I was born a fourth generation witness on my moms side and third generation on my dads side. Needless to say, I really believed the mumbo jumbo for a very long time. In the 90's the society started making changes that caused a bit of a stir in our family but not enough to make us think, at least not very hard. In 2001 I found out about the UN/NGO status. My father had said that he had heard about it from a witness friend. I thought that it was apostate and set out to prove that it was. So, I called the United Nations about it. (How sad, I didn't even think about calling Brooklyn and ask the people from my own religion.) They immedeately faxed over a letter to me concerning the UN/NGO status. That was the beginning of the end. From there we struggled to overcome being "Spiritually weak", I increased my bible reading and study of the bible. (I would like to encourage anyone that is trying to leave but still think that they have the some truth, just read your bible.) I found out so many things that they taught were untrue, and they had really mistranslated the "impeccable" New World Translation. So, in August of 2005 I finally realized I had had enough. Since then my husband and I have enjoyed the freedom of being released from a mind control cult. My parents were disfellowshipped in May of 2006 and my little sister disassociated herself in May of 2006 as well. My older brother and his wife have both left the organization. I have little brother, Thaddeus Jones, that will not speak to any of us at all. We all hope that one day he will come around and see that the religion is false too. Until that day though I still love him and hope that he is happy. I have a 4 year old son, Benjamin and maybe one day I will have another but that will happen when we get lucky enough to have another accident. They are just entirely too hard to plan. Anyway, that is a really condensed version of my family and my life.