In Germany, the Watchtower logo must be removed from all kingdom halls

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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    p.s. especially with that German WT leader that just resigned....... hmmmm wonder what he knows? I'd be gettin my self some body guards if I was even related to that guy.

  • processor
    hat German WT leader that just resigned

    Whom do you mean? Johannes Wrobel? He was the head of the WT historic archive, but not really a "WT leader".

    Also, he published that he "ended his work contract with the Watchtower Society". We do not know if he is still a JW or not.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    My mistake - not leader - but certainly someone with access to historical, possibly sensitive, internal documents etc.

    With the WT track record, it wouldn't be that difficult to stumble onto something morally/ethically/tax$$$$ damaging


  • processor

    Someone in Germany who met Johannes Wrobel a few times called him an unusually sincere and honest man who sooner or later had to notice that something is wrong ...

  • purplesofa

    Just wanted to get this KM in on this thread.


  • Gladring

    Purps - what date is on that KM? I don't see it on the scan.

  • purplesofa
  • Gill

    Slowly, step by step, the Watchtower ORganization is retreating from the lives of its slave and pretending 'We never knew them! Who are they?'

    In reality they remain in control of the financial assets of the congregations and yet to all intents and purposes they are carefully escaping all responsibility and at any point in the future will pull the rug from under the remaining JWs, force sales of all KHs, and run away with the money! This money, of course, will have been legally signed away and 'donated' by the loving, stupid, brothers and the game will be over.......fianlly. Oh to be able to follow that money trail as the trap is sprung, baited and ready to go!

    This is just the this space...

  • biblexaminer

    For the better part of a year before any of this LOGO business started, I'd be pulling into the Kingdom Hall for da meetin' and say to my wife, referring to the big ass LOGO on the front of the hall... "That'll be coming down soon".

    Ask my wife if she was getting annoyed. She's on here.

    I kept it up. She didn't like it. (Sorry hun. enjoy the humour here)

    Now, why I was saying it is probably different that what really happened, but I'l tell ya'z the story anyhowz'

    There was a letter going around town here. A lot of them. Whole neighbourhoods. Now this letter arrived in an envelope with the Watchtower Bible And Tract Society's name and address in the return spot, and the official LOGO was on it.

    I saw one. I saw the letter too.

    At least one of the elders here got one. Not just him... his whole damned neighbourhood. This elder freaked. I mean he freaked.

    The letter was saturated with every vile, bigoted, hateful, despicable, repulsive, self-righteous and derogatory statement ever made by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society and was a run-on hate-filled rant demeaning every religion and non-JW all of whom, and their children, were subsequently condemned to die when the big A hits and this letter was the final warning to the damned of the world as "only Jehovah's Witnesses have any hope of surviving the coming end"

    And it finished up by asking for money, can you believe it.

    It even cited the "giving brochure". It asked for cash and jewels too.

    Everything it said was a quote. Believe it or not. All the locations in the publications for the things said were given in the thing.

    The elder went coo coo. He even announced in a service meeting from his seat that he had got this despicable thing and had to go door to door in his neighbourhood "to tell them we aren't like that". (I will never forget it.)

    The letter had the LOGO at the top too. It all looked completely authentic.

    At the circuit assembly, they had a discussion about it, telling everyone "if you get some apostate mail, DO NOT OPEN IT". Well, what the hell good does that do, I thought, all my freaking neighbours are reading it and they know I'm a dub!

    So, I was talking to the Circuit Overlord in the hall, at the time, and he said... his words.... "and they stole the LOGO too"

    He was freaking too.

    By the way this elder is not an elder anymore. He's quit. I hear he has nothing to do with anything anymore.

    And he moved.

  • Listener

    Fantastic activism Bible Examiner. However, it could just as easily backfire and have many JWs sending in more money and Gold, they are that blindsighted. They'll think that the GB has written personally to them, asking for help and it can only mean this is another sign that the big A is imminent.

    Quoting the best of the best from their literature is always pure magic. I don't know if their logo is trade marked yet so it might be possible to use it without legal ramification. The other jewel is that it is possible to sign off any letters in a similar fashion to them because (lol) no-one actually signs them.

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