How many here went to pioneer school, and who were your instructors?

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  • Seeker4

    I went. My instructors were Frank Hans and Terry Barnes, two great guys.

    A year later, I think, I taught two Pioneer Schools in Burlington, VT. Any of my old students here?


  • blondie

    FYI!2A45BDEECB376E93!209.entry August 04

    Pioneer School AMAZING (CLASS OF 08!!)

    Let's see....well...It's already 11:23pm so I'm gonna have to cut this blog short. But, where to begin? It was such a great experience to be in the pioneer school with all the brothers and sisters in the sacramento area. They were all so encouraging and fun to be around that I wish sometimes that this would be a four week course...but then again...the studying is really tiring...hahaha!! Brother Kim Jong Soo said something in one of his talks awhile ago that really struck me and stuck with me until the day I actally attended and finished Pioneer school. HE saaid the one thing we must do before we go into Paradise is enter the Pioneer Service School. It truly is a spiritual paradise that you will not experience in this system of things. When he said, it really made a deep impression on me to go and see why he would say such a thing...I mean aren't we already in a spiritual paradise with the meetings, conventions, the organization? So, I told the brothers and sisters this the first day that I was under detective work...more on this later My instructors were Brother Overholt, the circuit overseer, and Brother Meekins, the district overseer...and man, can they really teach!!?!?! It was AMAZING! The way they used their words, their experience, their humor, their illustrations, just everything about them were so good that truthfully...if i went to the korean pioneer school, I don't think I would have gotten as much out of it as I did, plus the language barrier and stuff...I wish you guys can listen to just one of their talks...just good people all around and it truly was a blessing from Jehovah to be instructed by those two brothers. I don't exactly have the pictures in front of me but I'll label them for you guys. (Brother Meekins is the black brother ^_~) And the food was OUTSTANDING!! Although it did make some of us drowsy in the afternoon sesssion, we just couldn't stop eating it! HAHA! (Former pioneers probably know the feeling....) But this was definitely a spiritual feast that JEhovah prepared to us through the faithful and discreet slave and I thank him for giving all of us a chance to enjoy this kind of education that we can't find anywhere else in this system of things. It's getting late so I'll wrote more about next time for you guys (as well as for me...??? ^^) but I'll relate something he said at the end of pioneer school and he also signed in my book! Brother Meekins said his favorite scripture is Malachi 3:10. It talks about how if we keep testing Jehovah, in a good way, see if he fails to deliver you or not....also if we keep asking for his blessing, he will give it to us...and he won't give you blessings like a stream, where you can barely feel it, but as the scriptures say, like floodgates of blessings...until there is no more want. When I heard that, it makes me want to serve Jehovah to the fullest because I don't think I can ever be tired of receiving Jehovah's blessings, do you? Well, if I have more time, I'll share a couple of other neat points I picked up! TIl~ next time....PIONEERS ROCK!!!~

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    I attended Pioneer school in 1982. The instructors were Neal Slough, who was truly a kind, decent and compassionate man, and Dick Rainer.

  • still_in74

    i know a CO that ran off with another woman and then killed himself 3 or 4 years ago. I'll bet he taught a few Pioneer schools.....

    I know another PO that just was just DF'd a few weeks ago for banging another bro's wife. This dude gave District level talks even this year! - I bet he taught some pioneer schools too.....

    I am also willing to bet those pioneers admired these guys and aspired to be as "good" as them!

  • sinis

    I went in 1990 I believe. The instructor was Jaime Rundquist - who I hear has been paid four fold by God himself for the shit he dished out to others!!!!!!!!!

  • voltaire

    I went in 1986. My instructors were Ken Ebberline and Harry Fetzik. Anyone know if Fetzik is still alive? He must have been 70 something back then. Ken was a good, decent guy. Anyone know where he is?

  • Shepherd Book
    Shepherd Book

    I attended in 1993.

    My instructors were Maurice Welsh (Circuit Overseer) and Bob O'Dell (District Overseer).

    I have a recording of my "experience", and everytime I hear it I am reminded how much I miss pioneering.

    That last sentence was a joke.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I went in '97. Prouton a CO conducted it but Guy Pierce was supposed to do it. He got called away to Bethel to join the Governing body. I remember Baxter the Frogman and Rainer being in the Portland, OR area.

  • AudeSapere

    I went in 1986 (I think). Instructors were Harold Weidener and Paul Sekela.


  • Mulan

    I went in 1991. Instructors were both CO's.........Bill Spangenburg and Peter Michas. We had a blast. It is a very fun memory for me. In many ways it was disappointing, because there was nothing new, but we had a fun group and liberal CO's, who liked to have fun. Peter is an opera singer and at lunchtime, he would play the piano and sing for us and take requests. He is a very talented man.

    We knew Bill Baxter here too. If it's the same Bill, he had an "anchorman's voice"..........nice man. My stepfather married he and his wife 100 years ago..........okay, not that many, but a long time ago.

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