C/O's in the UK

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  • free2think

    Yeah i think it is. I do remember that, he was our DO then.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    That’s really sad. She was lovely……

  • four candles
    four candles

    George Hilton.....yay,thanks JWfreak.

    I remembered Mikes surname now aswell....Parsons. He was a nice bloke,first one ever to take a real interest in us a s a family. Pity it was too late then.!!!!

  • llbh

    Clive Pitman. His mum and dad live in the next street to us .His dad has never been a jw

    Nice guys, father and son


  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Just a small note on Richard Jessop.

    One day, I was right at the back of a very large group meeting in a private house for field ministry.

    Richard was taking the days text and wanted me to read the comments, being small and at the back he couldn't see me so he boomed out "where is my illustrious reader!".

    I know it doesn't sound much but it was funny at the time and certainly the only time in my life that I have been called illustrious!

  • KW13

    John Pierson (wife called Berel) Steven Clark (wife called Julie) I have a picture of them somewhere lol...spooky John Black (cant remember his wife but he was scottish)

  • tijkmo

    john blacks wife was liz..

    gordon webbs wife was called honor.....she was on a study once and when the actual study conductor returned the next week and asked if the householder had enjoyed having the co's wife visit she siad yes she was nice but i thought it a bit strange that everytime you spoke to her you called her your honor. true story.

    Actually I didn’t mind him. Someone told me that his wife Pauline died and that he was devastated……..Does anyone know if that is true…..????

    he was so devasted that not long after he got married again to a girl who he had met just a couple of months earlier at a circuit assembly rehearsal and who was at least 30 years younger than him. her husband had ran off to london to be with his boyfriend. bethel was not impressed by the speed of the marraige so took him off circuit work. they were married a year when he died. poor girl.

    keith gaydon also remarried as did cliff hensman (and he had to go to her husband to get him to divorce her)....do any widowered cos marry anyone older than them

  • digderidoo

    Bob Aldrey....anyone remember him? Great speaker. Heard he was out now, can anyone clarify?

    Jim Buckingham.... I saw him in Waterstones in Birmingham about 2 years ago. Tried to avoid him and managed it, i never really liked him.


  • hotspur

    Jim Buckinhgam
    Ted Buckingham
    Tom Maltby.... most down to earth CO I ever came across
    Bill Simpson... reminded me of a snake, would never have trusted him
    John Blaney .... he was a legend in his own lifetime
    Roy Nicholls.... lot of time for him. He got bawled out by a BoE over me. Told me I was right but he couldn't get anything changed.
    Anthony Kendall ... played squash with him - so very competitive, quite a shock to me at the time.
    Albert Broad
    David Carter... great orator, lived on the edge. He couldn't remember a name once (Pereira) called him Ferrari!
    Peter Haddock - stand in
    Mike Ganderton
    Then there was a short, stocky Scot with a gammy leg/foot.... can't remember his name.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    "Jeff Young rings a bell"

    He was a very nice person.

    Agreed.He was a superb bloke and not a fairweather friend HS .He went the extra mile for me when i stopped pioneering amidst relatively scandalous circumstances.Will always remember this mild mannered man shouting at our PO when he had lambasted me once too often.

    I hope hes doing well?Must be very old now though.

    Jim Cleary-asshole

    The Buckinghams-old school,no BS about them and had no cliques or favourites,unlike see above!

    Peter Chipperfield-nice guy.

    Michael Eagen-yep,liked him

    Ray Baldwin-humble guy,crap speaker but had a genuine warmth.Too good for the wts.

    Albert Broad-old fart of the highes order.Liked his beer though!

    Brent Smith-should have been a stand up comic!

    Mike Read-very dry and witty i thought.Had a steely stare though.

    Last one i remember looked like John Cleese..wtf was his name???

    Loads more..maybe rose tinted glasses,but i have mainly good memories of my old CO,s.

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