How many here went to pioneer school, and who were your instructors?

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  • momzcrazy

    Instructors were Tim Brooks and Bro Christian.

    Aug 1993. (Found my book)

  • RubaDub

    Brother Fade here ...

    Names of the instructors, I had better not to keep below the radar.

    But I went to Pioneer School twice. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Slightly more upbeat than just long-winded talks.

    I guess when I went the second time there was nothing new and it was just a re-hash of the same stuff (sort of like taking a course, passing it, and then sitting through the same course again).

    Rub a Dub

  • BurnTheShips


    I won't say who taught it, it could identify me.

    My wife went in 2004. She has faded fast thank God.


  • james_woods

    Repost warning - but it might be of interest to new persons who have not seen it...

    I went in about 1970 (while a pioneer) to the so-called Congregations Servant school. I was only ACS, but qualified because I was a pioneer where the need was great and we were in between special pioneers at the time.

    It was in a big Kingdom/Assembly hall in Pittsburgh PA. Instructors were the famous Albert Schroeder and this very strange guy Randall Davis. Impressions:

    Schroeder tried to come off like God Almighty. Pretended to personally know page and paragraph of every WT article written in the past 10 years. Got mad at me when I asked the question on the validity of the name Jehovah all through the NWT new testament. His kid Judah Ben was about 10 at the time and he hauled him in before the class and made him answer a bunch of trivial canned questions - never felt so sorry for a little kid in my life. He looked pretty embarrased.

    Randall Davis - he was funny. Acted just like that old gay actor Paul Lynde who used to be on Hollywood Squares; effiminate mannerisms and all. At least he did not put us to sleep. Heard he later left bethel service under some sort of cloud...

  • rebel8

    I am shocked SHOCKED I TELL YOU that you can remember this stuff. I don't remember who most of my college professors were, and I spent much much more time with them than I ever did in recruitment camp.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    I went in 1991 and the instructors were Woodley & Shropshire (I think that is how you spell it). Shropshire was really a nice guy. He passed away some time ago.

    My class was in San Antonio. The person they assigned me to stay with showed me how to put a condom on a guy. Meanwhile she was having an affair with an elder in the congo.

    That was kind of wild for a 18 year old goody two shoes?!?


  • gymbob

    I went in 79', Hickory, NC....can't remember instructor names. Actually the only thing I really remember about the whole thing was the nice family we stayed with for the week. They had a teenage son who just idolized my pioneer partner and me because we were former bethelites, and that was where he wanted to go when he reached the proper age. If they could see me now!!


    I remember Harold Weidener and Sekela as CO's growing up in SoCal. Gymbob

  • LisaAnn

    1985 I believe. I honestly don't remember their names. I enjoyed it at the time- it was always nice to do something different. Every single person there cried in front of us all at least once. That was cool.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    I went to pioneer school. I cannot remember my instructors names though...I think it may have been my CO? Not sure, that was a very long time ago!


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