Epic Discussion ( Confrontation ) with JW Cart People about WT Child Abuse

by flipper 91 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Isn't it amazing how bug eyed Witnesses get when they think apostate and they act like if they touch any apostate information, which may be a simple news article or a well written church tract, their arm will fall off or they will be struck blind. They sure act crazy.

    Sour Grapes

  • arwen
    Great job.. proud of you!! I am sure Talkative lady will remember the name Candace Conti and look that up.. Just to get the news out there is really good!!!
  • ShirleyW

    Good work Flipper !

    The husband sounds like a major tool, but I bet the wife will probably look on the internet to read more about it.

  • HappyDad

    They love being ostriches with their head in the sand. Jw's cannot stand "truth"....only their own ignorance!


  • OzGirl
    Mr Flipper....Thought you handled that well and just simply presented the facts in a calm manner.
  • nicolaou

    Well done on staying so cool and focused man! If JWs continue to put themselves in public spaces like this they will have to expect more of the same.

    Je suis Flipper!

  • FreeGirl2006
    Bravo! I wish I had been there to see your bold action.
  • flipper

    I appreciate all the responses. Good suggestions from you folks as well- thanks.

    OUTLAW- Thanks bud. You bring out a really great point that with the JW's perching themselves in public places like parks with this JW cart thing- it's kind of like " open season " as you will with them inviting the public to come interact with them in a neutral zone or environment. So JW's have to be ready for whatever comes at them - and it may not be pleasant for them to have to suffer the embarrassment of their own WT organizations faults or crimes. But oh well- that's what they get for being in a destructive cult that does destructive things. It's different where they can't really run and hide- not like calling on people's doors and being able to just walk off of someone's property.

    DING- Good point. If these Witnesses suffered what Candace did- I'm sure they would have been out of there and exited the organization as well. What bothered me with the Talkative Sisters response was her ASSUMING Candace couldn't be trusted due to being a former Witness - I approached it to this JW as insinuating that if Candace WAS a JW and got molested and reported it- would that make it more acceptable or hurt less ? I was trying to somehow SHAME this " sister " into seeing that Candace suffered pain even being an ex-JW as she would of as a JW . Trying to appeal to her authentic personality from the " having empathy " viewpoint. It DID make this " sister " take pause for sure.

    LISA ROSE- Indeed- JW's aren't used to people approaching them being the bearer of information- they are used to disclosing information- not having someone disclose information TO them. They kind of freak out when they get to seeing they are NOT in the drivers seat with controlling the conversation. LOL.

    OUBLIETTE- Good advice. Actually after I typed this thread when reading your response I kind of DID do what you suggested- I asked the older elder, " What do you mean by apostate information ? " I continued, " I got this information from the Internet and major News sites. " So I tried showing him the difference but talking to this guy was like talking to a brick wall.

    PISTOFF- You are SO right. Their heads will never come out of their asses. It's so far up there it's coming out of their esophagus.

    SPECTRE- Good point. They can't really run away as they had their JW cart . I kind of had a captive audience since they had to watch their carts to not miss counting any of their placements.

    FINKELSTEIN- Good point you make that modern society VIEWS child abuse as a serious crime even though JW's and the WT Society try to minimize it as just a sin. Also good point that if the court systems found WT Society liable to pay out money to Candace and they aren't apostates- so the JW theory holds no weight whatsoever. Goes without saying.

    FREEMINDFADE- Very true what you say. These JW's aren't just calling at homes anymore- they are putting themselves out in the public places - so people are going to voice their opinions and they need to be ready for that. If they aren't- then they shouldn't be out there.

    MAGNUM- I agree with you. I think it's important to try to get JW's to think - sometimes next to impossible- but if we appeal to their authentic personalities about the evil of child abuse then perhaps we can cause a crack in their armor . I think that was happening with the two JW ladies- but not the man, he was pissed off royally. Probably because I was revealing things to these JW females that elders usually keep hidden. But they do go into " attack mode " towards us as alleged " apostates " before they even read what we have to share with them ! It's crazy weird.

    STUCKINARUT2- JW's probably deny what the courts decide on by saying that " Satan controls the courts " - or something of that nature. But like the old saying in sports games goes - " Scoreboard . "

    COMPOUND COMPLEX- I'm not sure if Candace was a baptized JW or not- however- even if she was not she had to be what they call an " approved associate " as a young girl to go out into the field service. So her parents were baptized and until after the walls caved in from the Kendrick molestation of her- they were an active JW family. So calling Candace a " former Witness " is completely accurate really if she was raised up in a JW family. Especially if she was going out in service. And attending meetings regularly, giving talks, etc

  • flipper

    O.K. Page 2 responses now, thanks again for your nice thoughts.

    SOUR GRAPES- You make a really good and valid point. These JW's DID get bug eyed and act scared to death when I presented this information to them. I swear- the skinny older elder thought that I was the " Devil Incarnate " himself . LOL. I think most JW's just aren't READY to be challenged. They are SOOOO mind controlled by the WT Society thinking that they have the alleged " truth " - that they kind of put their brains on " cruise control " and don't really even think or worry about what they're going to say. Because once they get challenged- they become VERY scattered in their behavior kind of grasping for straws. Really weird.

    ARWEN- Hey thanks. I think it's good to get this message out there as well. JW's certainly aren't going to have this Candace Conti case announced at their Service Meetings ! LOL. I think the Talkative " Sister " will research this on the Internet. If she can sneak past her husband.

    SHIRLEY W- Thanks. I think the talkative lady will research it if her husband doesn't stop her.

    HAPPY DAD- Indeed the JW's just keep on being ignorant about things - all they know is what they hear from the WT Society- they aren't willing many times to research it themselves. I'm hoping at least these two JW ladies will research it.

    OZ GIRL- Thanks, I tried to be calm and respectful- more than I can say that the old elder did ! LOL.

    NICOLAOU- Thanks. Exactly. If JW's keep showing up in public places like this- more people are going to challenge them and make them think.

    FREEGIRL 2006- Indeed it was interesting for sure. Thanks. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • jwleaks

    Great experience flipper. Gives me some ideas.

    Hypothetically, I wonder what would happen in the same situation if the JW trolley preachers were actually approached by Candace Conti with the same information. However, Candace has been through enough and I would never want that from her.

    [Edited to add]

    I reckon that no members of the GB would ever man up to manning a trolley in a public place. They could never answer the questions, let alone the fear of being really filmed. Even the recent photo (see below) of Anthony Morris III and his wife going door-to-door "public preaching" was a set-up. Really a JW cameraman behind the door or a real householder. But that's the way it is in JW-land.

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