuses to think is a fool,
    A man who can't think is a idiot,
    A man who is afraid to think is a coward.....


  • metatron

    Man, you always hit the nail on the head, JT

    That shopping cart analogy covers it - it ain't much
    but it's all they've got.


  • Satanus

    It shows how nonsesical this reporting thing is, as far as serving god goes.

    I'll tell you one thing that puzzled me. During my latter times s a jw, i became 'inactive'. An elder i always liked told me that because of that my baptism was invalid. Ok. If i wasn't legally a dedicated baptised jw, then how could they have the right to df me? Techically i must have already done that to myself when i became inactive.


  • SixofNine

    Goddamn you JT! you made me cry. I don't do that too much anymore.

  • dedalus

    Man, I'm outa the loop. What's this about 14 minutes and new light? Going to look for the info ...


  • TR

    Hey JT,

    Well said, man.

    Your illustration with the shopping cart is excellent. Do you remember how it felt to have someone challenge your beliefs that knew what they were talking about? It makes your heart skip a beat. 'No! No! Don't tell me something to make me doubt!' It's a feeling of great anxiety, because when we're honest with ourselves as JWs, we knew that we weren't allowed to see the whole picture. Everything we knew was stored neatly in a little basket, like a shopping cart. 'Don't tip over my shopping cart, it's all I have right now!'

    Every time I think about seeing JWs out in FS lately, I now imagine an invisible shopping cart in front of them, clinging tenatiously to it. It's really kind of sad that they aren't allowed to think "outside the cart" so to speak.

    Have a good visit with your MIL.


    I'm gonna make mince meat outta that Osama!

  • NameWithheld

    Wow, great post.

    This is one cat who's glad his shopping cart lost a wheel ...

  • Joyzabel

    Thanks JT, wonderful post.
    You are so right about the shopping cart analogy. Unfortunately, some of the jws are in their own little world like the homeless.
    Hope you enjoy your visit with your m-i-l. j2bf

  • mommy

    Great Post! JT I always try to read what you post here, and you never disappoint me. I think about this often, taking away my mom's shopping cart. She is a cripple and has only use of one leg, and her "prize" is to be able to walk, run, dance, everything she could not in this world. She gave her whole life and most of her family up for her shopping cart, as she gets older and weaker I wonder if I should just let her keep it. BTW she has found out she enjoys Bailey's irish cream straight from the bottle, she blushed like a schoolgirl when she told me So there are some things she is allowing herself to do now, that she did not do before. As long as she is happy, so am I. (to a point, it gets so confusing)

    When I leave, you will know I have been here

  • JT

    Met says:

    "it ain't much but it's all they've got"

    and that is so true - when you think of all the normal things that jw have given up- personally i will be fine,--

    in fact even when i was in wt being a Society Man i was fine- always was part of the in crowd-

    what bothered me was seeing all the others who were not allowed to come into the "In Crowd" - which is the vast number of jw

    in a typical congo with 120 pub only about - let's say 12 folks are key players and the rest of the friends wait with baited breathe to be invited over-

    you know the kind- everyone wants to be invited to bro elder/bro money/bro heavy in the circuit- yet when sister single with 3 kids ask you to come over, well my schedule is busy sister, etc

    so for me it became a issue watching all the freezing jw standing on the outside peeking thru the windows-- non appointed bro and thier families, single sisters( can't have that single sister over she might be looking at my husband is how many elder wives viewed the single sisters, etc) --fatherless kids- dad not in the truth type and the list goes on and on.

    I felt sorry for these folks and it bothered me and i was always being told: "Did not Jesus have his inner circle of companions" and i would often say:

    "Yea true- but the others didn't feel like they were cut short or got the Shaft"

    i can't help but think about the bro in NON_Western countries where just due to the circumstances of thier country the get the shaft

    case in point: a jw black child from africa who lives in some outback poor village is good in his school and has the chance to come to America or Europe on a college program-

    well the wt produces an article on "Should i leave home and go to another country, etc"

    well they give the lame old excuse - will you be encouraged to attend all of our sales meetings, will you go out and sell books once you get to this new country, etc
    so by this point the elders and parents have discoraged this poor black kid so much he gives up the chance to break free of poverty and get on his feet adn why-- THE END IS SO NEAR

    NOW 26YRS LATER he could have his DR degree and be praticing medicine in Amercia an sending back home $1400 to help out the folks but instead he is still herding goats

    can you imagine how PISSED off this child will be to learn that all he gave up was for nothing-

    so for many of us here on the net with our fancy computers and email and BMW, including myself(NO BMW though) we are so fortunate in comparison to the jw who are in the 3rd world who are giving up literally life opportunities- if i didn't run my own biz - could still get a Goverment job here in DC reach GS 13-15 and make 80K-120K a year,

    but for this jw in those backwood areas of the world they are literally shafted by the wt as they wait patiencely for a world that will never come

    how sad and with that as a backdrop it becomes so easy to see why they get so upset as we try to take away thier cart

    i look forward to the day when more of us who are XJW willl learn how to better address lurkers and first time posterS

    many xjw act like DAMN FOOLS WHEN they read some newbie stating :

    " I beleive that the wt has the truth"

    what the hell does a Xjw expect a current jw to say DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    instead i believe that over time more XJW will realize that the best way to help a jw is not to try and take thier cart away without offering them something to replace it with-

    that is why so many former jw who come here even now feel so at a lost

    they had thier cart taken away before they had anything in place--

    i firmly believe that there is a way to leave wt INTACT to a certain degree-

    if one begins to drift instead of jump up and DA they have time to build friendships outside of wt and at the same time keep a certain amount of relationship inside

    i don't know how much you know about computers but when you go from one platform to another say Novell to NT - you do what is call a system migration- where you move data from one platform to the other

    well the same with wt we need to help these folks move thier relationships, goal, views and attitude from a WT/Disney World platform to a REal World Platform (retirement , buying a home, college, marrying someone you love - not cause they sell lots of books for wt, having kids- realizing nothing is wrong with desiring nice things- cars furs, money, etc.

    I have great hope that this NET THANG will continue to play a major role in helping jw see and understand why they feel the way they do

    most of us all make a very simimalar statement:

    "I always felt something was wrong< just couldn't put my finger on it'

    and most jw in my view know something stinks, but can't figure out who got the dog DO DO on their shoes- smiles

    just my two


    "I'd rather have questions I can't answer than questions I can't ask (or answers I can't question)."

    ahnce to they -

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