Epic Discussion ( Confrontation ) with JW Cart People about WT Child Abuse

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  • cofty
    I didn't say to admit that you are an ex-JW. In fact I recommend avoiding disclosing whether a person was a JW.

    They asked.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I think the point is someone that have never been involved with JW's

    would be more effective. People don't care about shunning ex-members ,

    blood issue and other unique JW teaching. Sexual abuse, that's another story.

    I'm surprised that flipper was able to get as far as he did in the conversation

    because they distinguished he was a ex- JW.

    This is a issue that we as ex-JW need to sit back and let the public drill their butts.

    Stay away from what the bible say and debating scriptures. You folks (JW) are

    breaking the law, big time plane and simple..

  • cofty
    Stay away from what the bible say and debating scriptures. You folks (JW) are breaking the law, big time plane and simple..

    ^^^ This ^^^

  • PaintedToeNail

    If someone were to hold signs with 'These people protect pedophiles', it would be a good idea to have a list of the public victims, like Conti, and/or the names of the pedophiles, like Kendrick and Lopez and a web address so that those interested could look up the info themselves.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Bravo, Flipper. Bravo.

    As Ding said on page 1, "if all that happened to them, they'd be FORMER JWs too..."

    I might have taken more than the one invitation and one magazine to the trash, but I suppose that would have ruined your fairly polite demeanor which only went down a notch as far as "tit-for-tat."

    I typically don't have anything to do with JW's, strangers or not. But I may see them out and about and mention the child abuse thing. Someone might be helped to know.

  • PaintedToeNail

    My bad, Sorry! Pedos like Kendrick and CAMPOS, not Lopez...

  • ABibleStudent
    Cofty - They asked.

    Hi Cofty, So, don't tell!

    Technically according to flipper, the old man said, " You are probably an apostate too ! " That is why I thought the old man was using it as a thought-stopping platitude. I only suggested a possible way of using scriptures and the WTBTS's own words to overcome the old man's use of a thought-stopping platitude.

    I liked flipper saying he has JW relatives and questions to reduce initial tensions and suspicions. Once flipper handed out printouts of information, it probably triggered the old man's cult persona. I wonder if a tablet or smartphone with bookmarks to information might be less threatening than carrying printouts.

    If it was me, I would probably not have printed anything out and just ask JWs simple question(s), like " If you suspected a non-JW committed child abuse, would you report the crime to the police? Why does the Watchtower direct JWs not to report child abuse to police by JWs?" If they insisted that the WTBTS doesn't do that, I would show them the NIghtline video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iUHy82un-4 on my smartphone.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • Spectre

    *LIKE when they're at your door.*

    I hate when I don't proofread my own posts enough.

  • Glitchy

    A few weeks ago my JW mother and I were discussing child abuse within the org. I blew a gasket when she claimed the elders turn in (physically) child molesters to the police! I asked her "you mean they call the police and wait till they come for them or do they take them to the police station themselves? Mom, I don't know who told you this but I KNOW for a fact that they don't do that!" (Apparently my BIL, who is an ubber JDub Elder, told her this to appease her. I know my BIL lied to her deliberately, he and I have discussed at length this subject and he has acknowledged how WT policy on child abuse is completely flawed but of course he will use theocratic warfare to protect the WT)

    My mom and I continued talking about this and I tried to reason with her on several points, specially the two witness rule. She was stumbling all over herself in defending the WT. When she felt cornered she said "well, the Catholic church is worse, they just switch priests around!" I said "mom, we are NOT talking about the Catholic Church, but if you want to see what they do, let me show you something."

    I showed her on my phone the website for our local Catholic Church and told her "at least now they are owning it and trying to offer help to victims. You see, they actually offer help to child abuse victims" and pointed to where it says in HUGE letters and on the Home page: "Safe Environment If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse by clergy or church personnel, contact the Victim's Assistance Coordinator for the Diocese of xxxxxx at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or email [email protected] "

    After my mother read it, I asked her "are they really worse? They are at least offering help to the victims! The first step in correcting this despicable crime within the congregation is acknowledging it and WT can't even do that! So of course they will NEVER put a link on JW dot ORG to offer help to child abuse victims!"

    She asked me how did I know about Watchtower policy on child abuse. I so wanted to tell her I have read BOE Letters as well as other documents but without a "non-apostate" connection, I couldn't at that time. Now, ABC news has opened up a way! especially the Trey Bundy report on Revealnews.org For any lurkers - found here:


    Trey's report is full of links to BOE letters and other evidence that shows they protect pedophiles, now I can show them to my mother next time I see her.


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It would be great to have the abc news video shown in the post above, downloaded onto a portable video device and play it for those who are manning the literature carts.

    You could just walk up and ask if they saw this video on the news and wondered what they thought of it. If they say it's just apostate propaganda, you could ask them if they believe what the news says when they report Catholic Church for the same offense. You could pull out an old JW magazine with an anti Catholic cover article on it and ask them why they believe this kind of thing and speak harshly about it only when it's about someone else's religion?

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