A truly creepy 2007 public talk by Ciro Aulicino - You Will Be With Me in Paradise

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  • Tatiana

    I searched for this here and didn't find any posts about it. I just found this while searching for info as I was debating a JW on another site. This is the most mind-blowing, spaced-out, insane bunch of mess I've ever heard. I'll post a partial transcript, but you have to listen to this.


    I also notice there are no comments at the site.

    Ciro begins his talk by claiming that listening to his talk will...

    ...give us strong encouragement to lay firm hold on this hope that he has set before us. And best of all, friends, believe me, when it is all over, we will love Jehovah our God more than we ever did before.

    Yes, we will leave this hall today with a far greater appreciation for the loving way Jehovah is using his son to save us. However, you must be awake to the fact that very soon the greatest tribulation since the world's beginning will come in upon all those dwelling upon the face of all the earth. This is going to be a terrible time for mankind. Our godly fear, including your speaker, will be increased beyond measure. We are going to be frightened, friends, during this time.

    However, when Armageddon is over, we are going to face a rather gruesome, no not a rather, a very gruesome situation. Let's turn to Jeremiah 25 and see what he says about it through this prophet.Jeremiah 25:33:

    "And those slain by Jehovah will certainly come to be in that day, from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be bewailed, neither will they be gathered up or be buried. As manure on the surface of the ground, they will become."

    Try to picture this, friends. This gruesome picture. Dead bodies and body parts of the wicked will lie strewn on the surface of the ground. In streets, alleyways, fields and buildings. Now notice that God in this verse tells us that no one will mourn or bury these dead ones. Now what does this tell us? It shows us that we will not be traumatized by His mass annihiliation of these individuals. No, his divine execution of the wicked will not haunt us for the rest of our lives. Rather, we will react to it today as we do when a vicious serial murderer is executed- how do you feel about him when he gets it? Why, we will feel an inner satisfaction.

    Our indignation has been appeased. Yes, a sense of triumph that at last, Jehovah's justice has been served. AIDS has been stopped, the gays are gone, the homosexuals, the lesbians, the murderers, the drug lords--all gone. Are you going to feel sorry for these people? No. (chuckle by speaker) And those that don't mind them living around, you going to feel sorry for individuals? No. Now how will Jehovah dispose of these bodies of those slain by him.

    Ezekiel 39 and Revelation 19--you can look this up at home, we haven't got the time-- tells us that he will beckon his wild beasts and birds to come and devour their fleshy parts. However, the vast numbers of cadavers will be much more than they can consume.

    Therefore, Jehovah will doubtless use a highly scientific means at his disposal, perhaps antimatter, to disintegrate the putrefying organisms. Now, especially in cities where we live, there is going to be a high concentration of dead ones. We're going to have to need them, because the animals in the Bronx zoo if they got out still couldn't eat all the bodies in the Bronx. (laughter)

    No, but Jehovah demonstrates his practical wisdom. He prevents disease from spreading to us from the putrefying flesh of all these dead ones. He rids the earth of this foul smell, and believe me friends we'll need to get that cleared up, and he will keep our air and water free from pollution. So He knows what he's doing, he's running the show, he'll take care of it. Thus, wherever we are, our God will thoroughly, according to Ezekiel 39, cleanse the land. And remember many of us are going to lose our homes, and everything in them as mobs of mad men attack one another they will devastate city blocks and the country side.

    You see, this will provide the providing of shelter we need to care for these individuals. And this is the reason we want to stress--you might want to take this as pre-Armageddon instructions--why we will not be allowed to go into buildings to take what we want, nor to move into such. Some may be on the verge of collapse.

    That spiritual paradise will be there, helping us to attain to perfection and gain the right to eternal life in Jehovah's earthly paradise.

    How thankful we should be that Jehovah had the foresight way back in 1919 to set up that spiritual paradise.

    Jehovah will also unite us geographically. Now, how will this happen? Geographically? I've never heard of this before, this is a new one on me, ha.

    Jehovah God can direct the cataclismic forces at Armageddon to rejoin- now notice my word, I'm not saying join- to rejoin all the land masses as they once were before the flood. And scientists tell us that is the study of Pangea, which is at one time the earth was one complete connected land mass. It was in the awake magazine too. If you want to look it up on your new CD-ROMS, brothers, just press the button and you'll find it there.

    Connecting the Americas to Asia through the Aleutian chain, linking Europe through Britain to Canada, Australia to Asia via the Indonesian archipelago, and raising land corriders to island groups in the Pacific and the Carribean. Now why we cannot be dogmatic about all this, one thing is certain, friends. The topography of our earth will be changed, as it did under the heavy floodwaters of Noah's day. Remember, it was all connected and then it was all broken up. In fact friends, did you know that Jehovah used the deluges water to form the continents as we know them today?

