C/O's in the UK

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  • tijkmo
    Then there was a short, stocky Scot with a gammy leg/foot.... can't remember his name.

    jim fleming...

    he phoned me once to say he had heard that i was making fun of his gammy leg and in the time honoured fashion of dont go to bed in a provoked state he thought it best to speak to me about it. i said excuse me but who told you this. he told me that it had been reported to him by danny hollis - who was in fact the actual teller of said joke (but who was going thru a breakdown at the time)

    i then said that in the interest of being open and truthful let me tell you that i dont go round mocking your affliction but in all honesty i dont defend you much either and for this reason - i dont much care for you. you have stayed at my home, eaten my food, been treated to anniversary presents and nights at the theatre...and i absolutely don't expect anything in return - because i do this to a lot of people cos i can and i want to - but i don't expect you to see me in the assembly corridor and put your head down and shuffle past me.

    he said i didnt see you but if i ever do that again feel free to kick me.

    i resisted the urge to say well i would do but you've already got a gammy leg.

    wish i had now...see that was my problem - always thinking before i spoke - got me into a pile of trouble.

  • wobble

    Jim Fleming is very short ,especially on humour, I once said to him "I see you Jimee,but only just" and I got a lecture from him about mocking afflictions etc,and later got a mouthfull from respectfull wifey for saying it,worth it though.



  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Jim Fleming sounds like a right laugh!!

    Glad we never had him.

    Another good story from TIJ tho.Nice one.

  • quietlyleaving

    I don't think Chris and Anna Jolly have been mentioned.

    Both a very outspoken couple. They visited my former congregation with a tale of woe on one occasion. The sister they'd stayed with on their previous visit had asked them to leave her accommodation and find somewhere else to live for the remainer of their visit .

    Well done sis

    Wonder if she bacame an apostate?


  • trevor

    south african beef

    I remember Richard Jessop very well, a portly man who always seemed to be dressed in brown, who was always kind to me.

    We spent many hours in the field service during one of his visits and then Saturday came. He stood surrounded by elders in their smart suits hoping to be given charge of a territory map by the circuit servant. He ignored them all and handed it to me, a teenage pioneer.

    He told them,' Trevor has been out with me all week while you lot were working to pay for your new cars. He does this full time.'

    Wonderful man

  • quietlyleaving

    my favourite was Anton Ions.

    He was a good laugh. He and my hubby were good friends. He was quite happy to visit coffee shops and relax there. A good speaker too.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic


    Your avatar……is that who I think it is…??

  • ninja

    david carter married a sister in her thirties after his wife died........june anne lowe from anniesland in glasgow....didn't last long though....he died of cancer a couple of years later I think....this was maybe 4,5 years ago.....sorry didn't read tijjy's post

  • tijkmo
    sorry didn't read tijjy's post

    nor my previous one i would wager - you got a mention

  • jookbeard

    Did not know he died(Carter) I remember him being overweight , cant have been that old though

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