...Jehovah`s Witness Kids don`t miss Celebrating Birthdays,Christmas..ect..ect!!....

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    I will respect your request and ignore anything by Reniaa on here that is not relevant/

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    I would like to know your feelings on this, I love how much my kids and wife love Christmas and I have such fond memories of my childhood Christmas times before my Mom became a JW and now that my older sister and Dad are ones too, it is a tad, well...difficult and at times, hurtful.

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    Yes, I did. I felt ostracized and embarrassed and different. I would ask my mom to let me stay but she said no because dad would throw a fit. I used to hate it when kids would ask me why I didn't celebrate. Even worse used to be when kids would ask me why I didn't do anything for Thanksgiving. I would say "I am a Jehovah's Witness and we don't celebrate." Kids would tell me "thanksgiving isn;t a celebration. I didn;'t know what to say.

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    Psac- I will PM you my reply so as to keep this thread relevant...

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    Reniaa nevers answers the questions we pose to her. I've stopped asking.

    When you were a Jehovah`s Witness Kid,did you want to Participate in Celebrations?

    I sure did want to participate but I convinced myself god didn't want me to. I'm glas I got out before my daughter was 9. She doesn't remember that she didn't celebrate before that.

  • Dagney

    "When you were a Jehovah`s Witness Kid,did you want to Participate in Celebrations? "

    I think I wanted to. But I don't feel like I am unusually scarred at this point in life because I did not participate. We just didn't, and accepted it.

    Years ago while I was still in, it bothered me that there was such an aversion to any celebratiom, when clearly early man down to today's modern man loves a party! Then you see puritanical religions (1500-1800) tried to remove all such revelry, I realized, the upstart WBTS just was doing the same thing...nothing different. The other religions for the most part acknowledge the fact the origins of some celebrations were pagan, but evolved them to make it acceptable in recognition of the flock's enjoyment without adverse implications.

    The Society is so backward crying the same outdated dogma that it is "all pagan." But now pinatas are okay...???

    But today, it still feels weird to be the center of attention for BD's or whatever. But I do realize, people LIKE to give and make others feel special. And that is really what it's all about, taking a little time out to make someone feel special.


    I made sure my Kids got to enjoy Celebrations also.......................................OUTLAW

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Ohhhhh OUtlaw and everyone else....do you remember the smell of those birthday cupcakes?

    The ones you couldn't have, and had to politely refuse? The ones that were offered right before the end of the day. And you are 9 or 11 and there won't be any other snacks. Lunch was hours ago. Your stomach is nearly reaching outside of itself to snag one as they pass by. And you are sacrificing satisfying your craving for Jehovah...but you still want it!

    Remember not joining choir or the band because of the holiday and patriotic music? How wrong it would have been to travel to the nursing homes to sing carols!

    For Halloween, you couldn't color a Jack o'Lantern, but a plain orange pumpkin was alright.

    You loved being able to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special or any other Christmas special that was the only thing on (3-5 channel was all the TV had) because your parents were busy and just decided they'd rather let the TV babysit you?

    Going for a drive through the city all lit up with Christmas lights made your heart swell!!! You couldn't say anything, but in the dark, in that backseat, your starving, hungry eyes greedily took it all in. At least mine did. I even had my favorite streets to view...on the way home from meetings many times!

    I gave it up at the ripe old age of 9 out of fear and guilt. After all...Paradise was coming!

  • only me
    only me

    I wanted it all too, especially Christmas and Halloween.

    My father inherited all my grandparent's Christmas ornaments and my mother gave them all to a neighbor. There was one little bell ornament shaped like an angel that I managed to keep. A while later, my mother found it and broke it right in front of me. I was heartbroken.

    kitten whiskers- yesssss, it was exactly like that for me too.

    I always felt like I was outside, with my nose pressed to the glass, looking in at people who have normal lives.


    KW..You just described my childhood

    Only me..

    "I always felt like I was outside, with my nose pressed to the glass, looking in at people who have normal lives.".....................A lot of JW Kids felt exactly like that!..........................OUTLAW

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