    We can also be sure friends, I love this part, that Jehovah will issue new names for all our days and months. Do you know that every one that we're using today, there is a book that we published--that had been published, rather--called the Pagan Book of Days, that every day and every month that we're using today, have Pagan names? Are you aware of that?

    And they are rooted in false religion and demonic theology? Let's go through some of them. Let's take Tuesday, for example, or rather Thursday--Thor's Day, that's the god Thor. Wednesday- Woden's day. Let's take Saturn Day. Let's take Friday - Freitag, another God.

    Let's take Sunday, Sol Invictus Deus- the day of the Sun. Now let's talk about the months. There's January- the God Janus, two faced-- one looking back and one looking forward. And then you have the day (sic) Juno- June. Then you
    have July--Julius Caesar, the bisexual. You want to have him? Give me a break. (laughter) We're gonna name that after him?
    Augustus, the monstrous emperor. Then you have the other months, we could go on and on.

    Friends, we could spend hours talking about the joys ahead of us when we will at last have all the lower animals in subjection to us. Elephants, horses, giraffes, deer, antelope, you name it. Now you children, Jehovah wants to have me to read something to you.

    This is in Isaiah chapter 11. I want you to listen to this promise, just as if Jehovah was talking to the children, and I'm going to read it that way.
    But it is possible, that Jehovah God --if they are going ot eat straw or dust, that Jehovah God may change the mouth structure of these creatures in order to eat that, because they're not gonna be--they're not going to need the hinging to swallow, so the snake may get a pretty little face again, (laughter) we don't know, I'm not going to speculate. But they won't be as frightening, but right now if I saw a snake I'd be right through that wall.

    The Tribulation is almost upon us. It is not a time, friend, to think that because the society published a change in generation that Jehovah God, the great Theocrat, took his clock and moved it back, because some ants printed a Watchtower down there. Oh please, friends! We should not have been dealing with generation in the first place. It's none of our business. Did you ever see the apostles talk about generation? Didn't they have opportunity there? Not once did they mention generation, did they? Then we have no business doing it. Therefore, brothers, let us show our appreciation to our heavenly father Jehovah today.

    We ask that you applaud him, not the speaker. You applaud him vigorously, for inspiring his son to promise us "You will be with me in paradise". (Applause)

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    What a huge Jackass....haughty pig! He wishes this would happen so he knows he did'nt waste his life!

  • nelly136

    when i read stuff like now i wonder why i was scared of it.

    it sounds seriously deranged.

  • Marjorie

    It is not a time, friend, to think that because the society published a change in generation that Jehovah God, the great Theocrat, took his clock and moved it back, because some ants printed a Watchtower down there. Oh please, friends! We should not have been dealing with generation in the first place. It's none of our business.

    Oh, but you did deal with it. Which makes you a false prophet. You can try to walk all that history back, but it's too late. It's all out there, on the net.

    This is just another sorry attempt at damage control. Not to mention the constant psychological prepping of cult members to be unfeeling drones.

  • sacolton

    Disgusting! I'm completely repulsed by this talk. How do they consider themselves Christian? Those who aren't JWs are viewed as "serial murderers"? I would consider this proof that the Watchtower is guilty of promoting hate crimes towards homosexuals. Will I miss these people? Yes! They are PEOPLE! My wife (active JW) has a sister who is a lesbian ... I'll ask her.

  • carla

    This site, 'JW Brothers' is that sanctioned by the wt?! I have heard part of that talk before but could not listen to the whole thing. Would this be a normal talk at the assemblies? or would r & f find it over the top at all? Would the wt say it was only one man's opinion, blah, blah... This and talks like it would be excellent anti witness material.

  • Marjorie

    Carla, the JW Brothers website seems to have the official WTBTS stamp of approval. After all, the "friends" need a safe outlet in which they can indulge in whatever little creativity that they are allowed to have. No YouTube for this bunch!

    ...right now if I saw a snake I'd be right through that wall.

    Disingenuous creep.

  • llbh

    This is an example of specious and patently errant nonsense. The attitude towards homosexuals is disgusting. His attitude toward people he thinks worldly is awful.

    They are smug and arrogant with no reason to be


  • rebel8

    The audiotape is the best tool we have for revealing the truth about jws. There is so much more crazy talk than that which appears in litter-ature.

  • rebel8

    PS-Does someone have Stephen Bates' email address? This is worthy of media coverage!

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