How many here went to pioneer school, and who were your instructors?

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  • flipper

    BONAFIDE- I went to pioneer school in 1983 and the district overseer instructor was Br. Knickmeyer ( forget his first name ) and the circuit overseer serving his first circuit at the time was Cliff Graebner . They were actually funny instructors who constantly cracked jokes. It was one of the highlights of my 44 years in the organization. Basically thats all I enjoyed in the school was the humor and cracking of jokes while going over the material ! I did my share of cracking jokes during it as well - always loved getting a laugh from people ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • yknot

    I did in the late 90's, DO taught......

    Can't give out anymore info....

  • jwfacts
    I went in 92 and had Hands Hubler and Bill Whithead

    I used to really like Bill Whitehead, knew him very well.

    I went in1989. Had Ted Bromich and I can't remember name of the DO who also took it. I found it very inspiring. I was in Tasmania and only 8 people attended, so it was the smallest ever done in Australia. 6 of the 8 ended up fading or getting disfellowshipped.

  • Currientology

    Does anyone have an E-copy of the material?

  • Briguy

    Went in 1997 I think Troy Fix CO was mine. Northern California

  • DonutsToGo

    Raises Hand - Albert Cobble - left the Circuit Work after some fiasco with a pyramid scheme ???? - Can't remember the other guy. The rumor was that he ran off with a young pioneer sister after an indiscretion.

  • zagor

    I did, back in 1993. The only thing I took away from it was this nagging feeling that all was over for me and sooner or later I would stop doing it – completely. And it happened exactly the way I saw it coming.

    I think crunch point was when an instructor in no uncertain terms said "we were to be humble and spineless (an invertebrate lacking a backbone) when talking to people". Need I say that was one of the main highlights? When I heard that something in me said ‘I can’t do it, J forgive me but I can’t’ All the while everyone one around me was having that hypnotizing look in their eyes and creepy aka joker smiles on their faces.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I went but can't name the teachers. I can say they were so dry and boring, it was torture. They acted as bored with the subject material as everyone else. My last attempt to keep going in that crazy religion.

    Doughnuts To Go, Albert Cobble, yes he has a pyramid scheme involving a phone company. Used to set up all the pioneers and then fly his son in to join them up . All done while "serving" the congo as CO. The service is legit, but they really want you to sign up to sell the product, $50.00. doesn't sound like much, but you get nothing for it.

    I heard he was finally removed for it, but is doing really well financially. The pioneers around here are still pushing it.

  • Roski

    Ted Bromwich - well, there's some memories. Did he die too, or was it only Nevil?

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Baxter had an awsome voice! Did you ever get Yasko? He played the violin along with the piano and organ at CA's.

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