C/O's in the UK

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  • jookbeard

    Wonder what big Cheese's will be delivering the talks at this summer's D/C at Twickers? Always a status symbol to give a talk at the D/C

  • besty
    Roddy Holyoake
    gay with a hot wife

    "Lucy Tucker ....I'd love to **** her" as she was known <by me> when I was a pubescent lad in the same circuit - yep - a genuine JW hottie - both parents JW's - her Dad was a rocket scientist - no really he was...I think they had spiritual goals in mind for their two girls from early on so no doubt they are pleased Lucy married a CO of the future.

    Lets hope she adapts well to being unemployed in the near future.

  • wobble

    Dear Hillary -Step,

    You did notice the question mark? An active JW said they had been told Alex The Doc had his own church,another told me that he had joined another church, I can imagine he would be quite prominent even if it wasn't entirely his.He was a good orator and an even better drinker plus I heard he loves cigars , good taste! All this is good old gossip of course ,we should have a local needs post about it!!

    How come I can't remember any more CO'S at the present, I was in for damn near sixty years,in Kent, were they all such grey little men???

    love to all,


  • anglise

    Can remember

    Roddy and Lucy Holyoake

    Clive Upton

    Alex Docherty (stand in CO)

    Maurice and Isabel Simpson

    Maurice Reeder

    Glen McFarlane

    Cant remember anymore atm


  • llbh

    Jeff Young,

    Dennis Harman - he stayed with us.

    Ron Drage, vvery stern

    Alan Stokes - Took or pioneer school.

  • llbh

    Jeff Young,

    Dennis Harman - he stayed with us.

    Ron Drage, vvery stern

    Alan Stokes - Took or pioneer school.

  • four candles
    four candles

    Now,how many can I remember??

    Rod Ketter.....no notes no lecturn....and scared the bejasus out of us!

    Don Holly.....Nice bloke

    George and rika.......surnames escapes me now,but very funny bloke,made us all laugh.Nickname was Les Dawson

    Andrew smith......knew him when he was human

    Albert Storer.....good musicion

    Peter Morgan.......good bloke,liked him. All his hair fell out!

    Thats all I can remember for now,when the brain cells get working or I ring my mother,I'll have some more.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Alan (the drunkard - had to 'step down') Fisher and Dianne

    Richard Jessop

    Michael Spurr

    Dennis Dutton

    Albert Broad


    Neil Atkinson

    Robert Maybe

    Clive Upton (uuurrrrrrrghhh)

  • llbh

    Tom Maltby a rotund and pleasant Yorkshire guy


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