In Germany, the Watchtower logo must be removed from all kingdom halls

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  • truthsetsonefree

    Its something legal, dealing with logos and trademarks I'm sure.


  • JWdaughter

    This is all about removing all comments about how their 'insignia' is as bad as a cross or other idolatrous(in their view) image. Or, they have decided that new buildings would be a good thing for the building/REAL ESTATE program. Probably get to kill two birds with that stone.

    I would be interested to see a English translation of the entire article. It looks like a question from readers, but as my German language exposure was about 4 weeks in jr. high, I am just going by the way it looks in the WT 'style'.

  • TheOldHippie

    Nothin' new. Ain't allowed over here, and never has been. It is the logo to be used by HQ and brach and nothin' else.

  • processor
    Is the WT logo, a Watchtower, insulting or demeaning, offensive in Germany in some way

    No, except that people may link it to Jehovah's Witnesses (who most people don't like)

  • fjtoth

    At least one famous Nazi concentration camp had a guard tower that resembled the WT logos used on some Kingdom Halls, such as those that appear in the above photos. Such logos do not look similar to the the Society's official logo.

    Pictures of concentration camp towers have appeared off and on in German magazines and are representative of Nazi anti-semitism. Possibly the Society's higher-ups are fearful that Kingdom Halls bearing a watchtower logo might give the impression of being meeting houses for Jew haters. This is, after all, a period when anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe.

  • parakeet

    Maybe the German government will soon require that all KHs display a purple triangle instead of the WT logo. Seriously, wouldn't the dubs just love that as a symbol of persecution, thus proving they have The Truth?

  • sacolton

    I really think it shows how un-Christian the congregations appear from the outside. People driving by usually identify a Christian church with a cross, but the Kingdom Halls use a Watchtower logo - the first indication that there's trouble within (and very true).

  • Xavier1

    Well i suppose the WT will proove all congregation around the world are free. And the magazines are only spiritual food apprciate by th JW. It doesnt exist a connection between conregation and head quarter.


  • parakeet

    A watchtower can be used to watch that those within cannot get out. It's the perfect symbol for WTS tyranny.

  • processor
    I suppose the WT will proove all congregation around the world are free

    AFAIK all kingdom halls in Germany belong to the Watchtower Society now. Some weeks before I left JWs, an elderly sister complained about the fact that the kingdom hall that was built with her money has been transferred to the WTS.

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