Epic Discussion ( Confrontation ) with JW Cart People about WT Child Abuse

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  • Finkelstein

    How about using a smart phone and take some video ???

    Or audio with the same devise.

  • opusdei1972
    Your arguments were great. You showed how blind are these witnesses. They think that their literature is holy, they are very ignorant people. Their black and white world bothers me.
  • jwleaks

    Reasoning with a Jehovah's Witness trolley preacher. (Only use if you are a male.)

    Topic for discussion: child abuse within the JW's

    Conversation Stoppers

    JW: You're probably an apostate too!

    YOU: What's my prostate got to do with this?

    JW: No, an apostate.

    YOU: A prostate?

    JW: (slowly) A-pos-tate.

    YOU: What's that?

  • smiddy

    Well done flipper you kept your cool under trying conditions , hopefully you planted a seed in one of them .


  • flipper

    Wow ! Lots of responses ! Thanks for responding. I'll try to catch up on page 3 responses. My son and his girlfriend are comin' over for dinner - so I'll try to answer as much as I can before they come.

    MORPHEUS- Yeah, I agree with you- I think " Sister Talkative " was blowing smoke when claiming the elders told the molester he couldn't come to the kingdom hall. They'll say anything to prove a point. Kingdom halls ARE public buildings like you said.

    FINKELSTEIN- You make a very good point- very true- that the JW's are programmed to protect the image of the WT organization at all cost. I mean- it's incredible to what lengths a JW will go in order to do this. I've seen JW's do some pretty criminal things JUST to protect a criminal organization like the WT Society. It's amazing what I've seen through the years.

    GAYLE- I'm glad that you feel inspired by my experience to go be proactive yourself. It sounds like you've been doing a great job in your neighborhood in waking people up as well ! That is awesome what you did in supplying JW.FACTS information to your neighbors. Good for you- keep the good work up.

    REDVIP2000- You know- I thought afterwards if I did the right thing - or not- by throwing away their WT literature , I wondered if I should have shown myself as more dignified and hand their literature back to them - but then I thought - " what the hell " if they were going to show disrespect for the information I was attempting to give them I was going to show them I did not value their information as well. I felt MY information was just as important as theirs- probably MORE important indeed. So I did what I did and now I still stand by that decision.

    JAMES MIXON- Well, you make some good points. I presented myself as a non-JW I only have relatives who are JW's. I never attended meetings here where we live- I attended over 90 miles away so nobody here knows I was a JW many years ago. Total different area. I think any of us former JW's or not could stand about 50 feet away with signs and boards showing ' WT Society and Jehovah's Witnesses Protect Child Molesters " and it would do some good informing of people. It would probably be a good idea to set up away from the JW Cart people- LOL ! - if you set up right next to them it might start a riot. I think any media outlet could be contacted, local newspapers, T.V. to give it attention. If we know of certain child abuse cases that the local elders are sitting on we as concerned citizens could call child protection services in your local area to draw attention to the lack of action on JW elders parts. Putting up signs in stores on information boards- I've already done that at a couple stores about the WT child abuse cases. Lots of things we can do in each of our areas we live to make this REALLY heard and seen by JW's and non-JW's. We just have to get motivated to do it.

    ABIBLE STUDENT- Thanks ! Personally I don't think it's a very good idea - at least for me anyway- to say I'm a former JW as it will turn the JW's away from listening to my message. I don't really want to talk shop, or talk doctrine with them because that tends to distract from the main issue I'm there to talk about : WT child abuse. I think it's a pretty safe tactic to just say I was never a JW but my family is in and I'm bewildered by their views and how they act . In that way the JW's will see me as a potential " convert " and want to communicate with me. If they see me as an ex-JW they'll turn into a brick wall and I won't get through to them. That's just been my experience anyway. My 2 cents here.

    COFTY- Yes, I agree with you. It works better when presenting ourselves as never having been a JW. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    WOOPS ! I missed answering Clarity on pg. 3 !

    CLARITY- Thanks for your support I appreciate it. It is a hot topic right now and I'm just trying to stoke the fire and keep it hot- thus the reason I approached the JW cart people. Who knows ? Perhaps you might try it in your area ? You never know what might happen. Take care, thanks for your kindness, my wife says " hi " as well

  • flipper

    JAMES MIXON- Yeah, I agree with you it's better not to debate scriptures or JW doctrine with these JW Cart people. Just stay on topic about WT child abuse. JW's are trained to try to go off topic and do circular reasoning on issues- why feed into it ? I agree. I think these people still see me as a non-JW as I told them my family are JW's but I'm not. So I'll stick with that still when I talk to them again.

    PAINTED TOE NAIL- I REALLY like your idea about holding up signs that say " these people protect pedophiles " and list the names of the child abuse victims. EXCELLENT idea ! Because passerbys can write down the names and google them on the Internet in the privacy of their own homes and do research. In fact- I think your idea is the BEST idea I've read on this thread yet ! Good job !

    ON THE WAY OUT- Thanks bud. Believe me- the thought crossed my mind to throw the entire Cart into the trash, but I'd never do that. I had lowered myself a bit already by tearing up the WT literature right in front of them and throwing it away- didn't want to accelerate the situation- believe me- it was already tense with " skinny arse grandpa elder " getting on his high horse throwing away my information. LOL . I'll go back though and hopefully talk to some different JW's there. The last two days I still see the JW cart there but different people are sitting there. I'll probably try again next week . Perhaps I'll hold up a sign or something like Painted Toe Nail said.

    SPECTRE- I liked your comment- it's cool.

    GLITCHY- Thanks for sharing your experience with your mom. Wow. It really proves what Finkelstein was saying is SO true- JW's will protect the reputation of the organization even above admitting criminal activity is being hidden within the walls of Kingdom halls. Thanks for providing the links to Reveal news and Trey Bundy's reports and links regarding this. Very important documentation exposed. Good work.

    PETE ZAHUT- That's a really great idea you have to put these you tubes on some kind of a playback device and go show it to the JW's at the JW Carts. Actual footage of the ABC news report - then if they don't want to listen to it they can just run away from their JW cart areas ! LOL ! Gotta love it.

    OPUSDEI 1972- Thanks, I really tried to show them reality. It's hard because they are so closed minded. But maybe they'll check it out on the Internet.

    JW LEAKS- That is REALLY funny ! Awesome picture, awesome post ! Yep- I've got a " prostate " problem, not an " apostate " problem ! Love it.

    SMIDDY- Thanks. I hope I did plant a seed in one or more of them. We shall see. I'm looking forward to going back next week and talk to hopefully some more of them. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • RubaDub

    I thought that it was a very clever discussion with the brother and sisters at the cart.

    However, when I got to the part about your wearing tight pants and urinating on the cart, I can see how that would trigger "Apostate" in their minds.

    Rub a Dub

  • flipper
    RUBADUB- That's hilarious ! Believe me afterwards the thought did go through my demented mind about what would happen if I urinated on the cart- but you know- it's one of those passing thoughts that goes through your mind and you think " I better dislodge that thought " and I move on. LOL. Thanks
  • flipper
    Wanted to bump this up to elicit some more comments regarding the WT Child abuse scenario. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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