Epic Discussion ( Confrontation ) with JW Cart People about WT Child Abuse

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  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    I commend you for keeping your composure. Regarding child abuse, the Spanish congs seem oblivious to it, completely ignorant and unfazed by it!


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Hi Flipper way to go. The part you wrote here though just made my blood boil. She continued, " In fact I know of one JW child molester who served time in prison and got reinstated and the elders make him listen on the telephone to the meetings. He's not allowed to even come to the Kingdom Hall ! "

    OH MY WORD it must be nice to live in her stupid little bubble of naivety. I was threatened with being DF'ed because I told a mom in my hall about one of the child molesters. I was told by the CO that I just needed to get a handle on my emotions and just buck it up because being my husband was an elder I had no chose but to take a registered sex offender door to door in my car. This man was on the internet and had his case profiled at the local cop shop where it clearly said he raped an 7 year old little girl and had pimped out females and had served 8 years in prison for it.

    The serving eight years in prison was what the CO was hung up on. He did his time so he was good to go and I had the problem with not expecting him. NO ONE IN THE HALL WAS TO KNOW OF HIS PAST!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!! I even went above the CO and went to the DO and the DO totally backed up the CO telling me DO NOT TELL ANYONE. So how I would love to know does this idiot sister you talked to know about this guys past?

    I am sorry I am just getting myself really worked up here. Oh my word when you have seen and been through what I have I would have had such a hard time keep my cool talking to them, I really applaud you for being able to do that. I watched one pedophile take and hold children at the KH in front of the elders all with their approval. This guy even held a sleep over for little boys in the hall. I guess serving eight years in prison for raping a little girl NOT BOY gave he the right to do that??????? Really? This man did not have any kids living at home so why in the world would elders give their blessings to a 50 something man having a sleep over. While my elders did. Oh and they are the same elders who OK'ed another pedophile to host a baby shower. A BABY SHOWER mind you. YES you read that right and there were elders there one had two little kids, I went to get pictures and one this elder sat right there watching a pedophile interact with children right in front of him. Unbelievable.

    Anyway I am so worked up now it would really be nice to live in talkative sister's little bubble but I unfortunately live in the real world.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Flipper I hope you took that the right way. I think what you did was great. I just get so worked up over this subject and what I have went through that I would have had such a hard time when the husband called you a apostate. The stupid little man.

    I really do admire you for having the courage to dot that. You are much to be commended and I hope you made them think.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Flipper. You are the man....
  • flipper

    Thanks for all the comments ! I appreciate it.

    JW LEAKS- Thanks. It does make one wonder how these JW's would have responded to Candace Conti herself- I feel they still would have called her an " apostate " and treated her disrespectfully. These people's minds are totally constipated. And a GB member like Morris ? nope, I don't think he would man a cart. Like you said the pictures you provided were photo ops. Set up. From what I hear GB members don't really go out in service very much. LOL !

    OUTLAW- That's hilarious ! I would imagine Morris and the other GB are soiling their britches with all these lawsuits right now.

    GARRETT- Thanks I appreciate it.

    [email protected]- Interesting you tube . The guy is trying to draw out the JW and what's interesting to me is that the JW doesn't even seem to have a Bible ! I mean- that would have been unheard of back in the day years ago when I was a Witness. How are these JW's supposed to defend their faith with nothing but WT literature ? Amazing. I found it interesting that the JW when asked what he'd do or say to the man who had less than two minutes to live - hypothetically- that the JW told him about the " resurrection " hope. Message to JW- How about calling 911 if the guy has been shot and getting an ambulance there in a real emergency situation ? Unbelievable the fantasy world they live in ! They can't even make a decision in a real life emergency situation .

    SPLASH- Indeed we ex-JW's have a little preaching work ourselves to accomplish.

