Older posters check in...just post your name...we need to hear from you!

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  • Sunspot

    Lot of good people have moved on. Valis; Little Toe; Xena; Englishman; Xenawarrior; onacruse and I'm forgetting dozens of others. I really miss them sometimes.

    Don't miss Fred Hall. I never saw what folks saw in him.


    Hi Chris! How's it going?

    Valis, LittleToe and Englishman were the first three I thought of when I posted here earlier! I have to admit I spent a lot of time in total hysterics with Corvin and ....oh my...a Senior Moment here....Buckshot or Gunshot was it? The one with the little girl....anyway (scuse the memory lapse) they were SO funny and between those two and Farkel bantering back and forth....it was quite a time back then.

    I had no use for Fred Hall either. I just did not "get him" at all.

  • Quentin

    4 years...don't post much...read mostly just to keep up...been out of the tower over thirty years....haven't read all five pages, did Terry check in?

  • MrsPeaches

    I posted as MissPeaches for quite a while but back again as I couldn't get into my old email address (moved on and it was a work one!) I discovered JWD 3 or 4 years ago and it was very healing.

  • Latte

    Latte checkin' in!

    9 1/2 yrs...and still HAPPY!

    Great to see some familiar names on the line up...hugs to you all!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I came in after you, Restrangled.

  • DocBob

    been here a while now. the exact date will show up when I post this.

  • Gordy

    Been posting since 2001 ....... This forum has helped me in so many ways on leaving the Watchtower

  • VoidEater

    RL has been keeping me too busy, and I'm not as...well-seasoned...as others. Still I recognize some names here so thought I'd say Hi. Just don't have a lot to say about Jehovah.

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    I came here in 2001

  • binadub

    It won't show in my profile, but I've been here for 8+years.

    I used to post as Ros and I was one of the exodus from H2O, and before that the email list Jesus-Witnesses.

    I had two log-ins but they would only let me keep one, so I kept Binadub.

    Some of the posters in this thread really bring back memories of the days when the Internet brought a very rude awakening to the Watchtower Society. Nothing like it since.

    Hi Doc Bob, TD, Marvin Shilmer, and many others who no longer post it seems.

    TD--I miss you on ChC. Do you still have your log-in? You were one of my favorites on H2O. Enjoyed meeting you at the AJWRB gathering.

    ~Ros (aka Binadub)

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