    NOTSUREWHERETOGO- I wasn't trying to attack these JW's belief systems or doctrines- I was there to INFORM them of recent serious news coverage on major news outlets concerning WT child abuse. Give them REAL access to information that they will never hear about inside a JW Kingdom hall. I knew that I probably would not change these JW's viewpoints- my main purpose was to give them access to the child abuse news and then they will in turn talk about it to other JW's in their congregation. I wanted to get the information wheel rolling. As JW's like to talk and gossip- I believe the news will spread in my area that the public is telling local JW's they know about the WT child abuse scandal- and that is a good thing.

    It may cause them to feel they are being persecuted- yes- but what are we going to do- remain silent about these WT child abuse cases all across America ? I for one will NOT remain silent - JW's need to know and if that offends them or rocks their world- that is THEIR problem - they need to have empathy towards the JW child abuse victims.

    HEAVEN- Thanks. That's a very good question to ask a JW woman if she would continue to be a JW or go to the same kingdom hall their molester went to if they were molested. Good point. Wonder how they would answer that ?

    FINKELSTEIN- You got it exactly. I wasn't trying to debate WT doctrine with them - I was just giving them access to information concerning WT child abuse that I'm quite sure they had not heard about. The dangerous policies of the WT Society need to be revealed.

    THE SEARCHER- Yeah, they tried calling me an " apostate " but I told them I was never a baptized JW. JW's will call anybody an " apostate " even if they've never been a JW. That's how paranoid they are.

    WASANELDERONCE- Exactly. The mind control the WT Society has over these people is incredibly strong. All their answers are like pre-rinsed or pre-arranged so they don't have to listen to you or think with their minds. Like robots they are programmed to say or do certain things- anything beyond that they start overloading and it doesn't compute. LOL.

    PRONOMONO- I hope the talkative sister will talk to other sisters in her congregation about it

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Some of you may not agree but what would happened if at each

    stand someone held a sign, "these people protect child molesters".

    The clueless JW will wonder how are we protecting child molesters,

    what the hell are they talking about. I will check into this in order to

    combat these lies. Anyone with half a brain will see there is a problem

    with WT policy once they do a little research.

  • flipper

    SOFIA LOSE- I find it interesting that even with the Lopez child abuse case in San Diego, California that the Spanish congregations are oblivious to it. What do you think is causing that to happen ? I'm curious about what you think is causing the Spanish congregations to ignore it.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Thanks for your support and kind words. I think Sister Talkative's head was in the clouds, she is just deluded by what she is told within the WT organization. I know how hard it was for you in your situation it had to be incredibly disgusting and difficult for you - I'm so sorry you experienced what you did. All we can hope to do is give more access to these JW's about the WT child abuse scandals. Take care.

    JAMES MIXON- Thanks I appreciate it

  • flipper
    JAMES MIXON- Indeed my wife and I discussed the very thing you just mentioned. What it would be like to stand at the other end of the park or within 50 feet or so of these Witnesses with huge posters or signs saying, " Jehovah's Witnesses protect child molesters " - and see what kind of response it would get. It's a free society and if the JW's can go out there with their JW carts - we have the right to stand up and hold signs also ! Good idea. Peace out. Mr. Flipper
  • _Morpheus

    Im not going to comment on the whole scenario but what sister head in the clouds said about a molester being asked to phone in is absolutely, positively 100% false and wrong.

    MAYBE it happened in her hall, but i strongly doubt even that.

    Current policy is the KH is a public place and they are welcome.

    This is Anticdotall but a CO even mentioned that pedo's need association and the hall is the "safe" place for that.

    i call bull hockey on her story

  • Finkelstein

    Quite frankly the response you received from those JWS you talked to Flipper is not surprising in that the JWS are strongly indoctrinated to protect the image of the organization, its a place of spiritual cleanliness like no other Christian religious organization on earth.. .

    Its God's organization after all and to not support the organization is a sign of spiritual weakness. This is how this expressive illusion originates and flourishes.

    Even when you do try and shook them with some factual reality, they are programed to repel it at all costs.

    And that folks is why this religious organization is descriptively designated as a high controlling cult .... a dangerous one at that.

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